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Fly Fishing from Scratch
Ever Seen a Newbie Fly Fish?
If I’ve figured out one thing over the last couple of years, it’s that fly fishing is a process and a progression that is complex to say the least. But it is in it’s complexity that I find I am both frustrated and fascinated. Here is what I see when watching other fly fishermen…with an effortless cast of the fly rod the fly lands gracefully in the water. They strategically strip in line, the fish gobbles the fly and they set the hook. Methodically they work the fish into the net, carefully re

Stripers Forever
Lee Zeldin is at it Again
I know this is the Maine Fly Fish blog, and while this note is intended primarily for anglers in New York, we all share the same resource so I'm posting here as well. Representative Lee Zeldin of New York’s 1st Congressional District representing Long Island, tried last year to pass federal legislation that took waters off Montauk Point, New York out of the EEZ managed by NOAA and give control of the area to the State of New York. He wanted to do this because commercial fishermen a


Sponsors Fishing Reports
Sponsors Fishing Report
2017 has been a great year so far! We have had cool nights and warm days and lots of rain, so the river temps have stay down. The caddis have been coming off with some yellow sallies and some others hatches mixed in. Big stone flies are starting to show with damsel flies, so pretty much any species you are trying to catch is looking up. I hope you get out enjoy the great weather here in Maine.   ! Read More...
Stream and River Waterflows
Stream/RiverDate : TimeFlow
Penobscot Lower W BR, MCKAY STN, Ripo Dam* 11-23 22:49 1863
Allagash River near Allagash 11-23 22:00 1570
Fish River near Fort Kent 11-23 22:45 1700
St. John R below Fish R @ Ft Kent 11-23 22:30 8060
Grand Lake Stream 11-23 22:00 130
Dennys River at Dennysville 09-30 23:45 1010
Narraguagus River at Cherryfield 11-23 22:00 677
E Branch Penobscot R at Grindstone 11-23 22:30 2800
Piscataquis R near Dover-Foxcroft 11-23 22:30 478
Penobscot River at West Enfield 11-23 22:30 16800
Kennebec River @ The Forks 11-23 22:15 5530
Kennebec River at Bingham 11-23 22:15 2310
Androscoggin R at Errol, NH 11-23 22:15 2400
Androscoggin R near Gorham, NH 11-23 22:15 2660
Wild River at Gilead 11-23 21:45 117
Presumpscot River at Westbrook 11-23 22:15 1580
Mousam R at Rte 4 near Sanford 11-23 21:45 48
Mousam R near West Kennebunk 11-23 22:45 131
Salmon River, NY at Lighthouse Hill* 11-23 17:35 335

Low or Poor Water Conditions
Good Fishing Water Conditions
High Water Fishing Conditions
Unknown fishing conditions

Streamflow information at this site is provided from data from USGS sites and Dam operators. does not guarantee that this data is accurate or is the latest readings. As always, approach running water with caution. Latest Info:

USGS website | Dam Ops Flow Hotline [1-800-557-3569]

* Provided by Waterline
Latest Fly Patterns

The Best Bass Flies by Jay Zimmerman

The Best Bass Flies by Jay Zimmerman
There are a ton of fly tying books out there and I find a lot of them to be boring. A few years ago John Barr came out with what I thought was the best fly tying book out there and I use it all the time. Recently I was given a book called The Best Bass Flies by Jay Zimmerman . I was a little skeptical at first since it didn’t have any of my personal GoTo patterns in it. How could these be the best bass flies? But then again I’m no Bob Clouser. However, when the first…

Read More
Entomology I
Genesis: 3 foot dragonflies and other hard to cast flies So, you want to learn bugs? A good place to start is at the beginning. Lets start at a place in time before there were fish, much less fishermen. In this time there weren’t even dinosaurs. It was the Age of Insects. In this age, hawk-sized dragonflies chased mayflies sporting wings taller than puppies. Cave children cowered in their shadows. This was a long time ago. . .two to three hundred million years ago to be ex

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