Stout's Fall Muddler

Fly Pattern Name: Stout's Fall Muddler
Contributor: RAY STOUT
Hits: 3719
Date Uploaded: 2012-02-20
Water: Freshwater
Category: Deer Hair
Bugs and Bait: Attractor
Fish Species: Bass Salmon Trout
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Variation of a muddler that has been succesful with trout, salmon and bass


Hook Mustad 9672 (size 6-10)
Thread Uni-thread white 3/0
TailRed Goose or Duck quill fibers
BodyFlourescent orange nylon/wool
WingWhite4 Marabou toppped with 5 or 6 peacock herls
HeadWhite Deer hair spun muddler style
HeadWhite Deer hair spun muddler style

Kevin McKay, Owner

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