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  2. Nicely done, congrats.
  3. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I'm back for the season all my cars are put away no more shows or cruises just a few auctions to attend. this will be my first fly got to start to think of stuff to tie. mostly ART FLYS an a few striper flys threw in. being thanksgiving this one has a bunch of pheasant in it to commemorate this hunting season. no turkey feathers. this time. GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN
  4. That's a beauty !!! Well done !!! The rack looks almost palmated.
  5. It's been 11 years since I shot a buck. This 8 pointer is the best rack I've ever got. I've got heavier deer but no antlers like this.
  6. Have a Great Day!!!!!!
  7. +4
  8. Shoe Goo is amazing on boots. Got an extra year out of my korkers with that stuff. Never thought of using it on waders though interesting...
  9. I'm always there (well, except that one year I wasn't).
  10. Last week
  11. Same here Ron
  12. Good one for Broncos fans and Dutch nationalists .
  13. Outstanding - thanks for sharing!
  14. I'm in! Always a good time
  15. Hmm, that's pretty interesting. I wonder what caused it to be so short; I wonder if it was an overall decreased population or that the "run" began later so the fish rushed through faster...who knows.
  16. Used to be the first three weeks of September.
  17. I hope to make it. I was away two years ago and in the hospital last year. Third time's a charm.
  18. missed that, thanks!
  19. Yup - that has your name on it.
  20. As long as Jim's making breakfast, I will always be there.
  21. Gartside's site says that there is a revised edition that's slated to release in spring of 2018, for what that's worth.
  22. Looking to buy "The Fly Fisherman's Guide to Boston Harbor" by Jack Gartside. Apparently it's a difficult book to find, but thought I'd ask here! Thanks for any help, and happy to move this topic to the classifieds if more appropriate. Henry
  23. Since this is my first year with the ability to be in close proximity to striped bass fisheries on a daily basis, I don't have too much to compare things to, but one question that I have is, whenever you say " they blast through in about ten days," is that what would commonly happen in the past? Or did it generally take longer than ten days?
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