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  2. The old adage "if only common sense or common courtesy were common" comes to mind. Will always be some that will be jerks just because they feel they have the right to be a jerk. The good news is at least this idiot didn't kill any innocent people that night and hopefully they can leverage the litany of prior offenses against him.
  3. X2 Many people that over stress a fish for photos are those that should know better. Ray
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  5. People mishandling trout- especially the photos of trout or salmon dragged up on rocks or a grassy bank for a photo- I myself am certainly guilty of mishandling fish once in a while in the past, especially for a photo. Just remember to fight the fish as shortly as possible, use a rubber net, keep the fish in the water as long as possible, DO NOT lay a fish on its sides on rocks or grassy banks, and keep fingers out of mouths and gills. You do not need to squeeze a fish for a photo, if you are going to take a photo then simply remove the fly then rest the fish under water in the net and BRIEFLY lift the fish out of the water by supporting the fishes weight by having your hands UNDER the fish not squeezing if from the sides. Sometimes the reason fish squirm is because the angler is mishandling the fish and squeezing the **** out of it. If the fish is foul hooked, took a long fight or the hook was difficult to remove, then you probably shouldn't be stressing the fish any more by posing for a photo shoot- revive it and let it go. Just because a fish swims off initially after landing does not mean that fish will survive. As anglers we have an obligation to get this right. Here is a good reference.
  6. rough surf, swirling tide change. Seals were happy feeding up river. Total of 16 fish (all fatties up to 22" )for 4 guys 6-8 am all spinning gear/top water ,few fly guys fought the wind and weeds and left quickly. Still say it will get good cigars make it better
  7. Thanks Ron! REALLY looking forward to it.
  8. Good luck Rip. Hit 'em hard and have a great time. Ron
  9. You can't fix STUPID!!! Ron
  10. I know right?! Striper season is coming to a screeching haunt for me unless something drastic changes pretty soon but I will say I love fall fishing. When every grabs their guns and heads away from the pond/rivers and heads to the woods, I'm over here just getting ready to fish for the trout and salmon again
  11. I don't even want to think about it. Too much left to do etc. etc. Then there's salmon that need to be caught. Where did June go?
  12. Selfish bastard.
  13. From the article: "Further investigation revealed that alcohol was involved, the sheriff said." I never would have guessed.
  14. There is only a couple weeks left in September
  15. No I never seem to hit this hatch, if I do I only see one or two around
  16. Great looking fish!
  17. Thanks for the help Ray! I appreciate it.
  18. What an a$$hole!
  19. Take a look at the maine open water fishing rule book. There is a section there that list the administrations regions A through G call the number of the region your waters are located in. Ask for a Biologist and if they are out in the field you can your name and telephone number. The biologist will be gad to answer your questions. I always find them to be most heful. Ray
  20. Im trying to plan a trip to a river where I have never been, but have had my eye on for years now. I was hoping to contact the locaI fisheries biologist to get some more info on the effects the invasive bass have had on the river system, because I cannot seem to find much on this river online (that is a good thing). I noticed that the website is down and cant seem to find any information, can anyone help point me in the right direction on how to find contact info for regional biologists that may be listed somewhere else than
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  22. very nice, second one is a football!
  23. Nice LLS! I love the Greenville area I fish there almost every years. Thanks for sharing!
  24. Isn't trout season apon us???
  25. $35 shipped
  26. Not sure if you guys look at the classifieds, but here's a bahgin for ya!
  27. Next few weeks will go from FIZZLE to Fireworks.! storms will move bait around
  28. $85 shipped or 80 picked up in Portland. This is a great price for a brand new US made vise.
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