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  2. How many casts do you think it'll take?
  3. That first crappie was a beast, not my PB but definitely one of the bigger that I've caught (not that I Get to target them often), but by far the biggest on a fly.
  4. Nice I got a couple mid twenties and a bunch of dinks mixxed in deffinetly seeing some better fish
  5. Dude that Crappie is a slab. Only ever caught small ones. Thanks great report.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Thanks James. might be at the shop Sunday saw the Scott two handers there and really like them. Might have to buy a switch or Spey set up
  8. Looking for a Pack canoe. Please message me with any information. Would also consider a Discovery 119.
  9. Is it me or is this the week they start biting everything?
  10. nice Bob ! got a couple decent fish this morning too.
  11. Don't waste your time throwing a crab with a floater. Fish poppers, gurglers, crease flies, weighted deceivers, and clousers. FWIW, I fished for many years with a floater only, and did rather well.
  12. I honestly can't remember, but I believe it's $300 for the two days. Send the shop an email or call in the morning, also request to be added to our email list we send out info on all our classes and events.
  13. Beach was running hard with lots of debri. moved in a little to find some fatties in the 25" range. Some bait, but not much. The fish were in spots that were 50' or so apart, just needed to find the honey hole. Spins guys were a little quite but avg. fish size is getting much bigger. And size does matter a 2.5 hour outing and 3 great cigars.
  14. There are some flats you could probably be ok fishing a crab with a floater or beaches that don't get deep quick James from Eldridge fly brothers fly the crab pot is a great on I think he has a video for it on you tube
  15. I was going to tie some decievers for pike anyway once I got more materials. Ive heard that crabs get the bigger ones as of late, but with floating line that kinda limits me in depth doesn't it? I know, split shot and longer leader but at some point that just gets hard to work with.
  16. Try tying up some leftys deceivers. These have been killer for me this season so far. I tie them in all different colors, but so far this all black has been my go to. Also, crab patterns have produced the biggest of the fish I have caught.
  17. Hehe that's good to hear. I have to get some different hooks, but I think I have most of the things I need to tie up some gurgelers. I have some poppers and chartreuse and white clousers I picked up as part of cabelas sale. Any streamer patterns I should be looking into otherwise?
  18. 7.5-9ft on a floater
  19. sweet, what length do you recommend for a leader?
  20. I had a kid show up new to fly fishing in general. He had a 6 wt with a floater I got him to switch his fly to a clouser should him a spot to launch it second cast he had one so I say go for it
  21. Most of us run 30 ft sink tips or a intermediate line most of the time but a floater does come in handy tie/buy some gurgelers for some top water action but a clouser could get you down a bit too
  22. I remember reading about the newbie day last year, I might just have to take that day off this time. My setup is a cabelas lsi 9' 8wt with an okuma helios 7/8 reel (it has a waterproof drag system which I've read is important) and cabelas Prestige plus floating line. Am I good to get started? I've looked into a spare spool for the reel, but don't know if I can swing it and new line in the near future. Depending what I might find on sale I guess.
  23. I've been using a floating line on my 7 weight, works fine
  24. Everything has been telling me to try striper fishing next... I only have floating line for my 8wt so far though.
  25. Nice job on the brookies, especially finding that fatty :)!
  26. Quite a set up James! Best of luck this season... it has been pretty hot so far out there :)!
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