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  2. What are you hearing about fish numbers? everyone is saying there are no fish
  3. Great photos you dont need to use a photo site, you can upload directly into your report
  4. I prefer the air locks better on your leader
  5. Looks like a great time i love fishing with Mark, great guy
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  7. I recently heard from a buddy of mine (who is a tournament bass fisherman) that if they catch a fish and it is bleeding from the gills, in order to keep the fish alive and not dilute their live well they will pour some type of soda on the wound to stop the bleeding. We all have had those moments where you hook a fish deep and feel the overwhelming guilt of removing the hook to find it hemorrhaging. Im not a soda drinker, but after hearing this I may keep some in my pack just in case. I did some research and found that this technique has been used many times before, has anyone here used this technique successfully?
  8. Only a matter of time now...
  9. Glo-Bugs Yarn A fall staple
  10. All the pics look great. Nice report I also have been feeling like I need to catch some fresh water species.
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  12. awesome, love the pictures. I like how the 2nd to last picture came out, great action shot!
  13. Glad to be able to pass it along.
  14. Squish - awesome feedback - I'll check it out.
  15. I've spent a lot of time fishing the beaches and not so much the mountains this season. Monday the weather forecast was for moderate rain, so that looked like the ticket for a trip to the mountains. I started at a small stream and caught the expected small brookies. Wooly buggers, my usual 'go to' fly, were completely useless today. Different sizes or different colors didn't work at all, so I switched to dries pretty early on. Because it was a small stream, I was using my 1 wt. TXL-F 7' 10" rod. Also, an excellent dry fly rod. I spent the morning on that stream (an hour of which was walking out. My mistake.) A number of people have said that I should try fishing for browns with dry flies in the Saco. I'd never done that. When I got to the Saco, it was raining more than 'moderately'. Nobody fishing, as I expected. I didn't take the time to switch rods, partly because it was pouring, so I fished the Saco with the 1 wt. I started fishing deep holes and caught two and lost one on a #14 Royal Wulff. All nice fish, 11-14". OK, but a little slow, I thought. So, I moved a bit upstream to a section of river that was fast ripples and pretty shallow, 1-3 feet. Things improved quickly. The river was full of willing fish. Same sizes that I was catching in the deep holes, but lots more of them. Although they were browns they jumped like rainbows, while hitting the fly and while hooked. Even though these are certainly stocked fish, they look pretty good. Altogether a fun day. Wet, but fun. PS: A bit of housekeeping. I've ditched Photobucket. These images are hosted on my own web site. If anyone has problems with them I'd like to know. Thanks.
  16. Recently attempted to try the Tosi leaders and two of the rubber inserts which lock it in place snapped prior to installing. Fortunately, I bought them at Trident and they're backing up the product. Looked like a good concept but I've heard mine is not the only experience like that. Curious to see how the 2nd batch performs as I couldn't even get one on my line with the malfunctions.
  17. Search for: 'Taking The Bite Out of Bluefish' by Tom Keer. Excellent rigging ideas with loop-to-loop connections that allows you to change out flies and poppers without retying. I carry a box of pre-rigged teasers and replacement poppers, and the system has worked really well for me. Some of the teasers have knottable wire leaders, others have 40# mono leaders. All have loops on the end for quick change to my main leader ( the main leader has a large loop at the end so large flies and poppers can pass through). You can get foam cylinder popper bodies, melt a hole through the center, and slide them down to the teaser. When the popper gets destroyed you can unloop, slide it off and slide on a fresh one and loop the rig back onto your main leader. When the teaser gets destroyed, unloop from main leader and loop on another. No knot tying. Circle hooks (2/0-3/0) work great.
  18. Nice catch! Still somewhat new to fly-fishing overall and haven't targeted trout much, other than the occasional stocked pond. Some of the pics guys post on the streams make me want to pursue them more frequently, including this one, seems like a greater challenge. Congrats on a great brown. I've been doing much the same, focused on salt with the great run this year. Finally hit the freshwater and casting my 6 weight for smallies felt like I was simply moving my arm forward compared to tossing some of those topwater striper flies with my 9 weight.
  19. I had a toothy critter clasp break off this summer after catching several pike up north with it. I sent a popper half way to England when it broke.... Largest school of pogies ive ever seen this weekend out in Casco Bay. Seals and big fish on bottom but no signs of Bluefish.
  20. Got to fish Saturday in the Royal, marked big fish, huge schools of pogies around Whaleboat and Little Whaleboat. Hooked a hawg but took about 20 seconds to rip into the ledges and cut my leader. I think she/he may have done that before.
  21. Both oversized streamers, especially big articulated ones, and mouse patterns have worked well for me with both species at night. I'd recommend the Mr. Hankey pattern for the mouse. I find that the mousing is best in the complete darkness around a new moon, and the salmon seem to be more aggressive towards the mice for whatever reason
  22. Looking for a used 12wt, hoping someone has one collecting dust. thanks,
  23. Yeah, Josh at all points did a great job with the write up and pictures. If you haven't checked out his shop I encourage you to. Looking forward to next year and lots more fun and prizes! Again thanks to all who were involved. Was truly a great tournament!
  24. The word for today is Ugh ! 328 cfs
  25. Bluefish are a bucket list fish for me! Ever since I started fishing the salt 4 years ago, I have been foaming at the mouth to get a hook into one of these torpedoes!
  26. Time to stock up
  27. Bet that was fun on a 3wt!! This year I've had a great time using 3/ much fun.
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