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  1. What are you hearing about fish numbers? everyone is saying there are no fish
  2. Great photos you dont need to use a photo site, you can upload directly into your report
  3. I prefer the air locks better on your leader
  4. Looks like a great time i love fishing with Mark, great guy
  5. Ill tell you what I did they both got a batman spinning rod and I put a fly reel on it with fly line heavy leader and a fly with hook cut off. I took them crappie fish the most but they went with me every chance I got. I would fish and they would think they were fishing. I started them at age 2. they would real in every fish I caught big or small. as time went on they just naturally tried to cast the fly rod and at age three I gave Tait a 6' 3 weight to fish at the other end of the boat where I knew he would catch a fish almost every cast and he caught a crappie on a fly at age 3. I always had snacks on hand and always made it fun, never pressured them to fish , always gave them the out but they always went with me. today Tait is 17 and has a full time summer job building house with a buddy and school, so not much fishing going on. Jax and I are still at it when I am not guiding . Life goes way to fast so I never understood why people wait to take their kid fishing. its not easy but well worth it. My boys are amazing to watch what 14 year old could pull this off
  6. looks like a cool fly what does it represent? midge? I need to fish more wets
  7. I want to see big fish pictures form there
  8. not sure why I wasn't invite to this party Have fun
  9. nice
  10. Cool photo
  11. I dont, I find thats happy hour and I want to relax and reflect on the day but the people I know that do it, use big streamers some use salt flies I have heard of big black buggers striped slow produces also but I doubt I will ever find out
  12. i think it's up to the lodges or guides to market themselves better, I would think that is why their business is hurting not the fishery The lodges that I know that are doing well or even guides market themselves well and have great customer service the ones who don't are struggling