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  1. I don't i fish When I get a chance to fish, like this weekend , I turned down a lot of trips to fish this weekend no matter what the moon does
  2. Very nice they are a blast
  3. Nice fat fish!
  4. James is redoing to whole site, he sold his house and has been busy trying to build a new one I am keeping to old logo after talking to my youngest , it is a special logo designed by my oldest at seven my cousin happened to contact me when I was in Florida and he is working on it, he is a hell of a artist. He is designing one for my guide business
  5. Great pics! I hope there is no skunks in your future!
  6. Sweet!
  7. I've done it but not with you and Jim you guys need a nap after lunch
  8. I love the little ones as much as the big ones thanks for sharing
  9. Justin is a good guy and loves the sport. He started on this site when he was very young,I use to see him and Coby who guides in Alaska now on the Eo Thanks for sharing , it is great to see the next generation of guides
  10. yes fun guy to take fishing
  11. Great looking fish!
  12. These guys are great had a blast If you are from southern Maine you might recognize the guy in the blue shirt