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  1. There is only a couple weeks left in September
  2. No I never seem to hit this hatch, if I do I only see one or two around
  3. Great looking fish!
  5. Thanks for asking I'll get some up she is a good girl
  6. Not what I thought you were talking about
  7. Nice
  8. rangeley area

    Tom welcome to the site and you will love that area that time of year white marabou streamers, stone fly nymphs and eggs I would try you will have a chance at a trophy brookie
  9. a few I found
  10. I am seeing a lot of hoppers around anyone having luck with them and what's your favorite pattern?
  12. any of you belong to the monthly fly companies? do you enjoy it? I personally haven't seen a need but It seems a lot do
  13. Thanks
  14. A sad day in our history
  15. I always love your pictures!