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  1. Have a Great Day!!!!!!
  2. anyone going this year? please email this to your friends and share with friends on Facebook
  3. Annual Freeze Up will be January 7th 2018 at the Mousam River in Kennebunk brought to you by and Eldredge Bros Fly Shop 2015 Location: is at Rogers Pond(which is a park) in Kennebunk,off water street, get off the Kennebunk exit coming north or south and go into Kennebunk,as you come into town water street runs down the east side of the river,all most to the end there is a park on the right called Rogers pond http://www.mapquest....3Xqiokn0QFc6b_3 Breakfast: Jim and I will be there at 6 am setting up and cooking breakfast and coffee will be on Lunch time: We will be having lunch at 12ish Who is bring stuff: brings some type of food to share if you like Casting Contest: Rod to be announced All contest will start after breakfast,so sign up early The Scott/ Echo rep will be there also, with rods for you to try out Past winners, current or former guides, fly shop employees, or professional fly tyers may not enter this contest. Kids Fly casting Contest Same rules for the kids contest as adults rod to be announced Tying Contest: there will be a tying contest again this year, rules and prizes to be announced Past winners, current or former guides, fly shop employees, or professional fly tyers may not enter this contest. Winner will win half day striper trip with Mark Drummond: Please bring your whole family
  4. Did you try fishing for them? how did you do?
  5. Looks worth trying
  6. This year they have many colors i just received a email showing their latest color , I think my favorite
  7. for fly fishing shows, I came across this
  8. no where did you get them? would be good for smallies
  9. this is what I love about this site, its called maineflyfish but here we are talking about Utah ,love it
  10. I just read that hospice has been brought in for him
  11. there are some bigger fish pics coming
  12. here are some of the pictures, I will be doing a blog this weekend
  13. can't beat John Barr's fly tying book but not salt If you need to pass the winter look at all the fly tying classes offered by Eldredge Bros