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  1. Yup would've been great! How about that thirty!
  2. Nice! Congratulations!
  3. I was thinking the same thing when someone told me, then I saw em for myself. Can't predict anything this season!
  4. What Alan said!
  5. Yup,sandeels. Saw quite a bit today. 3/5 inches.....
  6. The title says it all, and with the recent lack of posts I'd say you guys already knew that. I have had great fishing on the dropping tides at the mouths of some southern Maine rivers. I have been fortunate enough to even meet some of you! Best thing working for me right now is a clouser fished on sinking line, just dredging that bottom. Plenty of micro fish around with some nice mid twenty inch fish in the mix. I haven't found time of day to be a factor yet, you can still be lazy and catch some fish! I have seen plenty of birds working small baits and even cormorants feeding on Alewives right at my feet. We can only expect it to get better as it warms up. This week is shaping up pretty well already. Get after it everyone! Hope to meet some more of you out there !
  7. Didn't realize that was you when I showed up! Proceeded to get 4 tiny rats then left, next time I'll introduce myself!!!
  8. Ha ha ha ha
  9. There be bait there! Saw a couple dozens cormorants there yesterday and some bait! Any day now!
  10. You check the forecast? Good luck in that wind my friend!
  11. Then stop sending me group texts!
  12. There goes my weekend!
  13. Sea lice covered schoolies just showed up on the cape!
  14. Just recently bought the echo Sr 4 wt. So much fun!
  15. Try Joe Ann's stamp foam as well. The black and white stuff is okay but not as rugged as their thicker stamp foam!