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  1. I do a trip or two every year to the cape cod canal. This year is very active, in times when it's usually slow. But sad when everyone keeps the "trophy" fish for their table. I must've seen thirty to forty dead fish being hauled off. None of them small, most of them would be considered breeding females. I believe education of the fishery and a change of mental attitude is in order.
  2. Eels
  3. This is too funny
  4. Eric was riding a unicorn?
  5. http://www.gma.org/fogm/brevoortia_tyrannus.htm I found this interesting in the subject of reproduction and recurring scarcity of pogies in Maine Waters.
  6. Mal should chime in soon.....
  7. Yeah, Josh at all points did a great job with the write up and pictures. If you haven't checked out his shop I encourage you to. Looking forward to next year and lots more fun and prizes! Again thanks to all who were involved. Was truly a great tournament!
  8. https://allpointsflyfishing.com/blogs/all-points-fly-shop-outfitter-news/3rd-annual-southern-maine-striper-derby-recap Follow the link for the full write up on the tournament
  9. There's a few that I know that target sharks on the fly off the coast, heard it's a blast!
  10. Night time is the right time this stretch of the summer
  11. Here's a couple fish tattoos and some flies I have tattooed
  12. Thanks to all those that came out! Was an awesome tournament! Had 31 teams of two compete, everyone seemed to catch some fish and have fun. Another one in the books, hope to see you all again next year!
  13. You can pay day of as well in cash at the co op parking lot.
  14. Know someone who had their soft plastic bit in half today by a blue, from sand, saco bay.....
  15. Couple weeks ago heard of over a hundred caught south of saco bay, saw one pic, not a first hand confirmation. Buddy of mine got a smaller one up river as well. I have yet to see them . Boy do I want to tho!! Bring on them gators!