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  1. I know right?! Striper season is coming to a screeching haunt for me unless something drastic changes pretty soon but I will say I love fall fishing. When every grabs their guns and heads away from the pond/rivers and heads to the woods, I'm over here just getting ready to fish for the trout and salmon again
  2. Adam I promise I have not been telling people where you've actually been
  3. Unfortunately no fish above 25" recently but there is definitely a boost in activity as a whole.... Went out last night to catch the dropping tide at a favorite spot of mine. It's usually my go to spot when short on time and just want to catch a handful of smaller fish (although recently have caught some bigger than the par 12-15" micros that I find here) Anyway, took me a bit longer to find the fish as I usually fish this spot at a much lower tide than it was. Eventually found them them and almost every cast slow stripping a black clouser. The sun went behind the trees and like clockwork it happened...the dinks would start blasting schools of small bait, just as they did a few nights prior. Only this time I had my floating line! It was handed stripping but as fast as I could these guys were coming a foot out of the water and inhaling my small black popper. No big fish, biggest must have been 15" but fun to say the least. I was anticipating the solid deep pop of a bigger fish all night but it never came, oh well. The hunt for the big dog continues..
  4. Yep
  5. Was fishing yesterday and had caught a few dinks when I saw another fly fisherman. We started chatting and I continued making half hearted casts while conversing with this guy when I hooked and lost what could have been without a doubt the biggest striper I've hooked in my life. I've caught a good amount of 30-35" fish and have yet to have one do this..... This fish took a 1.5" baitfish imitation fly. I was using 14lb leader because I had only been catching dinks. I hooked this fish and he took the remaining 75' of fly line from my feet and then another (guesstimate) 60-70 yards of backing off my reel all within about 20 seconds before snapping off. Holy **** stripers are strong as hell. My educated guess, with help from experienced friends I'd say it was 40+" Never again will I use 14lb leader.. At first I was mad but then I just sat back and shook my head at the pure power of these fish. Exhilarating to say the least. **Sturgeon obligatory mention. I do not believe it was a sturgeon. Of all the sturgeon I've accidentally hooked. None of them hit as hard as this fish, ran like mad like this fish, or hit a fly that wasn't on bottom** Believe me, I tried to convince myself it was "just" a sturgeon so I could sleep, but...extremely slim chance. This, is why I love fly fishing.
  6. I once read, "Guiding was like showing up to a gold mine without a pick axe" So no. Probably not for me. I enjoy fishing too much to spend my days watching others fish. I love showing people how to fish but I know to make it worth it you don't have any time to fish for yourself. For that hat reason I'll stick to just showing friends and family when asked!
  7. I tried dope once...ended up naked in an alley with a spinning rod chained to my leg...never again. In all seriousness though, The fish slime thing i can attest too. I notice similar increased action after the first fish.
  8. Much like you I change flies often therefore I go inline. But, I don't tie mine off the bend of another fly. I grab my tippet at whatever length I need for the water I'm fishing and then add another's 16-20" I then tie my first fly (usually my heaviest fly, but really depends on currentspeed/depth/flow type etc) with your standard knot however I pull that 16-20" through and then secure my fly. I then tie on my second fly, usually a tiny midge or something smaller. I do this for 3 reasons: 1. I almost never get tangles (like I do with droppers) but if I do they're much easier to get out. 2. The top fly sits at a 90 degree angle or so from the line and I don't have any tippet coming off the top and bottom of the fly...Perhaps getting in the way or providing resistance to the trout getting the fly in their mouth? (I assume tippet is light enough to not cause this but at least I know that if it is a reasonable concern I need not worry!) 3. I have caught just as many fish this way as any other method I have tried. Technically I've caught more than the standard dropper rigs if you consider I don't spend nearly any time untangling those damn dropper tags! sorry to hear you're not able to get out, I guess in a positive light it came at a good time of year! Hopefully you're back at it for the fall fishing. BROSA
  9. huge. And I now have a boat but have no idea where to start!!! I understand there is current and what not all throughout casco bay but when I look at on a map it I'm like a lost puppy. Been fishing salt from shore for years and finally have the means to explore but I'm realizing it's a whole different ballgame! If anyone is willing to share certain "areas" or places to check out I would greatly appreciate it (either here or PM'd) but if not then maybe just some bit of tips for how to get my search stares in the right direction. I entirely understand if no one wants to share even a specific island to circle around, I have my honey holes and I get all that, so no hard feelings. I'm just doing what I'm taught is okay, "ask for help" that at being said, I have had success out from the boat but my goal is larger fish than I was getting from shore. I know "bug" is relative but I'd be happy with a day of 20-30"ers. Been nothing but dinks since mid July for me and was hoping the boat would help me find those schools of larger fish. With enough notice I'd be happy to take anyone out fishing! It's a 17' CC. thanks all B.
  10. I did he same thing back home the last weekend, caught about 5 in 45 minutes! Nothing huge but super fun on top water. Lets take the boat out soon Mal, salt or fresh, don't matter to me at this point in time
  11. Are either of those launches free or do they charge Tim?
  12. ...recently got my boat so was considering launching from East End in Portland as it was recommended by Mal to fish casco bay. A buddy of mine busted a motor in there years ago due to the amount of shallow areas and rocks at low tide. My question is Can you launch from east prom at dead low tide? Not only launch but get in and out of there? Small boat so doesn't need much water. Was in 2.5ft (fish finder depth) the other day no problem but I didn't plan on being that shallow!
  13. I guess I got my hands on a boat at the right time...
  14. Haha I hear you dry fly however I used 5200 on my aluminum a while back and it was solid in 24 no problems since and it too said 7days!
  15. ...this is the sealant that is needed for roplene hulls. Why? I don't know but everyone one says you cant use 5200 or JB weld. Long story short I am adding a transducer to my transom. The bottle says 1-7days for curing time. The website says 10 min skinning time, 24hr fast during time. says on the website to allow "total cure of 7 days before total water immersion." Problem is: I CANT WAIT THAT LONG! Has anyone ever used this stuff and can clarify if 24hrs and a "cured to the touch" test will suffice? Or if I should be worried about screwing something up terribly for being impatient. Thanks in advance to anyone who knows about this stuff.