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  1. I guess I got my hands on a boat at the right time...
  2. Haha I hear you dry fly however I used 5200 on my aluminum a while back and it was solid in 24 no problems since and it too said 7days!
  3. ...this is the sealant that is needed for roplene hulls. Why? I don't know but everyone one says you cant use 5200 or JB weld. Long story short I am adding a transducer to my transom. The bottle says 1-7days for curing time. The website says 10 min skinning time, 24hr fast during time. says on the website to allow "total cure of 7 days before total water immersion." Problem is: I CANT WAIT THAT LONG! Has anyone ever used this stuff and can clarify if 24hrs and a "cured to the touch" test will suffice? Or if I should be worried about screwing something up terribly for being impatient. Thanks in advance to anyone who knows about this stuff.
  4. Technically speaking seats five but I'd only put 2 on there if both are fly fishing. If one was spin fishing could do two fly guys front and back and guy spin fishing in the middle. Im in portland too, I'll send you a message and we'll compare schedules
  5. Was this last night? I was out with fly guy at dusk and there was another boat a bit farther out...was this you?
  6. After searching for almost two months and having many deals fall through, I found a center console within budget that looked and rides as desirable as it can for my budget. Free fishing trips for those interested while she is still "new" I'm like a kid on Christmas over here... I realize my tactics particularly in the salt are going to need to change drastically, any advice is welcomed.
  7. If fishing a ledge that is say 20' deep, with an intermediate line and fast strip retrieve, will they still hit a fly that's only 2-5' deep? My intermediate barely gets down especially if I'm stripping fast unless I sit back, cook a baked potato and roast a turkey before starting to strip.
  8. Good call. Never tried it. In the off-striper season I prefer nymphing if I'm trout fishing so I figured I'd see what happens! I was also think a flashy baitfish that'll undulate nicely on its own
  9. Oh damn good call!!
  10. Any one ever catch a striper under an indicator?! I have a strange desire to do so...just to say I did/see if it's effective. Thoughts on what flies to hang? First thought was big rusty brown or black sinker strip...
  11. Often times when out fishing be it fresh or saltwater, I'll make a quick or lengthy change of location if I have the time. Sometimes depending on travel speeds I'll lay the rod into my truck bed but haveN recently been looking to build some sort of rod holders on the inside side walls of my truck bed. 6.2ft long bed Tacoma. Recently got a bed cover that requires the tailgate down to open so I will be able to secure things in there. (As secured as it gets without "breaking" in) was thinking about a type of hanger or PVC tube on the side to slide a broken in half 9wt into. For both storage and travel. I wouldn't leave them in my truck if I didn't fish virtually every day. I have gone through the entire breaking them down, load he sock zip the tube blah blah blah but I end up just reassembling it all the next day or even 8 hours later. Any one done something like this before and/or have any tips or ideas?
  12. For dinks that is...12-15" fish. Probably caught 40 of em. Surprising to me as I couldn't see my boots when wading at my knees. No big fish but I was happy just catching as I had limited time. Tomorrow the big fish endeavor/obsession shall continue.
  13. X2 my thoughts too Mal. last year I saw some nervous water and started chucking flies in it, through it, behind it, next to it etc. not one bite. eventually these fish made their way almost a foot in front of me and I realized it was a school of pogies just lazily moping around. I had a good chuckle.
  14. I spend $5 at Walmart in the fishing aisle... I owned $120 polarized ray bans and they worked exactly the same. Imho, polarized is polarized. I haven't done research in a scientific sense but I'd bet you throw a $120 pair of fishing glasses on right after $5 polarized Walmart shades and you won't see a $115 dollar difference. That being said...if expensive ones allowed you to see an extra foot outward due to cutting often do you think there would be a fish in that exact spot that you wouldn't have been able to see with Walmart shades.... just my $0.02
  15. Nice! Took the girl out last night so she could hopefully get a few and my first fish was a 23". I couldn't see my fly 5" deep..... This is a spot where I took her specifically because I almost always hammer dinks! At least last year I did. Good sign.