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  1. I use a 10wt a lot of the time. For a few reasons, I started on a 9wt that had an in hand weight of something like 3.9oz (total guesstimate). Got addicted after first time catching fish and shortly after found a 10wt that had an in hand weight of 3.7oz so yes it is lighter in hand but of course throwing higher grains is more taxing on the arm. I also use it for the wind. I went out with a friend who had an 8wt sage one. A nice fast action rod at that. He just couldn't get his flies out there due to wind. My 10 wt had no problems. if my 9 was beefier I would probably use it more but I love my 10. streamer express(now called "Sink 30 Warm") by SA is what I use mostly. It is a "full sink" technically but has a extra fast sinking head with intermediate running line. I found for myself personally that sink tip always brought my fly up when I wanted it deep. The intermediate running line doesn't do that for me. Plus I can fish crabs in 15' of water
  2. Good idea when around kids, never thought of that! If/when I have my own I'll keep that in mind!
  3. My buddy bought a Key west 17 footer over the winter so we both booked 4 days off from work to test her out. Here are some pics from day 1....excellent to say the least. Caught about 35-40 fish total. Later in the day got into some micros but caught about 20, the rest were all very decent fish including my buddy's 33"er. First fish for me was a 28" beaut. Was chucking a big white/olive deceiver over 10-30' of water depending on the drift. Fish were hitting very shallow, top 5' of water. Ill let the pics do the talking from here.. I tried to get my buddy, the spin guy, into a bigger fish on a fly but he only caught a 12" micro then proceeded to swear and curse at a knot in his line. He has since resumed throwing plugs. oh...and we still have 3 days left to fish
  4. Def x2 that. Too much wrist especially when double hauling heavier lines destroys my ability to shoot line. Not sure but it seems like it adds slack into the system this losing momentum thus losing a nice cast haha
  5. I'm with Alan! I use my wrist more with smaller trout rods, because I can without causing pain or tendon issues. As for my preference, casting "with" my wrist (as opposed to slightly utilizing my wrist) is the cause of many casting issues for me. Even with a 5wt, using my arm helps with much more accurate and tighter casting. Ill warn you, I didn't realize how much I used to use my wrist until I picked up a 9wt and fished 8 hours straight. My wrist felt like it was going to fall off. I sought advice from these gentlemen on this forum and have since tweaked my casting to use little wrist if any and I never have issues anymore and better yet cast farther and more accurate. just my $0.02
  6. Yep. Popped myself right in the back of the skull with a crab last season. Let's just say it woke me up a bit. Didn't get hooked thank god.
  7. Having some time during work to sneak out today I realized low tide was a half hour away. I figured why not go warm up the arm and see how things look. I showed up to a ton of cormorants, although not seemingly feeding. About five minutes in a hawk dive bombs into some shallow water across the way. Good sign. i quickly realized (again) how much I hate sink tip line. I felt like I was casting a fly rod for my first time again...anyway, I fumbled a cast and began stripping line in quick to make another cast.. not more than 8feet in front of me, a big swirl. I either spooked something or it had a nice meal. Now, while I did not see this fish, I know a few things we all know. 1. An 8" baitfish doesn't make THAT sound. 2. It was not a bird. As much as I try, they don't let me get within 50 yards let alone 8 feet. 3. I have never been prescribed any medications for psychosis. moral of the was a fish. Not a dinky alewive either. Could have been a trout or even a sturgeon but needless to say it got the blood pumping. soon enough!
  8. Is this due to my calling you like a 5year old on Christmas this morning?
  9. X2
  10. Coordinates please?
  11. ....predicted dates. Gotchya, I know all you other salt addicts got childishly excited at the title I'm guessing May 8th
  12. Since my Dad has passed away a bit over a year ago, I will never be that guy that says "I fish when I can" or "I ____ when I can." It refuse to be on my death bed saying I wished I spent more time doing things I enjoy. If you find yourself saying I need to work because you need money, you shouldn't need to work 50-60hrs a week to survive!!! Money is great but not when you have no time to spend it
  13. Call...what is this word call you speak of?
  14. Don't do this to us RAW! Let's see!
  15. ...or reading this wrong? Here is a NH pond list nearly every one says fly fishing only...