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  1. ...May yet.... Was fishing a trout pond last night and just about 4pm the rises started. So instead of casting a dry dropper rig, I tied on a big old streamer and started two hand stripping it through the rises....the saltwater bug carries through into my trout fishing apparently ...that begs the question “did it work” You bet it did! Very fun but nothing like a striper whacking a fly. These trout were coming up behind my fly forming a big wake and inhaling my bug with a big swirl. While I’m on the subject of waiting til May.. What do you all do during the off season (other species or forms of fishing aside)
  2. ....H20!!! jees it’s been dry lately. I’m not a fan of rainy weather but I would be happy with a day of down pours to get these rivers at a normal level.
  3. The season for trout here ends Sept 30 (excluding ext and year round rivers of course.) Fortunately for myself I’m a saltwater guy and that holds me over until mid October for the most part. But I’ve noticed a trend in the last 3 years... Nearly every southern Maine river/stream is piss warm and virtually dried up on Sept basically the fall season doesn’t exist (excluding ext and year round)... Yes I know I could drive and hit the mountain streams and western rivers etc but when there are still big stripers 10 minutes away that’s not appealing to me.... I can only assume that back when this date was chosen (likely many many moons ago) is when Sept was filled with rain and chilly days. Things have changed. Sept is just as dry and hot as August around here. Just thoughts and conversation starters....
  4. I’ve heard that dark flies work best when the water is brown
  5. I’d be careful considering “the southern part of the state” to be open until January. MOST streams and rivers are now closed after Sept 30. There are a fair amount of year round rivers and a select few extended season rivers but certainly not MOST. Just be cautious with that logic is all. A brief google search will show you what you’re looking for. Tight lines.
  6. Exactly my thoughts too tightlines. That’s why I was confused haha. Visited one one of these places in August when the wind was far too gusty to be out striper fishing and the river must have been 2-3ft lower than usual with virtually no current. did catch a small 6”(?) brown though. Seemed to big to potentially be one of these fish? Maybe not? I don’t know how quickly they grow.
  7. I hadn’t thought of that so I investigated... The surprising part is that everything I just showed is in southern Maine...many are in “brooks”.....the thin blue lines! Thats a lot of typos!
  8. Was just reviewing stocking reports as the season is just about here for southern maine and noticed a few places were stocked with tens of thousands of 2” trout. While you would never catch me targeting 2” trout, I am just curious; what is the point? I could understand of these were very cold clean rivers up north but some of the places they’ve put these trout are literally almost dried up in the summertime with minimal water flow and I imagine they’re like bath water. My instinct is that they’re curious how they’ll survive and if they will flourish but we all know....trout ain’t no pike, they can die if you look at em the wrong way, so what gives? Just trying to educate myself! Thanks
  9. I use fluoro all the time. And while it is more that I say "throw the 30m spool of rio fluoro tippet in the garbage and by a spool of Seaguar 100% fluoro 4lb (2lb test diameter). I believe they are 100-125yd spools for $12. I have used most every type and style of tippet and this line is no different. Simply doesn't say "tippet" or rio. And I know the trout sure as hell don't care. ANY top water fly even a big bouyant saltwater popper...monofilament all day. That's just my $0.02.
  10. ...all the stripers have turned into fairies and have flown away!
  11. I know right?! Striper season is coming to a screeching haunt for me unless something drastic changes pretty soon but I will say I love fall fishing. When every grabs their guns and heads away from the pond/rivers and heads to the woods, I'm over here just getting ready to fish for the trout and salmon again
  12. Adam I promise I have not been telling people where you've actually been
  13. Unfortunately no fish above 25" recently but there is definitely a boost in activity as a whole.... Went out last night to catch the dropping tide at a favorite spot of mine. It's usually my go to spot when short on time and just want to catch a handful of smaller fish (although recently have caught some bigger than the par 12-15" micros that I find here) Anyway, took me a bit longer to find the fish as I usually fish this spot at a much lower tide than it was. Eventually found them them and almost every cast slow stripping a black clouser. The sun went behind the trees and like clockwork it happened...the dinks would start blasting schools of small bait, just as they did a few nights prior. Only this time I had my floating line! It was handed stripping but as fast as I could these guys were coming a foot out of the water and inhaling my small black popper. No big fish, biggest must have been 15" but fun to say the least. I was anticipating the solid deep pop of a bigger fish all night but it never came, oh well. The hunt for the big dog continues..
  14. Yep
  15. Was fishing yesterday and had caught a few dinks when I saw another fly fisherman. We started chatting and I continued making half hearted casts while conversing with this guy when I hooked and lost what could have been without a doubt the biggest striper I've hooked in my life. I've caught a good amount of 30-35" fish and have yet to have one do this..... This fish took a 1.5" baitfish imitation fly. I was using 14lb leader because I had only been catching dinks. I hooked this fish and he took the remaining 75' of fly line from my feet and then another (guesstimate) 60-70 yards of backing off my reel all within about 20 seconds before snapping off. Holy **** stripers are strong as hell. My educated guess, with help from experienced friends I'd say it was 40+" Never again will I use 14lb leader.. At first I was mad but then I just sat back and shook my head at the pure power of these fish. Exhilarating to say the least. **Sturgeon obligatory mention. I do not believe it was a sturgeon. Of all the sturgeon I've accidentally hooked. None of them hit as hard as this fish, ran like mad like this fish, or hit a fly that wasn't on bottom** Believe me, I tried to convince myself it was "just" a sturgeon so I could sleep, but...extremely slim chance. This, is why I love fly fishing.