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  1. Tried Portsmouth Harbor yesterday. Just two fish, but both 23". No tiny ones at all.
  2. I've noticed that most of the spin guys are using soft white lures 5-6" long. They're still catching lots of small fish. I even saw one fly fisherman who had what sure looked like a soft white spinning lure on. A little hard to tell because he was across the river from me. He was killing it by the way.
  3. Very nice fish. Beaver bogs are good places to fish.
  4. That looks like a lot of fun. What, exactly, do you use that net for? Nothing in your pictures looks like it would fit.
  5. We've joked about that while fishing there. It does seem to turn on and off like a light switch. The little browns are stocked in the same places as everything else. They just don't hang around the stocking points very long.
  6. Like all good addicts, I went again today. Fewer fish but the biggest was 25" compared to 19" yesterday. Getting there. I used a sinking line. Not a sink tip, but a whole sinking line. I don't think I like those. It was very difficult to feel light hits. I know I missed quite a few hook sets because I felt them late. Do people use whole sinking lines or just sink tips? The sinking line was an 11 wt. on an 11 wt. rod because that's what I had. Maybe the whole thing is just too heavy.
  7. A late birthday present. My 70th was yesterday. Now for a question. Does anyone pinch the barbs while striper fishing? Some of the barbed ones today were really hard to get out.
  8. I caught my first striped bass on a fly this morning. Then I caught a couple dozen more. The wind was pretty bad, but it didn't stop about 10-12 guys from fishing. Three with fly rods. The rest with spinning rods. The largest one I caught was about 19". The largest I saw anybody catch (one of the fly guys) was about 25". It was a lot of fun even on smaller fish. This could get seriously addicting when the fish get bigger.
  9. Very nice. Glad you can get into wild fish so early.
  10. What needs to change? For me, It's simple. I need to be doing more of it. You'd think, because I'm retired, that I'd have nothing but time to fish. Life doesn't work that way. There's always 'stuff' to do. Whether it's something in the house, or the yard, or with the kids or grandchildren, or my wife, there's lots of things competing for my time. I know everyone's thinking, "Oh, poor you." Really, though, I'm plenty happy with my current lot in life. More fishing would be nice, though.
  11. I'm going to try to make this. Where are you meeting?
  12. Also, don't be afraid to use big flies like slumpbusters. They seem to work well in Spring and Fall.
  13. This cleanup ethic is spreading, I'm happy to say. About 10 days ago I went to a spot I fish in the Spring. It was a mess. I didn't have any bags with me so I just picked up some of the bigger junk. I went back this last Thursday, with bags this time. The place was spotless. I literally couldn't find anything to pick up. Good work, whoever did it.
  14. The smaller streams around me were good yesterday. They're not so good today after the rains. That problem will fix itself in a day or two if we don't get more heavy rain.
  15. Yesterday I talked to the guys doing stocking in Cumberland County. They said they're having difficulty finding suitable streams to stock. Mainly the problem is too much water. Where I met them they didn't stock all the fish they had on board for that reason. They're already running behind last year. Now they're worried about having enough time to stock a lot of fish before the southern waters get too warm.