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  1. I hope to make it. I was away two years ago and in the hospital last year. Third time's a charm.
  2. My section of shoreline this year was between Old Orchard Beach and Plum Island. It's really the first year I've spent significant time fishing the salt. The first fish I caught was on May 19. The last was October 20. Some days you could barely let a fly touch the water and something would grab it. Other days, nothing. One big problem I had was finding places to park. It's worse this year than it was last year, especially along the NH coast.
  3. Good story. Best of luck in the woods this fall.
  4. A few impounded boats would concentrate the other captain's attention wonderfully.
  5. I wasn't where there was any surf Wednesday, Portsmouth harbor. Just rain. Four fat 17-18".
  6. Looks nice. What's the blank? Did you make the reel seat, or buy it?
  7. I’ve been sort of the opposite this year. For the first time I’ve spent a significant amount of time fishing for stripers in the salt. It’s been a whole new thing for me at age 70. I even fished at night for the first time.
  8. I try to ask my self the same question every time I'm about to make a significant purchase: If I buy this, what will I be able to do better than if I didn't buy it? Take tools for example. Snap-On makes some specialty tools that are absolutely needed for certain jobs. Nobody else makes them. They cost a bunch, but they work. Without those tools, some jobs would be next to impossible. For ordinary use, I don't generally buy Snap-On. Lots of other brands work fine. I buy high-end fishing equipment usually. But, I have an aversion to MSRP. I usually buy them when they're about to be replaced in the product line. That line of thinking applies to lots of things - cameras, TVs, etc.
  9. Just all around beautiful.
  10. Where do I join? I'm not doing much spinning -- yet.
  11. I was kind of getting to the 'maybe I'll do something else' stage, too. But, today was good on the NH coast. Not great. Good. First two were 24" and 25", then a bunch of 16"-20". All the fish, no matter how big, were fat and very lively.
  12. I went out with RAW this AM. Got there early while it was still dark. I'd never fished in the surf in the dark before. My timing on casts was completely messed up for some reason. Anyway, while re-learning how to cast, I hooked something big. I could barely move it. I had backed almost all the way to the shore when it came off the hook. Nothing broke. It just spit the hook. That was my first and last fish of the morning. Got good and wet and learned some things about fishing with no light.
  13. Spent 4 hours in the Kittery area fishing on Wednesday. I saw one guy in a boat catch a fish, small. I may have felt one strike. That's all.
  14. Isn't Fall the best? Certainly looks like it is for you. Good going.
  15. This isn’t new. I've seen it other years. Randall (tightlinesmaine) mentioned that he’s caught some after they’ve grown up a little.