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  1. From the article: "Further investigation revealed that alcohol was involved, the sheriff said." I never would have guessed.
  2. My vote is with "...a very good next 3-4 weeks...".
  3. Looks like a great trip. Never caught a sea run brookie. Sure like to.
  4. Thought I was in for a good day. Three fish, all small, in about 10 casts. After that, not a bite. Part of the problem was the weed. Close to the most I've seen.
  5. Sounding better.
  6. BBT

    Great fish. I really like the bright white leading edges on the fins.
  7. I like it. I'm glad to see that entry in the stocking report wasn't just a typo.
  8. Those are all really healthy looking fish. Is it the camera or do they have a green tinge in their color, especially on the backs?
  9. You'd think so, but if you look at the Maine stocking report you can see they stock fish as small as 1". They also stock a lot of 2"-4" fish.
  10. If you believe the Maine stocking report, they stocked 300 rainbows that were 23" long in the Andro at Gilead last year. I haven't heard of anyone who says they caught one, though. I didn't.
  11. 50 feet, you say. Seems like that's within casting distance. It would be really unfortunate if one of those drones 'accidentally' got tangled up in a fly line. Over water.
  12. I am 100% certain this is a stocked fish. It's also in NH, but not the Andro. If I didn't know that the place I caught it has no wild trout, I might think this one was wild. It can be really difficult to tell wild from stocked sometimes.
  13. Tough to tell from the picture. The dorsal fin looks disturbed and it looks like the anal fin has a split. Can't tell about the scales on the flank. Were they more-or-less perfect?
  14. If it's red, it's probably mine. Even more likely is if you were at Parsons yesterday AM.
  15. Stopped by Parsons yesterday just before noon while I was driving to lunch with my wife. Four guys walking back to their cars said lots of weed, no fish.