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    Fly fishing salt and tidal waters in Me..trolling Lake Ontario and fishing the Ny rivers 35 yrs, and 30 yrs fishing the Fl. Keys, or anything that looks good!

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  1. The last one was 15" and 1 lb plus, July, August and Sept just off the beach the were 18-20 and fat, Poor mans Tarpon, was blast on 6 wt. (small eel patt. 1.5" ) Was fairly easy to get 6 or so, and easy to spot.
  2. One of my past 15 year favorite places showed a sharp decline after mid July. I did notice the mount of fish in estuaries when not on the beach? I am fortunate to have lots of options close by. The amount of fish was amazing, I was not disappointed with size once August set in , I'm happy with the 20-25" fatties, Probably my approach. We can only hope this years numbers get a chance to get big. Bait was on and off, especially sand eels
  3. Great, you found my spot Glad your timing was good! Can't wait for more pics
  4. Lousy, even worse than last year Still schools of shad
  5. great moments, your smile says it all.Thanks
  6. Fished a tidal area last of outgoing,13" holdover brown on an orange yellow glo bug with an indicator. Saw some top water activity,switched to dries, nnothing. Went to copper beadhead muddler and it produced a jumping jack shad. I was sight fishing browns on gravel, gin clear water. 1 cigar morning
  7. I'll be in Boca Grande
  8. how many s how many scales from gill to tail both sides
  9. Alan see's fish in his rear view mirror Alan just see's fish
  10. bought about 4 yrs ago and used 10-12 times. has sled and up for 2-3 people, zip fly, one corner of flap has stove melt,sti;; functions perfect, very clean. $175
  11. you must have had fun throwing in the wind, If I knew you heading this way, I had hot chilli, cornbead hot fire.and some different libations
  12. I got to meet Lefty in the mid 60's as a teenager. I fished The MET tournament for Permit at least 12 yrs. (placing in top 5,and 2 second places) The likes of Lefty, Flip Pallot ,Jimmy Albright, Stu Apte . and many many more were always found at Bud $ Mary's. Lefty could always hold court talking fishing, as a writer he was always illustrating or teaching. He and Stu Apte Jimmy Albright and others showed how to land 100 lb tarpon on fly rod and light leaders. Today that is the formula most use. Trying to hold back a tarpon was useless.. "Let him use up his energy jumping" He knows every dimension of fishing and is willing to instruct,talk and write for all to enjoy.
  13. Fantastic ! one place I've never been and should have. So pristine looking and beautiful fish. Thanks for posting
  14. great ,t hats seems to be migration point. ..KEEP FISHING
  15. Surf is really big,and going to continue. Water temp is still very good. Really believe there will be spot areas that will produce Sunday-Tuesday ,Only reports I've gotten are nada last 4 days.