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    Fly fishing salt and tidal waters in Me..trolling Lake Ontario and fishing the Ny rivers 35 yrs, and 30 yrs fishing the Fl. Keys, or anything that looks good!

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  1. rough surf, swirling tide change. Seals were happy feeding up river. Total of 16 fish (all fatties up to 22" )for 4 guys 6-8 am all spinning gear/top water ,few fly guys fought the wind and weeds and left quickly. Still say it will get good cigars make it better
  2. Next few weeks will go from FIZZLE to Fireworks.! storms will move bait around
  3. we will get together after the weather blows and find some
  4. I B E L I E V E there will be a very good next 3-4 weeks and reasons: 1 Wells Harbor has sand eels and mackerel as well as pogies just off the jetties, the bait guys fishing anywhere around the jetties either side are doing fish. Good fish 25-40" 2 Bait guys at parsons are doing the same, last year there was an extreme slow down on hook ups with anything but bait, Then came end of Sept. to Mid Oct. and days were fun again 3 More fish coming on incoming, big change for down here. 4 Boats are have best times now 5 I 'm a POSITIVE thinker;" IF YOU CAST IT THEY WILL COME" Santa says keep casting
  5. That size fly has worked best for me all year,
  6. You always were the chick magnet
  7. Brother got to his house and no damage to the house or out bldg. He had a 1000' of mangrove and gumbo limbo behind him. They are all bent but saved him, the "Green Turtle Inn " you can see in pictures on line. His daughters house also, Neighbors left and right have heavily damaged houses. The local church survived as brother Ron and the pastor boarded up the day before. He's now in SC with friends and then up to Cape Breton, With no electric or water, no need to stay. People all over looking for clean up work., We were both there in 1960 after Hurricane Donna, about a month or so.all the debri make many places look worse. He said too many people did not even put things like boats, furniture away.Less than 10%have ins. Called living on the edge. 57 yrs between direct hits . Lots of other friends lost everything in the lower keys.
  8. glad you got into them today. got that big feeling
  9. grandson used 2x's
  10. Fished from 6;30 to 9, lots of weeds no one did anything in the surf. switched to utra lite spinner and again Kast master, managed 3 shad and 2 small stripers, Last nite on Wells beach 8pm 2 guys using got a few decent fish. A few buddies fishing slugo's have been hammering them in Ogunquit. 1fish going 38" They gt close to 50 fish each in 2 early mornings.
  11. been going on for more than 30 yrs. , Had a camper at Cannon's, someone stole our cooker, chairs, wooden steps and our Sign TEAM GRANDSLAM
  12. you won the best lottery ever!
  13. Those are cool and fun. I believe the rod is a fiberglass type called conolon, probably very brittle, oil the reel ,soak and was the silk and try for fun on any short rod in tight streams, You never have to worry about line on the ground.or in the brush
  14. Brother left the keys, to go north/Ocala area. Storm eye as of now Marathon to Key Largo, right over his house. The red cross conch house has survived every storm since 1938, Hope so again
  15. Wow ,been a longtime seeing one, kudos