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    Fly fishing salt and tidal waters in Me..trolling Lake Ontario and fishing the Ny rivers 35 yrs, and 30 yrs fishing the Fl. Keys, or anything that looks good!

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  1. catching 24-32" fish mixed with dinks, last big fought like a dink to get in site then took off. I feel the mortality from barbs versus bait is negligible and never mind netters. Just my 2cts
  2. Stayed hot till Tuesday, now big slow down, the big nasty surf has moved the bait. Good work
  3. I only go barbless on trout. Most fish I lose are on waves or any slight loss of line pressure. This I cured by backing up slowly as the fish got closer in shallow water. Their lips can get ripped and any play when they push forward can be the answer. Anyways if your getting into fish ,call it a great day. Salute the fish !
  4. bump
  5. really a nice reel, so surprised no site member grabbed it.
  6. used lightly, still has some sticker
  7. Hope Peter bought it. Would be great with some of rods
  8. heading out at 1;30,meeting a few guys will post
  9. Here's a 10 yr supply of the best steelhead patterns I have, All the perfect sizes, color blends. For you non tyers here is everything a nympher needs, Many of the egg or glo bugs are my go to Maine patt.. No I will not divide,.90% or more never used.
  10. I feel bad for the guy that's probably landed 25,000 or more
  11. Glad your doing well
  12. awesome, full circle
  13. The bigger fish here are caught more often at evening ,or rough water by an edge , Do not mind the dinks as I wait for " Prime Time". Slot fish are consistent every hour or so at the prime time.
  14. Hit the beach at 9;30 am Thurs. last 2.5 of outgoing, Only 4 guys total. to start. Same old boring story Too many fish, going to cut end of hook off, the fish are so frenzied they will probably gum it all the way to shore . Another old guy 70's club fished with me, We were close to catching our combined ages .Nothing over 24" most in the 14-18 slot.. Every cast. 25' of sink tip and it was just SICK!!!!!!!. Had my Go Pro ,trying figure out some things, got a partial video and to many pictures. Understand that when your OLD standing in the waves and keeping your bal. trying see the setting, cigar smoke ! Dam fish not sitting still. Wife said 1st pic looked like a ***** smoking!!!! Hey that's my mug.. I've had a few bud's from NH come up and cannot believe the amount of fish and so easy conditions./Think they stayed all nite. tides really aren't an issue now. Get out and go FiSSSSSSSSSSSSSH . Off till Monday, Everything hurts