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    Fly fishing salt and tidal waters in Me..trolling Lake Ontario and fishing the Ny rivers 35 yrs, and 30 yrs fishing the Fl. Keys, or anything that looks good!

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  1. Beach was running hard with lots of debri. moved in a little to find some fatties in the 25" range. Some bait, but not much. The fish were in spots that were 50' or so apart, just needed to find the honey hole. Spins guys were a little quite but avg. fish size is getting much bigger. And size does matter a 2.5 hour outing and 3 great cigars.
  2. Boca Grande always was a fish bowl, but still a great tarpon spot, same as Homosassa ,once a record is caught the info hwy. jumps, Pine Island is quirky, laid back and fishy. Again, love the pic fish pic. don't care what you look like! LOL
  3. nice Mal, very few fish over 28 down here, did fish 12-3 yesterday in the wind/rain, but with the extreme high tide the rats and dinks were right on the edges. Too rough to walk the gravel . Do you guys really fish from park benches there? Keep rattling the stick, make it a great weekend
  4. Awesome. the Silver King is a prize. Love that area. holds lots great species
  5. The fishing has been hot close to 10 days and by June 1st I will have out done a great last year in numbers . Nothing as of today in size but they are here, Just get by the dinks/rats,shortly it will be all 20-30's Doesn't make difference where, time of day, rain, high 90's fly of choice, good cast, bad. Get out an go and bring your kids/grandkids, picture of a few in the 'Old 70 and over club" with spinning gear on an estuary tidal bar. No waves, no wet cigars
  6. Welcome to the group of " Extraordinary Gentlemen " who chase the linesiders, relish the surf, and spend quite a bit of time sharing the experience. And welcome to the 70 and over club!
  7. Macanudo, Scotch ,fish. repeat often. When I fall I try for a spot to repeat first 2
  8. what a start, good luck next few days
  9. those are my pets
  11. Friend got 6 fish 20-26 ,his buddy had a few to 30( sluggos) and there were some in the 34" range by chunkers
  12. waders, fleece ,jacket, gloves and still froze
  13. Started at 3;30 ,very quite,managed 2 8" dinks, site member Buoy showed and was still at it when I left. Spinning rod guy has over 100 caught,2 over 20" up river. Left the house air temp was 43,then 41 at beach and dropped to 39.. couple non fish pics. a really dark 3;30 and the patt.
  14. He got 10,very small
  15. Just got a text from another diehard Stripers have arrived,