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Flies for Kids 2016

Posted by Kevin McKay in Maine Fishing News and Conservation Efforts, 16 January 2016 · 75 views

Flies for Kids
Flies for Kids started in 2013 with an idea from Kevin McKay of maineflyfish.com to try to make it easier for kids to get into fly tying. Eldredge Bros. Fly Shop joined forces with Kevin because we thought this was a great thing to do. There are many children out there who would love to get into fly fishing or fly tying but they have no on...


The Process

Posted by A.L.Poland in A.L.Poland Studios, 02 October 2015 · 789 views

The Process     I thought it may be fun to show a little of my personal process in relation to painting.  I work sometimes hours away from home.  For some reason when driving to work I seem to come up with ideas.  Some of my inspiratiions are random and don't really work out or translate to canvas well.  However, I always sketch them out...


Great Miramichi Fall Salmon Run expected.

Posted by COUNTRY HAVEN MIRAMICHI in Fishing Reports, 12 September 2015 · 1048 views

Great Miramichi Fall Salmon Run expected. Great Miramichi Fall Salmon Run Expected!!

September 12th 2015
http://www.miramichi...sept15-12as.jpg http://www.miramichi...sept15-12bs.jpg
http://www.miramichi...sept15-12cs.jpg http://www.miramichi...sept15-12ds.jpg

September 12th - With our having such good fishing in the first week of September, this past wee...


Welcome to the Tenkara Blog!

Posted by dpierce in Tenkara in Maine, 15 May 2015 · 1823 views

Welcome to the Tenkara Blog! Glad you found the Tenkara blog, my name is Dan Pierce and I live in central Maine with my wife, son, and yellow lab.  Everyone says no matter where you grow up in Maine you get exposed to the water early on wether it is the ocean on the coast, the lakes inland, or the streams in western and northern Maine.  For me it was no different, being r...


The General

Posted by Stick in Stick Around, 11 May 2013 · 3307 views


“The General”    
So, an older gentleman (Bill) comes into my workshop one day asking about having some furniture repair done and notices the small collection of vintage fly rods on the wall and my “L.L. Bean Fly Fishing” hat (it’s...


My First Time

Posted by Kevin McKay in Some Where Between Bass and Trout, 18 November 2012 · 2996 views

My First Time My First Time
By Kevin McKay
edited by Jennifer Bowman-McKay

My first time is something I will never forget. I was in my 20's and this was totally new to me. I wanted to try it and wanted it bad. I know it was late in life for my first experience but it is just how it worked out. It was early on a dark and cold April morning. I...


Rolling On Salmon: Take 2 - The Penobscot River

Posted by GGP Films in Rolling On Salmon, 16 November 2011 · 3804 views
Gray ghost Productions and 4 more...

Gray Ghost Productions Blog: Rolling On Salmon Take 2 - The Penobscot River

Salmo salar. Arguably translated as “the leaper,” this Latin term describes a fish whose attempts at doing what it is genetically pre-programmed to do are nothing short of amazing. History has proven that if you give this fish an opportunity to succeed, it...


A Little Western Montana Gem

Posted by wj35 in Riffle Hitch Ramblings, 30 July 2010 · 3227 views

Here are a few pics from my trip to a little tributary of the Clark Fork. The smaller fish were taking big foam bugs, while the big boys were hunkered down on bottom because of the bright sunlight. Nothing a little tungsten bead soft-hackle couldn't cure though! The size of some of these trout surprised me because this creek is only 20 feet wide in...


Montana Report

Posted by Tom in A Sporting Chance, 27 May 2010 · 2994 views

Recent rains caused the latest Smith River trip to get cancelled. As part of 'PLAN B' we did a two day float down another river. I was lucky enough to get invited to fun float with my friend John along on the trip. The water was high and cloudy, but on the drop and clearing. This river doesn't have a ton of fish, but a reputation for big...

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