Reading the Rocks

Remember that all fish require three things for survival. The first is of course, food. The fish also has a rule of never expending more energy to obtain the food then the energy received from the food itself. The fish will always find a safe place to "wait" for the food to come to the fish. They will position themselves in a shallow depression along the bottom of the water column where the down-stream current is less. In this area the fish will expend very little energy in order to hold its location. The second survival technique is to find a comfortable temperature range in the water column. This will determine whether or not the fish will be in the shallows or be located in the deeper, cooler water. The third survival must for the fish is to find a place that will not only provide the food and comfort but also allow for the protection of cover, in case of safety or danger. Water Flow Diagram Most areas of the water column don't provide all three survival needs and this fact gives the knowledgeable angler an edge. The areas that the fish will seek out are called lies. Prime Lies are the areas that provide all the fishes needs. Feeding Lies are the areas that a fish only goes to feed and then quickly retreats to a safer location. Safe Lies are the places that fish go to for protection, which are almost always under something. When you look at a rock, always be thinking like the fish. If you want to take up a Feeding Lie, take a position to either side of the rock. If you want a Safe Lie, then go to the right side of the rock, which is next to the banking area where there are some over hanging vegetation, as well as, an undercut embankment for protection. In this Safe Lie, you will also benefit from any creature that falls from the overhanging vegetation. A Prime Lie would be to either side of the rock and just wait for the currents to bring the meal to you. That leaves the best Lie for the biggest fish. The area just in front of the rock provides the best position for feeding. In this area, a fish can receive food from three directions and expend the least amount of energy obtaining its food. Because of the currents force, an area just in front of the rock has been scooped out, creating a pocket. This pocket allows a fish to settle below the stronger currents and take advantage of covering more water than any other Lie.

Your mission is to cast to the side of the rock and allow the imitation to drift, drag free past the fishes Lie. Your cast should not be too long because, you don't want to interfere with the Prime Lie in front of the rock. Once you cover this area, then try the Feeding Lie just behind the rock. After you have fished the sides then aim for the big fish, which will be just in front of the rock. Reminder, the best rocks are the ones that are real close to the banking. Another note of interest is that the Feeding Lie just behind the rock is real important during low light conditions.

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