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Fly Fishing Belize
Reviews by Kevin McKay
Fly Fishing Belize by Jim Klug is not just a book on fly fishing Belize but a bible about it. This will soon find a home on your coffee table because you will want to display this for everyone to see. It is a work of art. The photos come to life on the...
A Couple Book reviews
McKay's Fishing Adventures
Fly Fishing Belize by Jim Klug is not just a book on fly fishing Belize but a bible about it. This will soon find a home on your coffee table because you will want to display this for everyone to see. It is a work of art. The photos come to life on the p...
Great Fall Fishing - Miramichi Salmon Galore!!
Sponsor Fishing Reports
Miramichi Fishing ReportCharlie Mosher, Albuquerque NM                       Ron Halick, Jersey City, NJ       ...
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Stream Flows
Stream/RiverDate : TimeFlow
Penobscot Lower W BR, MCKAY STN, Ripogenus Dam* 01-01
Allagash River near Allagash 10-20 03:00 1510
Fish River near Fort Kent 10-20 03:45 849
St. John R below Fish R @ Ft Kent 10-20 03:30 12300
Grand Lake Stream 10-20 03:00 208
Dennys River at Dennysville 09-30 23:45 1010
Narraguagus River at Cherryfield 10-20 03:00 426
E Branch Penobscot R at Grindstone 10-20 03:30 2410
Piscataquis R near Dover-Foxcroft 10-20 03:30 523
Penobscot River at West Enfield 10-20 03:30 13800
Kennebec River @ The Forks 10-20 03:15 744
Kennebec River at Bingham 10-20 03:15 2510
Androscoggin R at Errol, NH 10-20 03:15 1230
Androscoggin R near Gorham, NH 10-20 03:15 1600
Wild River at Gilead 10-20 02:45 105
Mousam R at Rte 4 near Sanford 10-20 02:45 32
Mousam R near West Kennebunk 10-20 02:45 105
Salmon River, NY at Lighthouse Hill* 01-01 Reserved

Low or Poor Water Conditions
Good Fishing Water Conditions
High Water Fishing Conditions
Unknown fishing conditions

Streamflow information at this site is provided from data from USGS sites and Dam operators. Maineflyfish.com does not guarantee that this data is accurate or is the latest readings. As always, approach running water with caution. Latest Info:

USGS website | Dam Ops Flow Hotline [1-800-557-3569]

* Provided by Waterline
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