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A.L. Poland
Wow, I hope everyone has been able to get out fishing.  I know I have felt like I am working to much and not fishing enough.  But this is probably every fly fisherman's feeling this time of year.  I have been getting my raft ready for the flo...
Adventures in Florida
McKay's Fishing Adventures
On the second day, we had decided we were going to get up early and rent kayaks (which I won’t lie, I am not a real big fan of, but that was our cheapest option) to get us out on the water. First light wasn’t until around 630, so we got to sleep in a little...
Miramichi Salmon Fishing getting closer...
Sponsor Fishing Reports
Miramichi Salmon Fishing Time Getting Closer April 19th 2015                                 Doak...
Tailwater Lodge Altmar New York
Reviews by Kevin McKay
Tailwater Lodge Altmar New York I have been going to the Salmon River in New York for over ten years. If you do not know what the Salmon River is about and you are a fisherman, you are seriously missing out. The river has huge runs of King Salmon, Coho...
Dragon Fly
Maine Hatches
Latest Fly Patterns

Latest Maine Fly Fish Video
Stream Flows
Stream/RiverDate : TimeFlow
Penobscot Lower W BR, MCKAY STN, Ripogenus Dam* 01-01
Allagash River near Allagash 05-03 20:00 8100
Fish River near Fort Kent 05-03 19:45 5570
St. John R below Fish R @ Ft Kent 05-03 20:30 38300
Grand Lake Stream 05-03 20:00 254
Dennys River at Dennysville 09-30 23:45 1010
Narraguagus River at Cherryfield 05-03 20:00 576
E Branch Penobscot R at Grindstone 05-03 20:30 6480
Piscataquis R near Dover-Foxcroft 05-03 20:30 775
Penobscot River at West Enfield 05-03 20:30 25800
Kennebec River @ The Forks 05-03 20:15 887
Kennebec River at Bingham 05-03 20:15 5970
Androscoggin R at Errol, NH 05-03 20:15 2630
Androscoggin R near Gorham, NH 05-03 20:15 3680
Wild River at Gilead 05-03 19:45 403
Mousam R at Rte 4 near Sanford 05-03 19:45 101
Mousam R near West Kennebunk 05-03 19:45 197
Salmon River, NY at Lighthouse Hill* 01-01 Reserved

Low or Poor Water Conditions
Good Fishing Water Conditions
High Water Fishing Conditions
Unknown fishing conditions

Streamflow information at this site is provided from data from USGS sites and Dam operators. Maineflyfish.com does not guarantee that this data is accurate or is the latest readings. As always, approach running water with caution. Latest Info:

USGS website | Dam Ops Flow Hotline [1-800-557-3569]

* Provided by Waterline
Latest Forum Topics
  • smelt running
    Today, 05:09 PM By rwabdu
    Can anyone report via PM if the smelt are running in south western maine rivers? or if they are a...
  • what pound test?
    Today, 04:52 PM By mcmaclevane
    What pound test do you guys use for stripers? Currently 15 is my heaviest, is that to light? Is i...
  • 30.06 or 308?
    Today, 12:29 PM By Stick
  • May first !
    Today, 12:11 PM By Mainiac
    Long awaited, the glorious month of May has finally arrived.   Now we can earnestly explore...
  • May 2nd, Roach R(below 2nd Roach Pond), Lazy Tom Str. deadH2O
    Today, 10:53 AM By Bigspencer
    Enjoyed Saturday, water temps in mid-40s, and day #1 in Silver Sonic Convertibles/Guide boots = v...
  • Guide insurance?
    Today, 09:21 AM By aaronb11
    For all you guides (or insurance agents), what's the deal with guide insurance?   Do you c...
  • how do you change attitudes??
    Today, 08:44 AM By RRobert
    Recently there were a few ideas thrown around about how to improve resources.  One of the pr...
  • Something weird...
    Today, 08:32 AM By brosa1450
    Happened today. I went with a buddy to a local river that was recently stocked with 500+ 10" broo...
  • Orvis 908-4 Helios 2
    Yesterday, 08:51 PM By nympho
    Tip Flex. This rod is a replacement for one I broke last year. Not repaired, replaced. It is bran...
  • Dry fly hackle.
    Yesterday, 04:50 PM By brosa1450
    Does anyone ever put a small amount of dubbing underneath the hackle on an Adams style dry? I n...
  • Other Maine Fly Fish Videos
  • How to Tie a Wood Duck Scud
    Today, 05:19 AM Ask the average beginning fly fisher what trout foods are most important to their quarry.  If you hear “scuds” in their answer it will probably come far down the list.  But in many wate...
  • Tippets: Tying a Clinch Knot, Literary Treasures, Support Wild Fish in Washington
    Today, 04:21 AM Will Sands of Colorado’s Taylor Creek Fly Shop demonstrates how to tie a “speed knot” in an instructional video posted via Gink & Gasoline. A recent post on the Orvis blog fe...
  • Tippets: Artificial Drifts, Adaptive Fly Rod, DIY Bonefishing
    Yesterday, 04:05 AM When fishing large lakes and reservoirs, especially in the spring, there’s rarely a still day. However, the wind can be used to an angler’s advantage, writes Jon Kleis. Read more about the pri...
  • Drifter Fly Fishing Launches New Rod
    Yesterday, 03:07 AM Colorado-based Drifter Fly Fishing has recently announced the launch of a new fly rod, the “Covert, designed for “precise casting and delicate presentations.” Read more in the press release b...
  • Video Hatch: “Spring on the Lower”
    May 01 2015 05:05 AM This short film features great fishing advice and observations of Montana’s Madison River, accompanied by beautiful footage on the water. Via Brickhouse Creative.
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