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Maine Fly Fish
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About this blog

A blog devoted to the Japanese style of fly fishing, Tenkara!

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Welcome to the Tenkara Blog!

Glad you found the Tenkara blog, my name is Dan Pierce and I live in central Maine with my wife, son, and yellow lab. Everyone says no matter where you grow up in Maine you get exposed to the water early on wether it is the ocean on the coast, the lakes inland, or the streams in western and northern Maine. For me it was no different, being raised in the Belgrade Lakes area of Maine, I was on the water at a young age. A few years ago I stumbled upon a little known (until about 7 years ago) Japanese style of fly fishing called Tenkara. The philosophy behind Tenkara aligns with my desire for adventure and freedom perfectly and has brought back my passion for the water. Hopefully you catch some of the passion for Tenkara, and adventure, in the posts a head. Enjoy!



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