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Penobscot River Update

Kevin McKay



It has been a long time since the last Veazie update was emailed. A lot has happened since then, most notably the Veazie Dam is gone and Atlantic salmon trap operations have been occurring at the new fish lift at the Milford Dam as well as the new fish lift at the Orono Dam. As of Yesterday, we have documented 66 Atlantic salmon Returns to the Penobscot River. Two of the returns were captured at Orono and the remainder at Milford.

The new fish lift at Milford has been operated since May 5. There have been a few trial and tribulations along the way, but everyone is working hard to maintain fish passage. You will notice that the attached summary is not the usual format and that is simply a reflection of the lack of time staff have had to enter data. So, rather than make you wait while we get caught up on our data entry, I produced this quick summary. The summary includes fish passed in the fish lift as well as the old Denil at Milford. It also includes the 2 salmon passed at Orono, but no other fish handled at Orono (those can be found on our web page).

I am not going to speculate on the low number of returns other than to point out that a low return year was predicted and the new lift has been passing a lot of river herring and even American shad. The number of shad passed is certainly beyond anything I would have imagined.

I also update our DMR trap Counts webpage weekly or even more frequently if I get the information.

Take care,



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