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Miramichi Summer Salmon Fishing absolutely amazing!



Miramichi Summer Salmon Fishing absolutely amazing!

July 31st 2015





July 31st- "WOW" is all that can be said about the runs of fish so far this summer! They started out well in June and have not stopped - even in the warm first week of July where they were still entering the system. The numbers at the MSA trap net in Chatham said it all on Tuesday. Although it's the same as all the Miramichi counters - only an estimate based on the actual numbers of fish going through the Counter - but if calculations are right, there could have been between 3,475-13,900 fish moving up the river system on Tuesday alone. Fishermen say they have never seen so many fish moving through the system as they are now seeing, especially during the last two days. We are seeing both Salmon and Grilse but again, this week, more grilse are being landed than Salmon. At our location, overlooking the river, we see the majority of the fish that swim past and it has been nonstop action daily, especially after each high tide. 2011 was a great year and it is still early in the season however the guides are saying this has been a great July - one to remember! Throughout the season and with over 400 guests each year we see a number of great casters but every now and then someone comes along that just blows you away. Throughout the year, with our busy schedule and having so many excellent guides on our staff, I personally do not get out on the water with guests as much as I would like to, but on Sunday I had the pleasure of spending the day with Bob Lanzare & Malinda Barna. Malinda is the owner of Malinda's Fly Shop in Altmar, NY. What a treat it was! Not only is Malinda one of the best casters, she is also one of the best anglers we have ever seen, as she covers the water and pools as well as anyone! Her efforts never went unnoticed as she got into some nice Salmon and Grilse while on her stay with us.

Although most of the fish are on the move there are a few places where they are holding up. A single angler, Randall Connors, rolled 15, hooked 6, and landed 4 in a 90 minute period yesterday morning, all holding fish in a little pool in Upper Blackville. Some fish are also starting to hold on the Cains and Renous rivers. As August arrives, so do the Bomber fishermen as most years, during August, the lower stretches of the Main River see the best Bomber fishing as the fish hold up more at that time. Flies of choice this week have been #8 Christmas Tree and #8 Undertaker for wet fly. It was a tossup between the Peach Bomber and Blue Bomber for dry fly.

Over the years there have been many wonderful books written about the Miramichi by writers from around the world, including some I will never get tired of reading over and over - written by local Miramichi'er Wayne Curtis. I have just finished reading another one called "Closing of the Season" by Brad Burns. With our having access to five pools on the Cains, this book is very interesting as much of it is about the Cains and fall fishing on one of the best little Salmon rivers in the world. It is a "must read" for Atlantic Salmon Fishermen. For anyone who has fished or would like to fish the Cains River in the future and would like to know more about this book, visit www.bradburnsfishing.com/product/closing-the-season.

For more information, contact us at: www.flyfishingatlanticsalmon.com/



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