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Maine Fly Fish
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I Love Surprises



This has been a very busy summer for me. Trying to juggle work, painting, shows, family, and fishing has been difficult. In the past, I have been the only one in my family that fishes, aside from taking my kids here and there. Well as some of you know, my wife expressed a little interest earlier this summer. As long as it was NO PRESSURE! So, that is exactly what it has been. We have stolen an hour to fish a few times this summer near our home, and had a blast. Well, finally I was able to clear out my schedule for an entire day and spend it with just Gretchen.


Here she is getting geared up complete with her mandatory "Girlie Waders". Which on a side note, I think it is great the industry is paying notice to women's gear.


We spent time laughing and going over cast timing, wrist positioning, how to recognize rod loading, etc. All in a relaxed fashion though! We were able to talk over water. How to read its currents, seams, eddies, etc. We talked about fish behavior and food sources. We witnessed bug life and discussed different bug species and their very unique life cycles.1560694D-B9E9-4B80-9E71-68C8A80265B5_zps12jmoggu.jpg

To see her smile and take in a trouts beauty was awesome! The surprise of seeing her enjoy something I love so much was indescribable. The joy of sharing fly fishing is unlike any other hobby i have had before. I think it is why I enjoy painting fish as well. To have people, who don't even fish, stop and look at the beauty of a fish i have painted, is just great. We need more non fisherman learning to properly love our natural resources. Anyways, I am getting off on a tangent. So, we really just soaked up the day, fished the cool morning hours, relaxed and napped when it was hot on a piece of nearby property we own, ate great food, then fished some of the late evening hours. All together a great surprise, and a spectacular day!!!!!





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