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Flies for Kids 2016

Kevin McKay


Flies for Kids
Flies for Kids started in 2013 with an idea from Kevin McKay of maineflyfish.com to try to make it easier for kids to get into fly tying. Eldredge Bros. Fly Shop joined forces with Kevin because we thought this was a great thing to do. There are many children out there who would love to get into fly fishing or fly tying but they have no one in their life that does either.The last two years Flies for Kids was such a great success that we’ve decided to do it again in 2016. In 2014 we raised enough money to buy 30 fly tying kits and last year we were able to buy 39 kits at a generous discount from Wapsi.






Here is how it works;


Fly tiers from around the country donate flies that we put into Cliff Bugger Beast fly boxes that are donated by Cliff Outdoors. As each fly box fills to capacity we add another fly box and start to fill that one.


We sell raffle tickets for chances to win the entire selection of flies and Cliff boxes that we have accumulated. Tickets are $10.00 each. We draw a winner the night after our Fly Fishing Expo which will be March 26th, 2016.


There will be a new incentive for the people who donate flies this year. For every dozen flies that you donate you will receive one free raffle ticket.


Guidelines: All that we ask of the tiers who donate flies is that they donate unused flies. Please don’t empty your fly box and send us those old, rusted, chewed up, fished once, flies that you’re glad to be rid of. These flies are meant to attract people to donate by purchasing raffle tickets.


Please send flies or money for raffle tickets, including your name, phone number and address to;


Eldredge Bros Fly Shop
P. O. Box 69
1480 US Rt. 1
Cape Neddick, Me. 03902
ATTN: Flies for Kids


Email any questions that you might have to info@eldredgeflyshop.com


The last Two Years Winners!




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