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From: "Go Big or Go Home"

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Test for Don  

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  1. 1. Should Don do fly tying contests as a poll?

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That's what one of my friends who guides in Montana told me about streamer fishing for big browns in the fall. So in preparation for my trip over to the Missouri headwaters I've been tying up some monstrosities. While I'm not looking forward to casting these beasts, they sure are fun to tie!

I used Trina's Sculpin Bulletheads with 30 lb. wire connecting the trailer hook. I took this fly out for a test run last night and it reminded me of a jointed Rapala, lots of wiggle!


Source: "Go Big or Go Home"

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IMHO that's the same mantra to fish here.

6wt, sink tip, go big...you sacrifice the volume of fish you'll catch, but the size will dramatically increase.

I'd rather save the lips of a dozen small fish and catch one good sized fish in an outing.

nice tie

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