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  2. Dredging

    Bobbrown When you are doing the pickup to make the next cast, strip the fly nearly all the way into the tip guide. (If you were fishing the fly you would do this since many times the fish will strike very close to you) It is then only a matter of a couple of roll casts to get the whole shooting head to just outside the top guide for the next cast. It is at this point that you make a nice tight straight line cast out onto the surface of the water in front of you. Immediately make a sideways cast low to your side to the rear using the water tension on the shooting head to load the rod(do not allow it to sink). At the end of this cast to the rear your casting upper hand should roundup into the firing position next to your face. Your bottom hand pulling inward with upper right hand as the fulcrum completes the cast over the top. The cast is pretty close to a belgian cast but you are not keeping it airborne after the initial pickup. The belgian cast is elliptical and keeps the fly well away from you and the rod tip. I not only fish the flats where the current is not very strong but the tidal rips where the bottom is channeled out and the rivers themselves empty into the ocean. When I used integrated fly lines with my single handed rods they generally had an intermediate sinking running line. In the strong currents like river channels the running line portion had a large profile and acted like a sail underwater. At some point I could feel the fly being lifted off the bottom. The running lines of the two handed rods are of a much smaller diameter. The fact of them being a floating line makes little or no difference when using T lines as shooting heads. They as well have a very small profile and the current on them has pretty much no effect of lifting the fly off the bottom. (However when you get stuck to something on the bottom in fast current, you are really stuck). The choice of using shooting heads in place of integrated sink tips lines is a matter of convenience. By that I mean, if you are using an integrated sink tip shooting head and decide to change over to a floating line then you have only a couple of choices. You either strip all the line off that is the integrated sink tip line currently on the reel and put on another floating line (which most of us wouldn't do anyhow) or carry a spare reel spool preloaded with a floating line and an intermediate. I used to do that when I was single handed casting. These spools were just another bulky item to lug around. Now I carry extra shooting heads such as Skagit and Scandi in zip lock bags that are easily looped on or off in short order along with a wallet of Polyleaders. My philosophy is to be a minimalist. Carry as little as you possibly need. This does not only mean fly patterns but gear such as extra spools of fly lines, food, water, clothing, cameras or anything else you think that you need but probably don't. Until recently all of my running lines have been coated floating lines. The next natural progression was to running lines that cast easier and further. The mono type lines available do sink a bit but not anything appreciable that wouldn't allow you to change over to a floating head such as a Skagit or Scandi where you may need to mend some line. So far it hasn't been an issue for me at all. One final thought about question on the long 30 ft T Line head I'm using. Consider the sinking heads you are currently using on your integrated lines on single hand 9ft 9wt rod. If I remember correctly the head lengths are somewhere in the range of 25ft. Now compare that to a 12 or 13ft 7wtTwo Hand Rod casting heads like the 30 ft T Line or say 31 to 36 ft Scandi lines. The 7wt two hand rod is equal to or slightly heavier in weight to a 9ft 9wt rod. In other words 7wt TH will cast the same line weights or slightly heavier than the 9wt single hand rod. Look at the ratio of the lengths of each rod type with the correct corresponding head length lines I gave as examples and you will see they are pretty much the same. Time for bed PS Re-read your post. The RIO Fist is new and have not tried them yet. They look very similar to the Airflo Spey/Switch and Streamer /Switch lines that I use. Bob You buy one and I'll try it for you lol Now I'm going to bed
  3. Bye bye Bean's unlimited warranty

    That's a real good question Al- I hadn't thought of that. I don't currently own any LLB brand rods, but have in the past. Even their higher end rods (mid priced by today's standards) are pricey enough that I'd hate to only get a one year warranty with it. Knowing LLB, I'm sure they are offering a decent deal on section/rod replacement, but I'd be curious to know as well how they are handling that now...
  4. Bye bye Bean's unlimited warranty

    I agree with this 100% and think this would sum up a lot of folks' rationalization for paying a premium for many items @ LLB. It's understandable to see the change in policy, but it does seem incredibly abrupt and a lot of peeps, I'm afraid, aren't going to appreciate it. I used to work at the flagship store in Freeport in between years of college and was a really nice place to be at that point in my life- will always be thankful for that job...great experience. I wish them the best and definitely feel for them as they've really been between a rock and a hard place for a long while with the loss on these returns. When I first started there, I heard stories about some of the "Phish-heads" traveling up to Limestone and stopping at LLB on the way north- buying tents/sleeping bags, only to return them on their way south after the fun up north was over. That kind of activity certainly adds up over the years and apparently the numbers simply didn't make sense to continue with the lifetime guarantee. I will continue to buy from LLB, but it will influence some of my purchases.
  5. Bye bye Bean's unlimited warranty

    Sometimes, LLB are their own worst enemy regarding returns. A few winter's ago I went there with a King Pine 8 man dome tent that had an elastic cord failure in one of the poles. I informed them that I didn't want a new tent, just a new pole. I was in no hurry since it wasn't camping season and would gladly wait for a new pole or a repair. They would not do that and told me my only choice was a brand new tent. Mind you this was a $600 tent. A new pole would have cost them under $20. Bought a Leatherman there and broke a blade? They will give you a brand new one rather than send it back to Leatherman for a free repair/replacement that the Leatherman warranty provides. I'm surprised Sage hasn't pulled out yet. Years ago, I overheard a rep talking about a bunch of rods Beans wanted them to take back due to the "Satisfaction Guarantee". Rods used once and returned, like new condition.
  6. Bye bye Bean's unlimited warranty

    Broken graphite rods can rarely be fixed. Broken sections need to be replaced. Most brand name companies will charge a nominal fee to replace a section, Sage and Scott are about $50 last time I used them. The question if you buy a Bean rod is how long is their warranty and what will they charge to replace a section.
  7. Bye bye Bean's unlimited warranty

    I would expect people skilled at repairing fly rods will get more requests to fix broken rods.
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  9. Salmon River & Lake O tribs

    Jeez......beauties Drifly.
  10. Bottom critters.

    Yes it's furry foam, but it's the adhesive back version which is more durable than the original. It's coated as well and it's very durable. Again, didn't do a ton of testing with the lobster (maybe 10hrs, 60-70 fish), but the crab pot 3.0 has been fished plenty over a couple seasons with same construction and is wicked durable. Both the lobster and crab sit naturally at a 45 in fighting position but lay flat while being stripped.
  11. Bottom critters.

    James is that furry foam on the body? I tried to use that stuff on crabs last year and they came out looking fantastic, but I found that the foam just really didnt hold up at all, started to break apart within the first 10 casts/couple fish. Not worth it to tie a fly that lasts such a short time in my eyes. I tried using epoxy to coat it in hopes of adding strength, but that just seemed to make it worse. How was the durability of that when you tried it out?
  12. Shortline nymphing

    found the old entry on this topic, thankyou
  13. Fishermen are law breakers

    Hopefully like most things awareness will bring some sort of action. I call my local game warden whenever I see this happening and they DO check it out. I would hope that others would too.
  14. Anyone know what happened to Google Earth App?

    Did it always take google chrome to work?
  15. Shortline nymphing

    Terribly long winter so have been hitting the videos. I was satisfied with my old nymphing but sometimes boredom gets me actually paying attention to something. Czech nymphing, polish nymphing I have heard and seen a lot about them this winter and am probably an expert after all this computer time. Now is anyone out there with actual experience willing to spend a little time at their keyboard and discuss their good and bad points. Also some I have looked at mention longer distances using mono instead of fly line, is this even legal in ffo. Thanks in advance for comments.
  16. Caper's???

    I go down every spring (May). The parking is free, very little traffic, and the fishing can be very good (the bluefishing can be out of control good if your up for that!). There are lots of folks showing up down there from all over the map during the spring, so it's a great time to meet some interesting people too. I generally camp when I go down but finding lodging is no problem either.
  17. when does a invasive species become a native?

    If you want to know the difference, look at the 2018 general fishing laws. The ones that are accepted are controlled. The others, not even listed. Not game fish. Might work as fertilizer but probably not very well. Pike are there for people to see who your trout fisherman are, trout fisherman catch a pike it certainly isn't returned to trouting water. Hate to go to a stocking area and have a pike grab the fish on my line. If he doesn't pop my tippet I guarantee you he is done fishing. But I do see people catch small pike in that same hatchery stocking area put them back in the water. Gets me wondering if we should just close the hatcheries and join the rest of New England with a lot of nothing.
  18. Caper's???

    I'm curious how many of you shoot down to Cape Cod each spring to get the jump on the Stripedos. I've never done it before, but I'm thinking I might this year around the second week of May...would be fun whether the fish were thick or not!
  19. meaning of fly fishing?

    Bigspencer, you have that one wrong, what your describing is retirement. Now if I can live long enough to enjoy the fishing.
  20. Fishermen are law breakers

    In spite of all the pet peeves, unless you see someone worming in ffo waters and check their license all you have is litter by someone. I have been a fisherman for going on 65 years and I take offense to most listing that are trying to prove someone elses point. If they do not have a license are they an angler? If they are stealing the fish in the first place do you think they care what other laws they are breaking? Knock off the 2,338 'thieves' to their proper group, then what do you have. Same man trying to make some point, some day I might even understand what he is actually trying to say.
  21. Bottom critters.

    That is the best lobster fly I've seen James. Nice work!
  22. Fishermen are law breakers

    Me, too. This is from a Maine FFO stream.
  23. Fishermen are law breakers

    As many of you have identified, I go to my favorite FFO stream 12 times a year almost every time I see broken bobbers or the ever famous Empty Taylor’s Worms and Crawlers container. This does piss me off. However I guess I’m kind of relieved that there are not more hunting violations. At least 4 of the hunting violations are potentially pretty dangerous! I would much rather see more short brook trout than hunting at night or discharging a firearm near a dwelling!
  24. Favorite way to fish on open water

    Ty Russ , that system looks great haven't seen that before. Not sure if I want permanent set up or not yet. Maybe on my old town. I just bought a Kevlar/ carbon fiber Northstar canoe and might keep that one stock until it gets some dings going. Thanks for the info. Come on spring!
  25. meaning of fly fishing?

    Never having to say you're sorry...............(about calling in sick..).
  26. Drift boat versus Waders

    Two years ago I took my step son on a whitewater trip on the WB. We ran with North Country. I was really impressed by what the guides had to say about fisherman. ”we may pass a lot of fisherman today, they have as much right to be on the river as us, but they are here for a different reason. Keep the yelling down, smile and wave” Having fished the WB many times, it was nice to hear that this company was so respectful.
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  28. Fishermen are law breakers

    by the article at least half were ticketed for fishing without a license. How is someone a fisherman without a license. Step out back and shoot something, are you a hunter?
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