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    oxycodone and scotch
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    On july 28th I took a week off to go camping and fishing with my buddy Alex. The initial plan was to spend the week fishing the Trinity river for atlantic salmons and sea run brookies. However the number of salmon in the trinity river at that time was so low that we decided to go try our luck on the Godbout river. The Godbout is the closest atlantic salmon river from where I live and yet I never fished it so it was a good time to go explore it. By the way the atlantic salmon fishing season closed yesterday on september 15th and the total number of salmons that returned to the Trinity river is 230, the lowest count in recorded history… (there was 800 salmons 2 years ago). In fact the situation was the same on every river of the region except for the Godbout that got very good numbers…go figure out why. Right from the start we knew that fishing would be tough due to the very low water level and the high water temps. The main objective of the trip was to explore and discover the Godbout river and any fish caught would be a bonus. During the week we found some spot where we caught brookies. It was nice to have something on the line even if it wasn't the fish we were looking for. As we tought fishing was slow and we had to wait until the middle of the week before we had a salmon on the line. A 8-9 pounds salmon took my size 12 rusty rat with a strong pull and bursted out of the water! After 10-12 second of violent headshake the fish jumped again and managed to free himself. Even if that short fight ended with a long distance release it restored our faith! On the last night our luck changed as we finally got some rain. The next morning the water level was on the rise and there was a special atmosphere on the river. That morning we saw a rare victory by Alex at the rock paper scissor challenge and as a reward he got the first crack at it. He made good use of it and hooked a salmon on his first drop! After a couple of minutes the fish got tired and I managed to grab the salmon by the tail. Excitement was high at that moment as the fishing trip turned to a success! After a quick picture Alex returned the fish to his element. Alex continued to surf on his luck and hooked another salmon 2-3 hours later. That time things were different as we quickly realized that he hooked something really big. The fish didn’t jump out of the water or trash around. Instead the salmon started racing downstream and there was nothing to stop him. After 2 minutes Alex was standing there with all of his 90 feet fly line out of his reel as well as 150 feet of backing! We tried to follow the fish downstream but suddenly the fish stopped and gave a couple of violent headshake. That’s when we saw the line fell loosely on the water as the fish got free... That was a tough one we would really have liked to get a glimpse at that fish. About 30 minutes later it was my turn to get some action. I felt a strong pull on my line as a salmon hitted my fly. The fish trashed around for a while but didn’t jump out of the water. After a couple of minutes Alex netted the fish! That morning really saved the trip! Sometime when we have one of these good day I start to think that atlantic salmon fishing isn’t that hard after all but reality soon hit me back when I go 5 days without a strike! The next morning we broke camp and parted ways as Alex went back to Quebec city and I drove back to Baie-Comeau, the head already full of plans about fishing the Godbout river again in the next weeks.
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    Finally got a chance to go after some toothy critters today. Though I tied up a box full of pike flies for the spring, I never made it out to the right places to target them. Well today I went with a friend to see if we could find them. It was slow fishing, but the first three fish in the boat were new PBs for us both. First fish I hooked into scared the heck out of me. I was watching my bunny leech, and was about to start the figure 8 turn at the boat, when seemingly from out of nowhere (there was maybe 2ft visibility in the green water) the fish came up for it from the left and nailed it boatside, sending water everywhere. I screamed a bit, threw my arms up for the hook set, and instantly wrapped all my loose line around me and the rod . My friend had to come up and untangle me as I’m trying to keep tension on the fish. I couldn’t actually let it run or reel up as the line was wrapped all over the place. The fish went under the boat, and I had to keep from tripping on the line as I had to swing the rod around the bow. I kinda wished we got that all on tape . After getting untangled enough, the fish was ready to be netted as it was fighting around the boat the whole time. Barely fitting into my friends net, this gal weighed 8.5lb and measures 34” My friend then caught a 35”, followed by a 36” that weighed 10lb with spinning gear. In the end, we figured out we need bigger nets, and jaw grippers. The only other fish we had were a couple more pike under 20” and a yellow perch.
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    Wow, interesting read. If I already had the record I think I’d do the same. Take some pics, measurements, maybe weight and send her back. I would let it be known that I caught and released a bigger one just like he did, but not tell anyone where I’ve had the though of going “trophy hunting” for panfish, but that yellow perch record keeps getting broken like every year or two lately I just have to try for a 2 pounder somewhere in Maine on that note, is there an official form of some sort that I haven’t found? Or do I really just call a warden and have it weighed in front of them? Too bad there’s no catch and release class in our state records.
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    i only do 3-4 half hitches as i dislike whip finish tools no heads have come apart in 35+ years of tying
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    I've heard the tales of huge bass blizting pogies but have never actually seen it...until now. The last week has been off the charts for me with regards to big bass on the fly. Not so much the length, but the weight! I guess when you're gorging on 12" plus pogies you get fat fast. The key was fishing the outskirts of the blitz and letting the big fly sink down deep...like 20 feet. Here's hoping the bait sticks around for at least a few more weeks.
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    Hello Ron, Funny you should ask as I've been looking in to my first rod build for this winter. A generous forum member has already donated to me a rod building tool. I just need to pick out a blank and accessories but have never done this before. I'd like to build a 9wt salt rod and I'm very fond of Scott thus far as I own a S4S 8wt and a 9wt Meridian. Amazing rods! Any advise would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance, Eric
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    https://maineflyfish.com/index.php/2018/09/07/a-newbie-of-all-sorts/ I love how she writes
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    This past Monday, I went out to a small stream I hadn't fished since the end of June. I wanted to fish this stream at least once before the official closure to the general law rivers. Prior to leaving, I checked the 10 day forecast and didn't see any real immediate rainfall in the picture, so I pulled the trigger to hit this particular stretch of stream before it dries up (figuratively speaking). I arrived to find the stream depressingly low (multiple large beaver dams upstream in the watershed and a lack of rain are the culprits) and barely moving, but since I was already there, I figured I'd at least take a water temperature to decide whether I would fish it or not. Temps were good surprisingly, a cool 63°F, thanks to some cool nights, particularly the previous Friday and Saturday nights. Like many southern Maine streams I fish, this stream also has cool feeder creeks (like the one pictured below) that pump in cold water keeping the trout happy all summer long. I decided to give it a go, and I'm glad I did as I got into fish right away, and the first fish was a surprise: a wild brown trout. These wild brown trout used to be somewhat common in this stream, but with 3 consecutive drought-ridden years combined with beaver dams blocking natural migration throughout the watershed, they just simply aren't around in numbers anymore unfortunately. In the same pool as the little one above, I caught a healthy stocked brown trout. He was rising for something and my parachute caddis dry (size 16) fooled him as well. proceeded on, and I found a couple more stocked brown trout not too far away. My first four trout were all browns, sort of unusual here, but I was confident I'd at least catch one brook trout. Found a bend pool not too far above an old abandoned beaver dam that look like a nice place to throw a dry. Sure enough, got my first brook trout of the trip, well over an hour into my fishing. This wild one actually went airborne to grab my fly, a dolphin like strike at my para-caddis, I'm always amazed when they actually hook up doing that. Love the translucent caudal fin (tail), a very pretty native starting to show some spawn colors. Shortly after releasing him, I proceeded downstream to a stretch right below a feeder creek that's always productive this time of year, low water or not. I landed and released my second brook trout of the day, a 7" brook trout (no picture). There are usually multiple fish in this little section, and today was no exception. Worked my para-caddis across the top of the water when a very good fish exploded at my fly. Immediate top water thrashing ensued, and I knew I had something good right away. After a few seconds of hard headshakes, It then dove down and took me a good dozen yards up stream and dug it's head into the sand, I was at the will of this fish for a good 20 seconds or so before i could budge it without fear of popping the small size 16 caddis out. This fish wasn't a monster by any means, but the hardest fighting fish I've caught on my 3 wt. all year. I had a hunch by how it was fighting it may be a wild fish, and when I finally got it to net, my hunch was confirmed. I believe this fish is wild (compare it to the other stocked browns in my report), the fins were all perfect, had the dark purplish black spot on the cheek, and the typical silvery gray coloration that the wild ones get in this watershed. Obviously can't be 100% certain, but if in fact stream born, my biggest wild brown trout since August 2016, maybe 12"? Regardless of where it was born, it was very handsome. Released after a couple of photos. Not a bad way to start the month!
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    That's a shame. Truth be told CDC oil is now widely used for all sorts of pain and inflammation. https://www.amazon.com/ADHEMP-Recover-Arthritis-Soreness-Inflammation/dp/B078XQJQ9X/ref=sr_1_9_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1536334309&sr=8-9&keywords=canabas+oil
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    So had an awesome day guiding last week helping my guy get his first 40", followed it up the next day with a skunk. Had my daughter all day the next day, but the following day was open to fish. Dropped kiddo at daycare and hit the water by about 9:30am. Looked at a few spots but all filled in with weed. Got to another spot and could see a plug guy I know leaving. Conditions looked good. Headed down the long walk to get there, and upon arriving found the water clean but seemingly dead. Fished for 30 minutes, no signs of life, no worries weather was beautiful sunny with scattered clouds maybe a little hot but it's gonna be cold soon so I'll take it!! Finally I get a couple follows from small fish. Then I see pogies. I get near the pogies and keep fishing. Finally I get a hit from a big fish towards the end of my retrieve, but two seconds later it comes off. I pause then give two big strips and I get another good take. This time it's a good connection, we have a nice fight then I get her in, a nice one right at 40"! Took a couple minute break to drink some coffee and while I'm sitting there I see the tip of a fin poke out a little ways away, looks mighty sharky. I go over to it and keep getting little glimpse of it while throwing casts in the general zone. Eventually got a good look at the Mola Mola, bummer not a shark . But there was this weird disturbance kept happening right next to the Mola. I thought it was pogies but couldn't quite reach it with my cast, but just kept casting. Finally they got close, dropped a cast right off the edge and got a nice solid hit which also set off an explosion with a bunch of big fish spooking. It looked like there were a monster bass numbered in the hundreds in that school. My fish came up to the surface and thrashed a bit, it was Big and moving some water but I didn't get a good look at it. Then it took off on a violent run. Had my 8 weight fully bent, drag running, and this strange vibration coming through almost like the tail slapping you get with Tuna. Got way into the backing before slowing down. She was a truly impressive fighter for a big fish, giving an excellent balance of speed power and wits. But after a few minutes and a burning arm I got her in. Fat perfectly clean and 45", yeeeehaw! Took another coffee break but kept my eyes on the Mola. My arm was hurting but after a few minutes I went back to throwing casts at the Mola. Kept following and casting for another twenty minutes and bam! Hooked and caught a beautiful excellent fighting 43"!!! What a morning. I could still see the fish but my arm was toast and I called it a day! Hell of a way to end August!!
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    Found a box while in my boat at pine point/ferry. Send me a message wth description and I’ll meet up with you to return.
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    One of my favorite quotes. Have used it on more than one occasion.
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    Ron, I recently started using Trout Hunter tippet and find it excellent. The 5.5 and 6x are really strong. We fished 5.5 and 6 on the Green recently and easily landed 18-22 inch Browns and Rainbows. No bust off but the tiny flies do pull out.
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    If you're fishing #22 I would guess the fish are picky, the smallest I go is #18 and 7x and I seldom do that, to be honest my flip down readers only work to that size for me. Where I fish the trout tend to be opertunist so I can get away with the bigger stuff, I brook fish a lot so fish a lot of terrestrials.
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    Given the number of places where you can wade the issue of high water isn't as bad as other rivers. However once you get above 3500-4000 it does limit the normal spots. Right now the flow is about 3000 and wading will be fine. I've caught fish at 6000. BTW there are no so called rafting releases, flows are determine strictly by law (minimum flows), power generation requirements or issues and the level of water at the dam. The rafting companies work around the flows they are given.
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    The only ones I’ve actually examined the stomach contents of were some bows I’ve kept while ice fishing. Of course those were from a large pond/small lake. To my surprise, the things I’ve found most often (that I could identify) were snails and water boatman.
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    Have tied 28's and have some 30 hooks....haven't caught fish on anything smaller than a 24 though. I just really like small flies (I have box of 200 all 20 and smaller).
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    When fishing small flies #18 is about the smallest I fish but I have do a few 20's/22's that were given to me.
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    20 and lucky to see that; anything smaller and I'd have to bring my desk magnifier.
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    You guys still fishing? Been dead on this forum. May June and July were killer, August definitely has brought some more challenging conditions but nothing out of the norm. The cows are still here, and while I'm sure they are still happy at night or eating live bait, they've been fusssssssy during the day. Managed a few mid thirties and one fat angry 38" but otherwise just schoolies and keepahs. Guided a lot of first time striper anglers this month, plenty of little schoolies but tough luck on 30" plus fish. Also got to take Liz and Eleanor out a few times which was great. Went and fished buzzards bay, Martha's Vineyard and Elizabeth Islands last week looking for bonito that had been there the day prior but only found bass and blues. Hope you guys are getting some good time in on the water. Ellie was not too happy about this schoolie! Much happier about this one
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    Me, too. Worked well for me. Knot held for 26 Atlantic salmon years ago when we could fish them.
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    Anyone seeing any, catching any? Getting tippets cut off? Caught one couple of weeks ago but since then, nada... Can't really say I've been looking for them tough
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