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  1. Kevin McKay

    A musky Fly

    Looks great! Articulated?
  2. Kevin McKay

    Fall Pike?

    We were using airflo intermediate 40 plus. The line handled the big flies really well
  3. Kevin McKay

    Keep them wet

    https://www.keepemwet.org Something to think about
  4. Kevin McKay

    Musky flies

  5. Kevin McKay

    Fall Pike?

    Fall pike
  6. Kevin McKay

    Fall Pike?

    I say every year I'm going to go for fall pike but get drag to other places but fall is vfc suppose to be good
  7. Kevin McKay

    What's fishing

    What's fishing mean to you? For me it's my life,its all I do. My life is consumed by it and wouldn't change a thing.Ive met people and places I would have never gone or met
  8. Kevin McKay

    What's going on?

    No posts for 3 days
  9. Kevin McKay

    Musky flies

  10. Kevin McKay

    Musky flies

  11. Kevin McKay

    Musky flies

    I'm really enjoying tying again, these are fun
  12. Kevin McKay

    Last guided trip of 2018

  13. Kevin McKay

    Middle dam?

  14. Kevin McKay

    T shirts or sweat shirts?

    Speedo-2xl sweatshirt Scl ron-2xl sweatshirt Sixguns-2xl sweatshirt Igloo-2xl sweatshirt Drearyolive-xl t Rroberts? Arrowflinger-lg?
  15. Kevin McKay

    Middle dam?

    Are they shutting down access to it?