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  1. Kevin McKay

    New Quiz

    Smart of orvis to do these quizzes outs them in front of eyes
  2. Kevin McKay

    back bay

  3. Kevin McKay

    A lot of fish

  4. Kevin McKay

    A lot of fish

    It was We were sight fishing
  5. Kevin McKay

    A lot of fish

    We lost a lot of big fish today but landed a few
  6. Kevin McKay

    A lot of fish

  7. Kevin McKay

    Sturgeon jumps in boat on Bill Green

    I've almost had that happened jumped the **** out of me
  8. Kevin McKay

    A lot of fish

    Explored new water yesterday, only around 40 fish but great to see new water Today just looking for big fish not numbers
  9. Kevin McKay

    A lot of fish

    They caught 111 in one day
  10. Kevin McKay

    Fly box for bass bugs

    Plano boxes
  11. Kevin McKay

    Looking for stripers Downeast

    I think it's tough to get them down easy. I always here of them caught but I just don't think they get numbers, water a cold and not a lot of bait
  12. Kevin McKay

    Homemade poppers

    It will work , nice
  13. Kevin McKay

    For those of you who know Jax

    I'll never grow up
  14. Kevin McKay

    Big fish weekend

    Just a sample
  15. Kevin McKay

    First Striper

    Looks like a great sucess!