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  1. Kevin McKay

    Ralph is back

    Last day
  2. Kevin McKay

    Ralph is back

  3. Kevin McKay

    Ralph is back

  4. Kevin McKay

    Ralph is back

  5. Kevin McKay

    Can you imagine?!!!

  6. Kevin McKay

    Finger guard?

    You can take a old womens bathing suite and make a **** load
  7. Kevin McKay

    Ralph is back

    This is one tough guy!
  8. Kevin McKay

    The Bemis's

    This group is made up off my cousins and this year my Dad came,I haven't had him out in years. I had a blast, my cousin and dad were laughing all day long and even got some fish. And I hear "hey dad" and I look up and Jax is floating by,to funny
  9. Kevin McKay

    Jurassic pond

    "Where the fish are huge and the dragon flies are bigger and the caddis will carry you away!" I had a great time with these two,they have come a long way, we got several fish but only took a few pics The two in the net came on one cast
  10. Kevin McKay

    Nice fish

    Its ok
  11. Kevin McKay

    Back to the crater

    Love your reports I would love to explore there
  12. Kevin McKay

    “The Weather Is Here-Wish You Were Beautiful”

    Dave has learned from experience
  13. Kevin McKay

    Last couple of days

    We had a great group stay with us, I dont have most of the pictures but here are a few
  14. Kevin McKay

    Happy 4th!!

    I got to spend it with striper guide Mark Drummond and Jax. Could of been a 100 fish day if we stuck with the little guys but went looking for bigger fish, no monster's but feeling very blessed to have great friends and to live free!
  15. Kevin McKay

    Plans for the Fourth...

    Fishing with Mark Drummond