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  1. New t shirts

    I'm ordering new t shirts if anyone is interested in one, not sure of cost you pay what I pay plus shipping
  2. Wading Boots

    Now what will you do?
  3. Site Server Move and Performance Improvement

    We should also thank the sponsors because there was a cost increase to go to a larger server
  4. 7 wt rod and reel suggestions?

    i thought the same thing, I use a 10 weight Tidal or Scott pike/ Musky rod
  5. Bye bye Bean's unlimited warranty

    Isn't the new CEO a past Walmart CEO? i think I've returned a tent that ripped out and that's it. I think like SBG said the return policy brought them a lot of business and part of their history. I hope they continue on and figure this out a great part of Maine history
  6. when does a invasive species become a native?

    Thank you everyone insight, I do like to hear people thoughts on this I will say my spring fishing use to trout in western Maine now I spend it chasing pink and my whole May guiding is for pike now
  7. Drift boat versus Waders

    when guiding on wb most companies are very respectful and if there are a lot of boaters in big eddy, I just have my clients stop casting and once the rafters go thru, we start catching fish again. its when they have the whole river and they float right next to me and ask how the fishing is. I think usually it is a new rafting guide. these guys are great https://northeastwhitewater.com https://www.penobscotadventures.com/ literally hit me with their boat when they stopped in front of me and Jax and then told me they own the river, I was pissed
  8. Drift boat versus Waders

    only with rafters
  9. when does a invasive species become a native?

    ok wild not native, when do we manage a fish that has been here in a system since the 70s? what does it matter how they were introduced at this point? all exotic if they aren't NAITIVE. I don't agree with these bucket biologist but the pike in belgrades have been there since 1970s. I see the state stocking brook trout in the Belgrades I assume to feed the pike? I see a lot of people fishing for them, trout fisherman I know they net the pike in push every spring and kill hundreds but it seems more and more are there ever spring, along with smallmouth and large mouth what about the musky up north? they have been around a long time also, just curious when do we manage them, I know lodges up there are now guiding for them just asking,curious of peoples thoughts on this, I know how some of my friends feel here is good article https://bangordailynews.com/2015/04/10/news/state/pike-an-exciting-opportunity-for-the-open-minded-fly-fisherman/
  10. world record permit

    it might be her!
  11. Show me your Clousers !

    just about to tie some guitar minnows but haven't started yet
  12. I know we stock and embrace brown trout and rainbows but I assume at some point they were invasive and now are managed as native fish, same with smallmouth? Which got me thinking about northern pike even musky, which have been here for something like 30 years in the belgrades and musky in northern Maine, just thinking out loud. "Northern Pike were initially introduced into Maine during the 1970’s, as a result of an illegal introduction to the Belgrade Chain of Lakes. "
  13. line control?

  14. customer service?

    I will say, I have a bad taste in my mouth with the boating industry and hope not to have to buy a boat anytime soon