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  1. RRobert

    two very good choices ..which one

    You absolutely can not go wrong with Red River Camps. Fantastic cabins, outstanding staff, and the fishing is pretty damn good. It's really a special place in my book.
  2. RRobert

    A quick report

    That last one is the prettiest fish I've seen all season! Nice job.
  3. RRobert

    Fishing as Exercise

    You hit some beautiful spots. Always enjoy reading your reports!!
  4. RRobert

    After losing a big one ........

    Happened to me TWICE this past weekend. First was a Brookie that would have been my personal best by far...played him for maybe ten minutes before he shook the fly (gotta love a purple leech), and the second was the biggest landlocked I've seen in person...tossed my rig into some raging whitewater just for sh*ts and giggles and almost had the rod yanked out of my hand..got it into some relatively workable water for a few seconds before he turned and snapped 3x like it was a spiderweb... Both times I was left with just a really sick feeling...but also the knowledge that the fish are there if you work at it, and getting that close to big ones must mean that I'm at least doing a few things right. Kind of like seeing a big buck up close and not getting a shot ....
  5. RRobert

    A nice brook trout

    Very nice. Sharing a trout or salmon dinner with my dad was one of my absolute favorite things. Lost him in January. I kept one this spring but it just wasn't the same and I haven't bonked one on the head since.
  6. RRobert

    Rod sections won't fit

    So you're saying its better to get more than just the tip in the hole??
  7. RRobert

    Wader pool.

    I'd say no later than June 3rd 2019......if you want that 838th pair.
  8. RRobert

    The season is here

    That chow looks pretty tasty! Great pics per usual.
  9. RRobert


    Looks like a Rock Bass to me too.
  10. RRobert

    Anyone been up on the Mag?

    Purple leech for the win!! Man, I love those things.
  11. RRobert

    Sink tip

    FWIW....This past weekend I tried the Rio Versileader for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. The one I used was a 7ft. fast sink (5ips) and it worked very well. Easy to cast, no hinge effect and it didn't feel clunky at all. I was fishing a still water shoreline in 6-12 feet of water and it really helped get the big streamers I was using close to the bottom quickly. The relatively short length means it has limitations but I think they are a good option for shorelines and in moving water to get the fly down quickly....hard to beat for 12$
  12. RRobert

    Brookie Magic

    very nice! love the black jaw on that first one
  13. RRobert

    Weekend adventures

    who says you can't catch big fish with a 3wt??
  14. RRobert

    Back up rod?

    I've been lucky enough to only break three rods in my lifetime and two of those were in my driveway, but I'll bring a couple with me on trips usually just because i want options.
  15. RRobert

    Are there more sustaining browns than I think?

    I've had similar experiences. Last fall in the section above Lewiston and below Turner I witnessed a couple decent sized adult browns in spawning mode in a very small trib that sees zero fishing pressure. Same on the middle stretch of the Nezinscot. I don't think that there is much of a population boost coming from these wild spawners but they are there.... All this just furthers my theory that the Lewiston to Livermore stretch of the Andro is home to some monster brown trout.