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  1. TGIF

    Can you imagine?!!!

    I wonder how long it was out of the water before they weren’t able to revive it. That is a big fish to eat.
  2. TGIF

    Finger guard?

    Does it have to be from and old woman? Or is that just so that there is more fabric?
  3. TGIF

    Finger guard?

    I got the buff ones, and they worked great... too many slices on the inside of my middle finger knuckle. They weren't cheap, but held up just fine. You may be able to find something in the pharmacy too, to keep dressings on cuts.
  4. TGIF

    I couldn't catch...................

    New meadows has the piggies, but nothing for stripers or blues. Cast into schools all the weekend and no sign of anything eating them but the seals and porpoises. Glad I am not alone.
  5. TGIF

    SUP Fishing

    I would look into one of those really sturdy kayaks where you can stand up, potentially one with outriggers. I get what you’re saying about sitting down, but a SUP seems to just be a “do it to say you did it”. There are better tools for this job.
  6. TGIF

    SUP Fishing

    I foresee it being posted in the classifieds by fall... slow, unstable, and not for fishing. Try a kayak and a 10’ rod maybe?
  7. TGIF

    Fishing as Exercise

    You’re correct, I think we are quick to measure the walk in and walk out, but fail to figure how much ground we cover once our feet are wet. I suspect that accounts for why I sleep so well after a long day on a river.
  8. TGIF

    Next few mornings................

    Slower in the new meadows as well, compared to the prior weekend.
  9. TGIF

    Water at 85°!

    that doesn't seem right... air temp hasn't been over 85 for more than a few hours a day... right?
  10. TGIF

    A very long distance report

    Cool stuff. Thanks for the history.
  11. TGIF

    A very long distance report

    Ps - is that last photo crashed seaplane?
  12. TGIF

    A very long distance report

    That is a good couple weeks man! Congrats. I chased grayling around Europe, just to say I got one... I appreciate them a lot, simply pretty fishy designed for fisherman.
  13. TGIF

    Small bait

    Indeed... those turn into dreadlock flies for me.
  14. TGIF

    Advise on rod length for kid...

    Santa brought my son a 7' 4wt Eagleclaw Featherlight. he is 5 and weighs about 45 lbs. With a reel and line, the whole set up was about $40 on amazon. Obviously we could have gone a notch or two higher, but for $40, he can have fun with it, and no harm if the accidents happen. He still relys heavily on a two handed cast, because of the weight and length, but it is doing the job for now. I will also admit that I hijack it often to throw poppers for panfish, and small dries for mountain trout, and it is a fun little stick.
  15. TGIF

    Big tides this weekend

    and 1.6 less at low tide... mind your lower units