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  1. JamieoftheNorth

    A few streamers

    Awesome work. You gave me some ideas for this week, thanks!
  2. JamieoftheNorth

    Do the math please and Thank you..

    Qualitatively: %$&@ing huge. Congrats!
  3. JamieoftheNorth


    At least a small handful of times I've had some older ties that were collecting dust because I thought they were too sub-standard after I've improved over the years, yet for whatever reason they found their way to my tippet and caught fish. Because of that, I tend to keep them around or give them away.
  4. JamieoftheNorth

    Hank Paterson -bait part 2

    Good stuff. I find all of his videos to be hilarious.
  5. JamieoftheNorth

    Good budget polarized fishing sunglasses?

    I have those exact ones. I've had them for about two years now and am very happy with them. Comfortable and work great. Seem to be pretty good quality, especially for the price.
  6. JamieoftheNorth

    Fresh Spring Brookies

    Nice work!
  7. JamieoftheNorth

    Hello from new member

    I used to live near there (East Waterboro). Lot of great places to fish without having to drive too far. Welcome again and happy fishing.
  8. JamieoftheNorth

    Hello from new member

    Greetings! What region of Maine are you in?
  9. JamieoftheNorth

    Sou'westerlies comin' !!!

    Hopefully they'll be running up here near Bangor soon.
  10. JamieoftheNorth

    Cell phone reception

    US Cellular is pretty popular downeast since the other carriers are spotty at best. They gave us a great deal when we moved. Looks like coverage is good to spotty around Moosehead based on their map, but you might want to ask around in case it saves you some dough.
  11. JamieoftheNorth

    what knots do you use?

    I think I might have come across a video or something on the Seaguar knot before. Looks a little simpler than the already pretty easy double surgeon's knot I normally use. Hmm.
  12. JamieoftheNorth


    It sounds like you're actually off to a very good start. Keep at it and be patient, the fly selection will come in time. Strike up some friendly conversations with others on the water and you'll learn a lot. Don't hesitate to let others know you are new, they'll likely be even more generous with advice.
  13. JamieoftheNorth

    fishing the union river in amherst

    Pretty sure this is spot burning. Please be careful.
  14. JamieoftheNorth

    Streamers this time...

    Nice work and great pics! Always have admired your nose for small streams.
  15. JamieoftheNorth

    Is there a finer month than May ?

    Ditto. I've scouted out a few spots with lots of actively and have even seen their tracks here and there on the edge of my property. Gobble gobble!