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  1. Giventoflyfish

    Take a look...

    Sorry, for just seeing this. Yes, this place is getting crawled a lot more. Might need to look into blocking some of these. And yes, I do see hacking attempts on a daily basis.
  2. Every spring for the past few years, I get an opportunity to do a drift boat trip down the Delaware River with Wayne from River of Life. It’s always a great time for laughs, learn how to fish better and of course get some fish. This year my in-laws were in town from Montana. I haven’t seen my father-in-law for years, so he joined me on this trip. We did manage to get some fish, below being the biggest for the day. If you are ever in the New York or PA area, I highly recommend scheduling a trip with Wayne.
  3. Giventoflyfish

    Ny fishing well

    Hmm, now that I’m an hour closer, might have to make my way up there in the spring.
  4. Giventoflyfish

    New Orleans

  5. Giventoflyfish

    Onxmaps App

    Thanks Sixguns. Yes, what struck my interests were the offline maps. Might give it a try.
  6. Giventoflyfish

    Onxmaps App

    I came across this today. Has anyone used this app? https://www.onxmaps.com/blog/how-to-use-onx-for-fishing
  7. I moved the site to a new and faster instance in Amazon. I apologize for the brief 20 minute outage. Forum performance should be much improved. Let me know if there are any issues.
  8. Giventoflyfish

    Lefty Kreh

  9. Giventoflyfish

    NJ Fly Fishing Show

    Wow, they let you into PA. Nice seeing you again. Can’t wait for my two trips to Maine this year. Awesome boat. Safe travels back home. and yes, Portsmouth Brewery is the best. Don’t forget to try Foundation Brewery in Portland.
  10. Giventoflyfish

    Virginia fishing trip

    Russ, I fished Virginia a few years back. I was in the George Washington National Park area. Had a blast fishing for brookies. Link to a report I did https://leakywaders.com/category/virginia/black-run/ Big musky in Virginia. When I get better at casting I would love to try that someday.
  11. Giventoflyfish

    test post, ignore

  12. Giventoflyfish

    Some changes for 2018

    When I looked at G3 boats on the Susquehanna River, I loved the model that was designed for jet engines. Lots of room, storage and seemed ideal for fly fishing.
  13. Giventoflyfish

    Photobucket users beware

    Wow. Given the size of photos uploaded directly here at Maine Fly Fish, I can understand. However, charging 400 bucks a year! That's crazy!
  14. Giventoflyfish

    Maine trip

    I'm from PA. My first trip to Maine was in the Camden area. We loved Maine so much that first trip we brought land in the down east area a year later. We stayed at a house on a pond that had bass. Not much around other than what Kevin recommended. I recommend hiring a guide and fish up north for the day. You'll get to experience what Maine has to offer for Salmon and brookies. That's my 2 cents... Hope you enjoy your trip.
  15. I had to do a restore of the database from a 3am backup. Posts since 3am this morning have been lost. Sorry for any inconvenience. Jim