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  1. northernfly

    Back to the crater

    Thank you all I'm glad you liked it! Sixguns too bad you didn't got the opportunity to come up here in spring. Fall fishing is limited in the area as the brookie, LLS and togue fishing close around september 15th. Beyond that point the only fishing that is left is pike fishing and there's also two rivers still open for sea run brookie fishing until october 15th.
  2. northernfly

    Working on the weekend

    Nice pictures congrats on catching thoses nice trouts.
  3. northernfly

    Small stream dry fly action in the heat

    Great report I love thoses small brook trout stream!
  4. northernfly

    Hiking in the morning, salmon in the afternoon

    Nice report that picture from the top of Katahdin is awesome!
  5. northernfly

    Back to the crater

    On june 22th I left Baie-Comeau, Quebec with my brother and my father for a 5 days fishing trip at the relais Gabriel on the Manic-5 reservoir. For the occasion we rented a cabin and a boat as we did last summer. I was very excited to go back up there to turn my luck around after that trip i made to Manic-5 in early june during wich I got skunked. The 3h30 drive went well and we got there before noon. While waiting for our cabin to be ready I noticed a truck coming in with a Maine licence plate. I started chatting with a nice couple and told them I fished the Greenville area and the WB a couple times theses last years and it turned out that they had a house on moosehead lake. The man told me he own a drift boat and guided people on the EO for 15 years! They have a cabin somewhere in the Manic-5 area and come here every year. Upon arrival we chatted with our new neighbors and the news were not very good. Fishing was very slow and no LLS were caught on the reservoir, only lakers and not a lot of them...One of the neighbor did the 2 hours boat ride up north and burned 30 gallons of gas to fish the mouth of the Hart-Jaune river and only caught a small LLS. At least the weather forecast were good and calm weather was announced for the next days. Soon enough we were ready to go fishing and the reservoir was very calm. Despite the slow fishing we had a great time on the water, exploring new spots and cruising on that vast body of water. Every time I fish the Manic-5 reservoir I get overwhelm by the beauty of this place. 214 millions years ago a meteor crashed into Earth and formed this circular depression that can be seen from space. As a sign of the late spring we had in the region there was still a good snow cover at the top of the Groulx mountains. No surprise the water in the reservoir was extremely cold...38 F. The first 2 days were spent trolling the reservoir and the only fish caught trolling were a small 15 inches LLS for me and a 3lbs togue for my father. We visited the mouth of a nice stream coming in the reservoir. My partners didn't wanted to fish it from the shore so I had to do a rough negociation to get 10 minutes of fishing from the shore... As I am the only flyfisherman in the group and I like to be as stealthy as possible I rapidly went upstream to get the first crack at a nice spot before they get there with there giant spoons and spook all the fish. On my 5th cast I got a strong pull and hooked a nice LLS with a tandem blue smelt streamer. The fish was strong and gave one of a fight in theses frigid water. We finally netted this 23 inches, 3,5 lbs LLS! When trolling from a boat I get bored quickly as I'm more a moving water type of guy. On the third morning I went on my own and went north by the road to fish some rivers I fished last summer. First stop was the Beaupin river. When I got there I realized that the water was high and very cold as this river come from the Goulx mountains where there's still a lot of snow melting. I didn't caught anything in that spot. On the Hart-Jaune river I explored a new section of the river. I bushwacked close to 3 miles along the river. Fishing there wasn't easy due to the strong current and the steep banks. I'm always impressed by this strong and impressive river! I didn't caught anything on the Hart-Jaune river and I soon decided it was too dangerous to fish there. One mistep and a fall in the frigid water would certainly lead to drowning...safety fist. I made a nice encounter with this young black bear that was not shy at all! I decided to go back to that river emptying in the reservoir where I caught my LLS the day before. I found a place to park and after a 10 minutes bushwak I got to the spot. As I was looking at the water I saw a flash meaning that the LLS were still there. On my third cast I hooked one! For the last days of fishing i went back fishing in the boat with my partners for short periods but spent most of my time in my waders fishing in my LLS spot. I caught some more fish and lost some of them. The water was clear and I was able to see lots of LLS rising to my streamers without biting. Some of them were over the 25 inches mark. This is what I called fishing at it's best! It was strange to find theses LLS hanging in that river because they should normally be off in the reservoir at this time of the year. On the last day the spot was empty and I caught no fish... My partners didn't got lucky trolling the reservoir they caught only 3 togues in the 3-4 lbs range and some pike but nothing over 30 inches. They would have liked to catch more fish but in the end everybody got a good time and this is what matters the most. As for myself it was my best fishing trip up there!
  6. northernfly

    A quick report

    Great picture of a nice looking brookie and nice report!
  7. northernfly

    An extra terrestrial day

    Nice pictures thanks for sharing!
  8. northernfly

    Start of the season on the north shore

    Yeah that one was bleeding badly from the gills...
  9. The relentless spring finally gave way to summer up here on the north shore and I launched my 2018 fishing season about a month ago. I'm behind on my fishing reports so I'll mix 4-5 fishing trips in one report. I started my season on may 25th as i did last summer on one of my favorite lake camping and fishing for lake trout. My vessel for my early season fishing trips is my trusted 10 feet zodiac with a 5 hp honda. The weather was perfect and the lake was as beautiful as usual. The togues were feeding on smelt in 18-22 feet of water. I started trolling with a big blue smelt streamer and rapidly caught a 3 lbs togue. Fishing was kind of slow and I caught another 3 lbs togue and a nice 5 pounders. That fish pulled a good bend on my 7 wt rod! I spent another weekend early june on that lake but fishing was very slow I only caught a 3 lbs togue. On june 1st I left Baie-Comeau in the afternoon after work and I made the 3h30 drive north to reach a nice river dumping in the Manic-5 reservoir. The reservoir ice out 2 days before and the targeted species was mainly the wild LLS chasing smelt in the rivers that dumps in the reservoir. The view from my camping spot wasn't bad and I Had 4 days of fishing in front of me! On the first morning I woked up at 5 am to a raging reservoir with 5 feet tall waves supported by strong wind... No way i'm going to lauch myself on that kind of water to do a 1 hour boat ride on a 10 feet long zodiac...safety first. So I wasn't able to do any fishing on that first day. Next morning i woke up at 4h30 am and I got to the river I wanted to reach by 6 am. This is a such a fishy looking place! I fished the spot for 12 hours straight without any strike and I didn't saw any fish action at all... The next day I did the same thing I fished for 10 hours without any action. At some point some spin rod anglers stopped by and fished for 2-3 hours and they also got nothing. Usually this place is full of LLS at that time of year. The last day I decided to leave early and I fished a river dumping in the Manicouagan river near the Manic-5 hydro plant. It was also a bust as I got no action there. Eventought I caught nothing I enjoyed my trip up there. That body of water is so big and wild that there's a special feeling to be in that place and get the opportunity to fish there. A kind of interior peace and a feeling of being so small in front of that kind of wilderness. As of fishing it's just another chapter in my love/hate relationship with the Manic-5 reservoir... I keep going back there because I love the place despite the fact that I catch nothing most of the time!! On the june 16th weekend I went back to do some exploration on the Ste-Anne reservoir/Toulnustouc river watershed. I visited new spot looking for brookies in rivers but the fishing was slow due to the fact that the rivers were still a little bit high and cold. In the end I went back to one of my usual and favorite spot for brookie fishing on the mighty Toulnustouc river. Brookies were active and all over the place! I caught a lot of them in the 10-13 inches range with my trusty blue smelt streamer and my red butt muddler. Ikept that 13 inches for lunch and it was delicious! I also had the chance to catch 2 beautiful 18 inches brookies! As of now I came back yesterday from a 5 days fishing trip back to the Manic-5 reservoir...but this one will be part of the next fishing report!
  10. northernfly

    Fishing as Exercise

    Nice picture! You're right we often underestimate the distance we can walk along a stream. I'll try to track it next fall when I go back to my usual sea run brookies stream where I walk a lot to cover all the pools.
  11. northernfly

    Spring overview

    nice report!
  12. northernfly

    A very long distance report

    Awesome report thank for sharing!! Great shot of that glacier from the air I love it!!
  13. northernfly

    Beats Working

    Good report thanks for sharing!
  14. northernfly

    Second Helping

    Nice pictures! I like thoses rainbows pictures It's been a couple of years since the last time I got the chance to fish for them. Thanks for the report!
  15. northernfly

    Water is a bit low but still cold

    It's always a pleasure to read your reports swamptrout! Thoses pictures are awesome!