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  1. Water Rat

    Are there more sustaining browns than I think?

    You will get some, not sure what the conditions are where you caught that one. There are many more holdovers than people think, they are significantly harder to catch than the stockies, many fishermen don't catch them even where they are in significant numbers. You can often tell whether or not it is a stocked fish or not by what kind of shape the fins are in, and the coloration on the fish. A small fish born in the river is very beautiful, stockies less so. This could simply be a dink that was mixed in with the others, but it would be very unusual for that to happen. Also, there is a fingerling stocking program, sounds more likely that this may have been an intentional stocking if there were lots of them.
  2. Water Rat

    Getting Old Sucks...

    Simms. Good stuff. Not gold plated, but great quality and built to last. I beat the heck out of mine and it works great.
  3. Water Rat

    Ray Stout

    Very sad, great guy
  4. Water Rat


    I’ve had some very good results with these. Great job on the taper, nice ties!
  5. Water Rat

    Hunting fishing or both

    There is a whole lot more to hunting than 4 Saturdays in November... https://www.maine.gov/ifw/docs/2018-2019huntingseasonandbaglimits.pdf Kind of like only fishing for one species of fish. Lots of opportunity out there for someone who enjoys hunting. I buy combos in three states, only hunt deer in two of them. I feel I get good bang for the buck with every license, but you do have to get out there and take advantage of opportunities.
  6. Water Rat

    Big nets?

    I honestly don't think they are bad, but it has been a bit of a hot topic in some circles over the past year or so
  7. Water Rat

    Big nets?

    Oh no... Here comes the debate
  8. Water Rat

    Eldredge Bros Expo

    First one I missed in a while, looks like it was a great time as usual
  9. Water Rat

    Take a look...

    Not unusual to have a bunch of bots mining info. Not sure it 86 is more than usual, may not be.
  10. Water Rat

    Salmon watch out...

    Great ties, some real classics there!
  11. Water Rat

    Double Barreled Poppers

    Nice tie! Love the eyes
  12. Water Rat

    Lefty died

    Very sad news. Lefty was the best. Always enjoyed talking to him, his enthusiasm for the sport was contagious.
  13. Water Rat

    Calling It A Night

    That is good to her, I’m seriously considering one. I love the design.
  14. Water Rat

    Fleeing Lobster

  15. Water Rat

    Red Eagle

    Nice tie Great color combo, bet it works well on both brookies and salmon!