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  1. hornet0123

    In search for more

    The shad fought pretty good but to be honest I think pound for pound the smallmouth is the best fighter
  2. hornet0123

    In search for more

    I'm really starting to like this game
  3. hornet0123

    In search for more

    So I took Thursday off for my daughters track meet, but that wasnt till one, so I hit the local river to see if I could find some more stripers. I started out very slow, only a few small smallmouth. I switched to a sinking tip line to get deeper in the pools and started landing several better smallies. After a bit of searching I started landing several small stripers. Before I left I was surprised by catching my first ever Shad.
  4. hornet0123

    Never thought this would happen

    Head of tide is somewhere in Brewer. the dam in oldtown is now the lowermost dam as all the dams below are now gone. There is a fairly high quality fish lift in Old Town, and the next dam up in Howland has been bypassed
  5. hornet0123

    Never thought this would happen

    Just a couple miles from my house in Old Town!
  6. hornet0123

    MY Second Annual? solo trip

    Alas- I know I'm just kidding. I had one very nice trout come under my fly 3 times only to refuse it, so yes, there are.
  7. hornet0123

    MY Second Annual? solo trip

    What are you trying to say???
  8. hornet0123

    MY Second Annual? solo trip

    Hey guys, Spend 3 days and nights camping and fishing a bit north of here. Did a lot of hiking into spots and some kayak fishing too. Caught a lot of 8-10 inch brookies, and a few bigger ones, also almost couldnt fight back up river in my kayak one time. Overall a great trip to a gorgeous place. Got back on Sunday and went out to camp with my wife's family. Didn't get to fish until late , but we found some bass willing to nail my big ugly popper, the last one was the biggest bass I've caught.
  9. hornet0123

    Naming Rivers/ Hot Spotting

    Wow I've been away for about a year and you guys are still having the same discussion
  10. hornet0123

    Multiple fly rods

    I always have at least 2 in the vehicle just in case. As far as on the water, if I am fishing a pool on one of the "rivers in Maine" and won't be moving much, I will sometimes bring 2 rods. If I'm fishing pocket water or a smaller stream where I'll be moving then no way, I would never bring them both home. Float tube- just one. Bass fishing from my kayak I bring a fly rod and, gasp, a spin rod
  11. hornet0123

    Solo in the north woods

    Yeah it's only been a few times a year lately. Try to make it count
  12. hornet0123

    Solo in the north woods

    Got back late last night from a 3 day trip in the Maine woods. Fishing was action packed for a lot of smallish salmon, and small to mid sized brookies. Bug were downright insane! Mosquitoes in the morning and evening, black flies and mooseflies the size of my thumb the rest. Constant wind on the rivers made casting suck, but was probably a good thing. Thursday night rain revealed that my tent leaked, als made me cut a night of and leave saturday before the rain came that night. Got to see a mink successfully fish as well- kinda cool. Started fishing Thursday Afternoon up by the Dam- first cast hooked into a good fish in the quickwater that immediately broke me off. Upped the tipped size of my dropper and got back too it catching many smallish salmon and a couple decent brookies. Friday morning was wet, but had me up early. Fished an area of ledge drops with deep pools below- areas like this were not productive at all this trip. After a few hours here I went back up to the dam for a bit and caught a couple more small salmon. After lunch I drove 45 min to another river to try for some brookies. Had a good time here catching several small and mid sized fish, as well as hooking into 1 big guy that unfortunately came off. Drove back to try and fish the dam, but was so exhausted I just fished behind the campsite, caught a small trout and salmon. Sat morning had me back up at the dam. Slow this morning- only hooking one salmon in several hours. Went back to camp for a late breakfast and decided to explore the river a bit. Walked about 1/2 mile upstream and found a riffle with some rising fish. There were ton of tiny caddis in the air, and when I got down to a size 18 caddis dry I started catching several 10 inch or so trout. I have a 2wt rod that I use for small streams, but I really with I had it for this section because it would have been a blast. Lunch at 1 and with the impeding rain I decided to pull up camp and not get leaked on my face for another night. I took the scenic route home so I could fish the moose on the way home. Got there and ran into a highschool buddy I havent seen in years. Water was in to woods as the flow was way high. Decided to try the EO instead. It was also stupid high, but I fished it for a couple hours anyway with only 1 hookup. Made it home at 9pm exhausted but happy
  13. hornet0123

    AMC Camps Little Lyford & Long Pond

    Never stayed but fished the area ponds many times. Most of them will keep you quite busy catching smallish bookies
  14. hornet0123

    A Fatal Success

    I read that story when I was a kid and loved it. It was in a collection of stories. Two others I really liked were called "Trout, meeting them on the June rise" and "The Indian and the Boy"
  15. hornet0123

    what are your

    Spring Creek BBQ in Monson