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  1. Bridog

    Anchor bag for Canoe?

    Mesh diving bag with rope tied to the draw string....less than $10 on amazon. I always pack them in and out of remote ponds. Bridog
  2. Bridog

    Looking for reel

    I dont know exactly what you are looking for but.....I saw several scientific angler reels at Mardens in Lewiston for $40 to $100 each. There was also a bunch of Scientific Angler lines there for $30 to $40 each also. Maybe that helps, Brian
  3. Bridog

    The Tackle Shop In Portland

    The new location looks great....and more convenient from my office....not good for my wallet.
  4. Bridog

    Youth Waders Wanted

    Those will be too small in the inseam Nypho...thank you very much for the offer.
  5. Bridog

    Youth Waders Wanted

    Nympho...Ill measure him up when i get home tonight and see if they will fit. Alan...thank you for the Eldredge Bros recommendation, i will have to stop by when im in the area.
  6. Bridog

    Youth Waders Wanted

    My son wants to do some hike-in float tubing with me this spring/summer so I am looking for a pair of new or used waders for someone who is 4'-10" and about 90 lbs. Any recommendations for inexpensive but reliable brands or where to find used ones would be appreciated. I dont want to pay a lot for them because he is still growing and i suspect he wont be able to wear them next year. Thank you, Bridog
  7. Bridog

    Float tubes

    Interesting...do my kids have to wear a life jacket when they play on tubes at my camp? I don't think so. Having said that i always wear an inflatable life vest when I float tube. Bridog
  8. Bridog

    30" Club: Updated Sept, 5th, 2009

    30" 2017
  9. Bridog

    Beach or Boat?

    Thanks to you all. I ended up walking the beaches and catching about a dozen stripers...mostly schoolies but one 28" and one 30" fish. I am hooked for sure. A day I will remember for quite some time. I also met Alan on the beach...he hooked me up with tape for my bleeding fingers...Thank you Alan! Brian
  10. Bridog

    Beach or Boat?

    Going out for the day tomorrow to try to catch my first striper on a fly. I have two options...go by boat on Casco Bay or travel to the beaches and fish the surf on foot. Which gives me the best chance of catching my first striper on a fly? Won't be fishing until 8:00 am. Will travel as far south as Cape Neddick. Thanks for the input. Brian
  11. Don't our representatives have better things to do than write rules like this? Just my opinion but we have MANY issues in this state that I think are more important. I usually wear a jacket anyway unless the water is warm...but i still want the option.
  12. Bridog

    Possible solution?

    Nate, I am one of the lurkers you are worried about. I don't know how many posts I have but it isn't many. I visit the site every day at lunch. I ABSOLUTELY love to fish but I don't fish much because I am extremely busy with my family and community (coaching, board member, etc.). When I find the time to fish I hardly ever have the time to post about my trip. I enjoy seeing photos of fish and reading about the adventures you all are having...but I don't feel that I have a whole lot to add to your conversations. Some day when things get a little less hectic (i.e. after my kids go away) I will likely contribute more. I have NEVER fished any of the "secret" spots that get listed on this site. I enjoy finding my own fishing spots thank you. Lock me out if you want. Bridog
  13. Bridog

    Steelhead rod wieght

    I enjoyed my first guided Steelhead fishing trip last fall. We fished small to medium water and the guides gave us 10-foot 7 weight rods....and reels with a good drag. Fishing large water (Niagra, etc.) you would want a spey rod.
  14. Bridog

    who is going?

    My son (age 11) and I will go this weekend....we cant wait.
  15. Bridog

    Headed to NY

    I fished some Lake Erie tributaries for steelhead about a month ago and we had luck with egg patterns, bead head nymphs, and buggers fished off indicators...and they would also hit streamers occasionally. We fished with 10-foot 7-weight rod combos but I think anything from a 6 to an 8 weight would have worked just fine. Make sure you have a good drag and set it correctly. Good luck and let us know how you do. Bridog