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  1. TwoLightsKid

    Juvenile alewives leaving E. Machias River

    Saw the same on the Kennebec about 2 weeks ago, lots of bird activity, but apparently too late for stripers to be on them too, at least where I was.
  2. TwoLightsKid

    Tidal Currents

    I’ve been keeping a detailed log since 1997, set up in MS Access. There are definitely patterns that you will start to see. Certainly worth doing and fun too to go over old trips, remember the fish caught, and try to figure out the why behind it. I’ve got about 1600 trips logged, and I feel like I’m just scratching the surface.
  3. TwoLightsKid


    Never cunner, but I caught a ton on live pollock when I was a kid fishing in a location you can probably guess from my user name. The reddish brown coloration of a small cunner is close to the color of the juvenile pollock that live in the kelp and take on a reddish color to match the habitat. I would think you could tie something with a red/brown theme that would be a good imitator for both and fish it right in the wash along oceanfront ledges and do very well.
  4. TwoLightsKid

    Alan called.

    I saw the same yesterday, stopped and watched for a few minutes, and it was definitely young of the year alewives. Water was still way too murky to fish, zero visibility. Hopefully it will clear soon. Still at least a few small schoolies around as of yesterday morning.
  5. TwoLightsKid

    Nothing happening,big surf and big winds coming!

    With the big bump in water flow coming down the rivers, you might find schoolies working below head of tide dams eating young of the year alewives. Repeat of the spring action, only with smaller bait and smaller stripers. Probably too murky now, but could be good in a day or two. Good alternative if the ocean is a weedy mess.
  6. TwoLightsKid

    Recent reports

    I definitely did not catch this fish in southern Maine late last week, and my friend fishing with me did not catch a bigger one two days later...... In all seriousness, most of July, August, and September were terrible this year with the exception of the Pogiefest James mentioned (I heard about it but it seemed to be a boat-only thing), so I understand why most guys seem to have quit for the year a while ago, but October has been a surprisingly good month. Seems like with the current state of the striper population and various bait species, and the clear impact of a warming world, we get a good spring run through about July 4th, a very slow summer and early fall, and then a decent late fall run in October. Can't say I understand the why of all this, just what I have observed the last few years. Unfortunately, unlike points south, we don't have other inshore species like fluke, scup, Black Sea bass, bluefish, and albies to turn to when striper fishing is slow all summer.
  7. TwoLightsKid

    At least the cigars were great!

    Seems like I run into a half dozen or so every third or fourth trip since early July, usually topping out about 30". Otherwise, I'm lucky to catch one 14" fish.
  8. TwoLightsKid

    way too quiet, too many days.

    Same results for me, a couple of decent nights with a handful of upper 20" to low 30" fish, but mostly just one or two very small schoolies or a skunk. I know the water temp is still warm, but it usually seems like the migration timing is based more on dates than water temp. Weather might impact it a bit, but not by more than a week or so. I'm worried that the fish are migrating, but staying offshore a bit thanks to the constant big swells and dirty water. Unfortunately, looks like the big swells will continue for the rest of this week.
  9. TwoLightsKid

    Off next four days.

    Story of the year there for me, never seen the weed so bad!
  10. TwoLightsKid


    Sounds like a big striper to me, did you feel the slow powerful head shakes? That's the usually the telltale that it's a big striper and not a sturgeon or smaller striper foul hooked. Good to lose a few big ones every once in a while, keeps you motivated to keep at it through the skunks and small fish nights. I still remember a few big ones lost like that. 10-15 years ago but I remember those fish like it was yesterday!
  11. TwoLightsKid

    Touch ID

    Funny you mention that, mine stopped working about a week ago. I was thinking it was a phone issue, but you're probably right, something to do with hands being scraped and wet all the time! Definitely a sign of good fishing!
  12. TwoLightsKid

    More and more salt water fly guys,love it!

    Crowds can be a pain at times, but there are few better ways to learn the finer points of fishing than fishing in a crowd and watching the people who are catching and who are not. I know I have learned a ton from doing that over the years. I've also noticed that fishing crowds in Maine tend to be very good natured, happy to help each other out, and don't tend to get too riled up about the inevitable crossed lines and tangles. Definitely not true from my experience in fishing points south, one of the many reasons I love fishing here!
  13. TwoLightsKid

    Major run off.

    Absolutely right based on my observations of fishing Maine rivers with herring runs. Seems like all that fresh water acts like a giant chum slick drawing herring and shad into the river. We all know what follows a few weeks later. As long as we still have at least average water flow from late may through June, things are setting up for great herring run fishing for nice sized stripers. Last couple of years with low water flow have been tough, hope the river fishing holds up better this year.
  14. TwoLightsKid

    Tape measure

    I just paint a bit of a silver nail polish on the rod at 40", easy to see in the dark and holds up very well.
  15. TwoLightsKid

    Any other shad junkies here?

    I think a lot of it is that the one well known spot around here is not fly-friendly based on the terrain and the cast of characters that usually shows up there. Flies certainly work as well or better than conventional gear.