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  1. James Browne

    Sunday/Monday 7/22,23

    How'd it go today? Looked fishy but I wasn't guiding and spent the day with my family.
  2. James Browne

    Nice fish

    This was my first day landing two 40"+ fish. My prior best was just a little over 47" but the big one from this week was 47and 3/4"so by length yes my biggest on fly. I think the one I caught many years ago was heavier but I'm not really sure cause it was in the dark in the surf and I don't weigh them. This one definitely fought harder, very hard. The shorter one from that day which was a touch over 40" was also an exceptional fighter and really fat. One of the ones I hooked and lost this day made the 47 look small. My shoulder still hurts a bit, I'm trying to take a break so I'm ready for my next tuna shot.
  3. James Browne

    Had a rough month

    Sorry to hear that Bill. Hope you start feeling better soon, that type of loss is always tough.
  4. James Browne

    Finger guard?

    I use the Finger sleeves on my pointer finger on rod hand, buff makes them. I also use blue flex-wrap tape on my pointer and pinky finger on line hand. We have both at Eldredge Bros.
  5. James Browne

    Nice fish

    Thanks Adam I wish it was that easy lol!!! Been running 10-12 miles of gnarly rocks a lot of days, really starting to feel pretty beat!!
  6. James Browne

    Nice fish

    Thanks Aldo. Haha Im lucky been having the good mojo big time. I got a new hat this spring which had me freaked out as the old hat had killer mojo. But the new hat started bringing good stuff quick. Then I was blessed with ultra mojo by my daughter. Every single day I've hooked a 40 this year has been after a morning when she said "Daddy catch big fish" when I was leaving home. It's the magic mojo spell and I hope she keeps saying it!!
  7. James Browne

    Nice fish

    Thanks guys! It was definitely one of those days where it all came together. Im friendly with several guys that throw plugs or live line in this area. They had been there for hours when I strolled up late. Also several boats live lining nearby. Nobody was catching. I started getting into fish right away. Not that I don't want to see those guys catching, they are good guys that respect the fish and the land, but it was really nice to finally have a day where the fly was winning on those big fish. Fridays guiding was a different story though! Had two great guys, but we were shut out by surf in a bunch of spots and fished hard all day for a handful of schoolies, that's fishing I guess!!!
  8. James Browne

    Nice fish

    Had another day. Hooked five over 40, two broke me off quick, one popped the hook, then a brutally hard fighting fat 40" came to hand! Kept fishing and took a lot of waves to the face, and the next fish taped at the high end of 47" and absolutely wrecked my arm!! I really need to put a fighting butt on my 8wt What a day..... 40 incher 47 incha!
  9. James Browne

    I couldn't catch...................

    Yes and no on the active feeds. And I've been all over lately running my full range from Cape Elizabeth to Kittery. I'm not divulging any of the details of my pogie strategy cause it's not fair to the folks who pay me for that stuff. But I will say if you're near pogies you're most likely near big fish regardless of what your seeing. Getting near big fish is at least a third of the battle, just got to line up the rest of it.
  10. James Browne

    Hooked a big one

    Ouch!! Glad it ended without any major issues for you. My brother stuck his leg bad last year and it required several hours in the hospital!
  11. James Browne

    40 on the 4th

    Saw one fish busting, easy estimate 300#+++++. Got a shot at it with spin gear but no love. Then we hit Jeffries and several other spots with bait but also no love. Tuna are tough, I've put in a lot of time and caught plenty on gear, but just gotta keep putting in more time to get that fly fish
  12. James Browne

    40 on the 4th

    Nah, back when those forties were only schoolies I paid em off to keep eating my flies lol thanks Dave
  13. James Browne

    40 on the 4th

    Thanks buddy! I really appreciate that. I've been accused many times of gloating or showing off, but that's not why I post this stuff. Two reasons I do it are #1 to build my guide business and #2 exactly what you said, to encourage people to believe that they're out there and you can catch them! cheers
  14. James Browne

    I couldn't catch...................

    Temp drop threw things off buddy, don't sweat it! Plus we are into full on cyclical pogie feeds, the bass can only eat so much before they need a break. Hope you get better luck next time
  15. James Browne

    40 on the 4th

    Thanks bud! Going for Tuna tomorrow fingers crossed we find fish on top...