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  1. ProfMoxie

    A very long distance report

    Awesome report and great pics! Arctic grayling are on my bucket list.
  2. ProfMoxie

    Building a canoe

    Thanks! I definitely will. Swift canoes are great (we actually know the Swift family---"Big" Bill Swift, who passed away a number of years ago, was a great guy and he had this awesome laugh). My dad gave his Kipawa to my sister and bought a lighter one last year since my folks are in their mid-70s and decided something lighter was probably a good idea. Not sure which model they got this time.
  3. ProfMoxie

    Water is a bit low but still cold

    Good stuff! Fantastic photographs!
  4. ProfMoxie

    Building a canoe

    Mine or ossipee's? I designed mine myself using BearBoatSP software, but I took my inspiration from a variety of sources. The general shape is inspired by John Winters' designs (my father bought one of John Winters' first Kipawa models from Swift and I have always loved those canoes). The design for the hull construction is mostly borrowed from DreamCatcher boats but with some input from a friend who builds boats. I haven't decided on how to do the seats yet.
  5. ProfMoxie

    10 years

  6. ProfMoxie

    More rainbows

    Nice! Beautiful pics.
  7. ProfMoxie

    Building a canoe

    Nice! You'll have to post pictures when you're done. I'm planning on using Alaskan yellow cedar with some Western red cedar highlights. I'm toying with using African padauk for the stems, but that might be overkill. I plan to make my own paddles as well.
  8. I have taken the plunge and decided to build a skin-on-frame canoe. I'm going whole-hog with this given my intention of canoeing the Mackenzie River in the Northwest Territories in a few years, and have decided on an 18' boat. I designed it using some free design software out there that incorporates some calculations from one of my favorite canoe designers. The skin will be ballistic-grade nylon which is, literally, used to make bullet-proof vests. Anyone else ever done something like this?
  9. ProfMoxie

    We Need Rain

    Nice! But we do need rain. My favorite local stream is a good foot below normal.
  10. ProfMoxie

    The season is here

    Oo, what kind of dessert??
  11. ProfMoxie

    River changes

    My God, 70 degrees at the end of May?!?! That's insane! This is a seriously depressing thread. I apologize for having started it.
  12. ProfMoxie

    River changes

    This report is almost a week old now, but I kept forgetting to post it. Anyway, I fished my favorite local river last week. It's one I've been fishing for a decade. I caught two on my first three casts and I hooked another three or four, but that was about it (I tried uploading my pics but for whatever reason the upload keeps failing). What saddened me, though, was that this particular body of water was a good foot below where it should be at this time of year. It has been this way for the past couple of years to the point where the very character of the river itself has changed. There aren't as many pools for the fish to hold in as there used to be and I haven't seen lamprey in awhile (the presence of lamprey are usually a sign that the river is healthy). The particular stretch that I fish gets very little pressure. In the past ten years I think I've run into another fisherman once. It's a little depressing, actually. There used to be days when I would catch dozens of brookies on that river. I haven't had a day like that in two or three years.
  13. http://mainepublic.org/post/smokehouse-allow-dining-river-herring-during-annual-migration#stream/0
  14. ProfMoxie

    Lowland Streams are looking good!

    Nice pics!
  15. ProfMoxie

    Anyone been up on the Mag?

    And you didn’t text me?!?!