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    Fly fishing is an obsession, not an interest. I have ADD. Everything interests me.

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  1. ProfMoxie

    First musky

    Awesome pics!
  2. ProfMoxie

    Salmon with Rainbow Sprinkles

    Some sweet fish!
  3. ProfMoxie

    Fall is here

    Nice! I went out last weekend and the water temp on one stream was still 72. Hoping the cooler weather drops the temps a bit here.
  4. ProfMoxie

    A lot of fish

    "only" 40
  5. ProfMoxie

    Went to the Hills

    Great stuff!
  6. ProfMoxie

    Building a canoe

    Almost done! First coat of polyurethane is on. I should be ready to launch on Friday...
  7. ProfMoxie

    Building a canoe

    Thanks Dave! I'm almost done. Got delayed a bit by the excessive humidity the last couple of days. It made stretching and shrinking the nylon difficult.
  8. ProfMoxie

    Building a canoe

    Hoo boy, hmm. That's a great question. I haven't been keeping track all that closely (and I'm terrible at estimating time). I bought the wood maybe a month ago? I work from home in the summers so I can kind of work on it a bit more than if I had my commute. I'm expecting to finish up this coming week.
  9. ProfMoxie

    Building a canoe

    I've been documenting it on Facebook and I set the album to public so I think anyone can see the pics even if they aren't on FB. See if this link works: canoe build
  10. ProfMoxie

    A very long distance report

    Awesome report and great pics! Arctic grayling are on my bucket list.
  11. ProfMoxie

    Building a canoe

    Thanks! I definitely will. Swift canoes are great (we actually know the Swift family---"Big" Bill Swift, who passed away a number of years ago, was a great guy and he had this awesome laugh). My dad gave his Kipawa to my sister and bought a lighter one last year since my folks are in their mid-70s and decided something lighter was probably a good idea. Not sure which model they got this time.
  12. ProfMoxie

    Water is a bit low but still cold

    Good stuff! Fantastic photographs!
  13. ProfMoxie

    Building a canoe

    Mine or ossipee's? I designed mine myself using BearBoatSP software, but I took my inspiration from a variety of sources. The general shape is inspired by John Winters' designs (my father bought one of John Winters' first Kipawa models from Swift and I have always loved those canoes). The design for the hull construction is mostly borrowed from DreamCatcher boats but with some input from a friend who builds boats. I haven't decided on how to do the seats yet.
  14. ProfMoxie

    10 years

  15. ProfMoxie

    More rainbows

    Nice! Beautiful pics.