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  1. simke

    Finger guard?

    Stripee finger guard or Simms solarflex gloves
  2. simke

    Nice fish

  3. simke

    40 on the 4th

    Another awesome fish.... you've set the bar really high. maybe too high It takes a lot people a lot of years to catch that many big fish. Keep 'em coming.
  4. simke

    Water is a bit low but still cold

    Magazine worthy .... great stuff
  5. simke

    Stripers watch out

    Nice fish. congrats
  6. simke

    Crab Problems

    They look great. Could be just small fish couldn't inhale them or the hook
  7. simke


    No real striper fishing 'till June anyway
  8. simke

    Swan song.

    Happy birthday
  9. simke

    Back to fishing,enough time off

    I gotta say i've had much better luck mid July than I do now. But soon though...
  10. simke

    Anybody got the Blues?

    They are around just not in big numbers. Had a clean cut on my 20lb tippet a few weeks ago after a couple of head shakes. Also saw a blitz last week on one of the beaches that had to be blues but they were about 100-150 yds out from where i was.
  11. simke

    What's this?

    I don't think 6 miles is too much for a fish to swim. If there are no dams or large obstacles a fish cant get over, it could've swam up there easily when water was higher or even at that level. Could've followed a run of smaller fish or it was just looking for cooler water temps. Beautiful fish and pics as always.
  12. simke

    Ledge time

    They are definitely still around. Activity... a hit or miss Getting spotty. But being out there at the right place and at the right time will produce a few fish definitely. Fished some calm water and got a lot of refusals, they are not too eager to bite. But white water and waves help with that a bit, that's why i've been hitting ledges lately.
  13. simke

    Ledge time

    Most things you probably already know... #1 - Watch where you're stepping. Those rocks are very slippery when wet with all the algae on them. Wear studded boots if you have them. If not, I purchased a pair of diamond grip ice trekkers that work pretty well when I have my wet wading shoes on. They work really well on rocks covered with see-weed, but so do my studded boots when I'm in full wading gear. Felt soles work great on rocks that are not covered too much with algae or weeds. #2 - Look out for waves. I usually watch the area I want to fish for 5-10 minutes just to see if a large wave will go over the rock I want to stand on and if so at what power. You don't want to get knocked down or pulled into the water. Every now and then there is a wave that's larger than all the previous ones so keep your eyes open and try to have an escape route. I always look for the place where I can step down or simply move away from the place where i'm standing if I see a large wave coming. You need to spot those before they reach you. I'm talking about fishing the ledges where you look at the open ocean, not bays obviously. It also helps if you're fishing the low tide, with the incoming tide you need to be more careful of those waves and incoming water. You don't need to be too close to water to fish it, find an elevated area (rock) to cast from and try to find a safe spot where you can land a fish even if it's short distance away. That's when you might need to get closer to water than when just casting. Mal will probably give you some more advice since he's a pro at this game
  14. simke

    Ledge time

    Thanks. That's two days of fishing. First post with fish is from couple of days ago, the second one is earlier in the month. A decent number of smaller fish was also in the mix. Landing fish from some of the ledges can be a pain in the butt I've learned...