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  1. caddis16

    flt tying organizer

    yes I do. you want?
  2. caddis16

    flt tying organizer

    I deleted the wrong thread. This is free. Pick up in FAirfield or Augusta.
  3. caddis16


  4. caddis16


    2 old vises. Chrome one marked India. Black one from my 1st kit has tied thousands of flies. Jaws look good. Free to good home. Pick up in Fairfield or Augusta or you pay freight.
  5. caddis16

    Tips on preserving a deer hide for tying?

    Scrape then Borax and let sit. Then do it again.. Over and over until it is dry.
  6. caddis16


    Nice fly.
  7. caddis16

    Synthetic Quill

  8. caddis16

    Synthetic Quill

    Just stated playing with these. They are way easier to use than real quill. I kinda like the look.
  9. caddis16


    Oh yeah. Used cow elk on some and whitetail on the others. Not dyed. So besides that it is exact.
  10. caddis16


  11. caddis16


    I used a different hook, no legs, and a slightly different tying manner. Besides that it is exact.
  12. caddis16


  13. caddis16


    I didn't tie a lick last winter and could not wait to get my tying crap out this fall. My 1st flies in over a year.
  14. caddis16

    2016 Winter Fly Swap: Streamers

    No problem here. I will host if you guys are uncomfortable sending flies to a new guy. I would be. Just lemme know.
  15. caddis16


    I have had a bit of a change of heart guys. I'm looking for equipment and am going to begin reloading ammo this winter. I don't think I will be tying for any swaps. Fishing flies only for me this year. Sorry about this. I know I'm going to get a bit obsessive with the whole reloading thing. I always do when I take on something new. I will however host swaps. That way I can kinda keep my hand in it. So while I doubt I tie for any swaps I will host as many as you want me to. I really like seeing the flies. So if you guys want me to host any swaps just let me know. I will do it. Happily. Please? Don't make me beg?