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  1. Woodtac

    Two hand striper rod

    I think that I now see that I should put some of the T17 as a tip on the shooting head. How long a piece of T17 are you using?
  2. Woodtac

    Two hand striper rod

    Alan, I've made the move to a Sage 13' seven weight and am determined to learn the art of this two handed casting process. You say that you are fishing with T17 attached to the running line bottom fishing crabs and closers. What I need to know is what should I be using to learn to cast with. I ordered a Rio 500 gr. Skagit shooting head. Should I be trying to learn with that instead of the T17 head? Should I be putting any further sinking head on the Skagit line? If you will be out some day or evening in the next week or so, might I be able to join you to see if I have this new rig set up right and to get a few more pointers? Thank you very much for being so willing to share the knowledge. My direct email is tac@gwi.net Tom
  3. Woodtac

    Two Hand Clinic Sunday AM

    How extraordinary and generous it was to spend the morning with Alan and William to begin to learn the two-handed rod casting skills. You guys make it look so easy, but I know that you have been at it for years. I can see that I have many hours of practice ahead of me, but you have given me the bug and I intend to keep at it. Thank you!
  4. Woodtac

    Two hand striper rod

    Sign me up for whenever you do this, please. Thanks to you folks for being willing to share the wisdom.
  5. Woodtac

    Constant action all afternoon

    Okay, I figured it out on the photos. Here is Tim with is nice one yesterday afternoon.
  6. Woodtac

    Constant action all afternoon

    First time salt water fishing for me in Maine in three years. We launched at Pine Point and headed south to the stone tower near where you guys like to drag the crab flies on the bottom. Fished about two hours each side of low. Constant flocks of working birds chasing constant schools of sripers-schoolie size and big mixed in. It was interesting to watch the schools of what may have been sand eels, with stripers chasing them right under the boat. Great action all afternoon. As far as I could see we were way out-fishing the spin fishers using our olive deceivers and similar. First time that my son Tim has caught larger than a schoolie--that is as much fun to watch as to do it. I wish that I could figure out how to post photos, but I don't seem to have the touch for that. IMG_0444.jpg
  7. Woodtac

    Fish in the skinny water

    Launched again at UDL#2 and out to the skinny water areas. Same result--saw em, but couldn't catch em. In one location we saw well over one hundred fish, cruising in and out of the weed beds. They had taken on the dark coloration of the weed beds and really stood out when they swam over the light sand. They would turn to a fly, follow it, but never take it. Some looked very large. With the suggestions here, I tried some crab flies and some real slow retrieves, but to no avail. We fished the ledges too an had no hits, which just seems surprising for this time of year. We saw some large schools of what I think were pogies up close. They were moving fast but casts into the schools drew nothing. Saw no bird activity. A glorious day to be out. Score-two pollack.
  8. Launched again in Scarboro, went right out to my favorite skinny water spot. Sure enough, the stripers were in there cruising about. Water was calm, no weeds in the water this time. I changed flies, changed retrieves, yelled at them and did everything that I could think of, but could not catch them. They would look at the fly, turn and follow it sometimes, but would not touch it. Is there a magic size or shape or color of fly to use on a day like this--calm and sunny?
  9. Woodtac

    Saw Good Numbers Today

    I put the boat in at Scarboro this morning and hoped that with no wind and great visibility it might find some diving birds. I searched the area repeatedly with the binoculars and never saw any activity. However in one skinny water area, I saw good numbers of what looked like good sized fish (they always look big in skinny water it seems). Frustrating fishing. It was very hard to get the fly down through the weeds. I managed to pick up only one, slightly above slot size. The surf on the ledges was still pretty high, but it was fish-able. I never got a hit in the ledges. What is the learning here--can the wash off the ledges be too intense for the bass to be in it? Its the right time of the year to find them on the ledges, but I have had not a bit of luck there so far.
  10. Woodtac

    Sunday very early.

    Thanks for the insight Weatherbie---it must have been a sturgeon, because I have not felt a striper like that before.
  11. Woodtac

    Sunday very early.

    It being Sunday and all, I feel as if a confession is in order. I poached a bit early this AM on your UDL#3. Contrary to above reports, I had some success. Got there a bit before 3:00 AM a and worked toward the right. Had a nice hit half way across-the fish headed out just slow and powerful, but just kept going, deep into the backing until I started turning up drag, then it was gone. Caught and lost another. Caught another and broke the tippet. Finally caught and brought to hand one just shy of 30". Left around 6:00 AM feeling good. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
  12. Woodtac


    A few years ago, I tried fly fishing out of the canoe with the crazy Irish Water Spaniel in the middle of the boat. He thought that he was supposed to retrieve the effing fly going back and forth over his head. Managed to catch a bat in the middle of all of that. Gave it up for the evening. Last time fishing in the canoe with the dog.
  13. Woodtac

    Ferry Beach 7/7

    I was out there yesterday early morning on the dropping tide. Perfect conditions. All alone-no other fishermen. Tried every fly that I could think of. Skunked!