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  1. Its almost here, the 2019 hardwater season is fast approaching! With this time of year being a sort of "in between" time as far as outdoor recreation goes I decided to go ahead and whip together a small hard sided shanty for use on one of the several ponds within 10 minutes of my home. Most of the materials I already had, a result of scavenging around the town dump every week. Some I had to buy, like plexi, a sheet of plywood, bunch of 2x3's and foam insulation. Started with the base, 4X6 on a set of old skies from the dump. Eye hooks are there to mount the fixed hitch to my snowmobile. After I built and painted it in my basement I hauled it out and got out the sled. Dragged it around the yard a bunch to test things out, went pretty good. Next up, frame and attach metal from the dump. Windows were punched with a cutting blade on a grinder, had to make sure it didn't look too nice so it doesn't get stolen! Next up, Insulate. And then to add a few furnishings, a small bench, foldup table, couple shelves, hangers. All thats left is to cut a hole in the floor for jigging and adding a few more random shelves, add reflectors to the outside, and a name plate. Was nice and toasty in there with the little buddy going. Instead of wishing the winter away I'll be enjoying every moment of it in style with family and friends this year. I can still pick up one end of it myself, so not too bad weight wise. I was hauling it around after it was all built and still had no problems. I have a thermal popup but its still cold, nothing like something a bit more solid. My little one is already excited for the ice! She's been using a flasher and jigging up a storm since she was 6. Now shes 8, a perch slayer in the making.
  2. Swamptrout

    The fat lady hasn't sung!

    I jig and set traps. You can have up to 6 lines here in NH. Once I find a good hole with the flasher I just set up shop over the top with the hardside. My shack will be small enough that I can just haul it around at will with my sled. Makes those brutal January days much better.
  3. Swamptrout

    The fat lady hasn't sung!

    Nice looking bow, love the ones with the nice deep green backs and countless spots. You get em from Sumner? I'm building a hard sided shanty this year to put out on my local haunt. My pop up is nice but I'm looking forward to a more comfortable setup. Gonna have some good days out on the ice tying flies and drinking brews waiting for those flags to pop. You'll have to come join me once I get it on the ice. Most of the little ponds around my house are already half locked up, won't be long.
  4. Swamptrout

    The fat lady hasn't sung!

    Hah! My bad...its just now whenever I see you posting pictures of bows from a pond I'm gonna think they are from your private stash
  5. Swamptrout

    The fat lady hasn't sung!

    Looks like your families pet fish were well fed over the summer! Do you feed them or just is the pond big enough to support a good forage base by itself?
  6. Swamptrout

    Salmon with Rainbow Sprinkles

    Just missed you then, showed up about 2:30 or so. Last year before the rains you could see exposed rocks everywhere, had to put the canoe in and fish downstream to find water. I didn't make it there after the mega rain storm. When are you going again?
  7. Swamptrout

    Salmon with Rainbow Sprinkles

    Fished for a bit there on sunday for about 30 mintutes in the afternoon after a morning hike, not a soul present. Wind was terrible though, and very cold. Had the kid in the car so couldn't stay for long. This afternoon was much better, still nobody there. Had about 2 hours to play with, got two on buggers before I started playing with one feeding on the surface. Got him to take a couple swats at my grifiths gnat before I had to go pick up the kiddo at school. Water is very high there this year!
  8. Swamptrout

    Salmon with Rainbow Sprinkles

    Glad that place eventually payed off in a big way. The weather has been perfect for getting those brutes on the move. Been seeing a lot of nice fish come from there this year on instagram. I'll be there tomorrow afternoon and monday!
  9. Swamptrout

    What's going on?

    Aye, tiss the season to put the rods down for a bit and shoot furry things in the woods.
  10. Swamptrout

    Wrapping up the season

    Fish are looking good! Next year should be a good one, hoping to get out once more myself before things shutdown.
  11. Swamptrout

    Expedition: BrookTrout

    When I first started my father was the one dragging the canoe, now its me doing the dragging. Three older fellas each got a helper this year(That beer doesn't haul itself!) In a few more years my kid will be ready, the tradition continues.
  12. Swamptrout

    Expedition: BrookTrout

    Thanks, welcome to my happy place Best weeks worth of sleep I've had all year!
  13. Swamptrout

    Expedition: BrookTrout

    Nope, my uncle pretty much lived on the sandbar the whole trip, he's the one that got them. The only one I saw was dead, we had a big one for dinner one night along with a bunch of deer meet....yum yum!
  14. Swamptrout

    Expedition: BrookTrout

    Easy! The fish are plentiful and easy to catch I'm still using the same point and click, it has a permanent home in my front vest pocket. Its ready to go in seconds unlike a phone which you have net the fish, bring fish to shore, pose phone on a rock, hit the timer, get a good photo hopefully.
  15. Swamptrout

    Expedition: BrookTrout

    Yes, they still exist, in large numbers even. Just gotta get the heck outa dodge to find em.