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  1. Swamptrout

    A very long distance report

    Man...what a trip! The AF only ever sent me to turkey and Iraq....I got the short end of that stick... lol
  2. Swamptrout

    Beats Working

    Oh yes, I see a few wild ones mixed in for sure. Its kinda hard to tell but I always go by the tail shape, all the stockies tend to have more rounded heart shape to em. Were you using one of your newly built rods?
  3. Swamptrout

    Beats Working

    Nice mix! Not a good sign to see the fish in the riffles so early this year. The low water and heat must be taking its toll on the oxygen levels in the slower water. Is it just me or are a lot of the stocked rainbows really on the small side this year? My locally stocked pond was full of little fellas, many with parr marks still intact.
  4. Had a couple hours to spare this past week so I decided to check on one of my favorite haunts. Mid June is my favorite time to hit this place, water temps are usually prime and flows are good so fish are scattered everywhere. On my way in with fish on the brain I almost stepped on this fella. As I went in for a closer look instead of backing off it decided to coil up and stare me down instead. Moving on.... Water levels looked to be pretty low but this spring fed system was still plenty cold. Since my little 6' 3wt bamboo rod has got the good karma going this year it would be a shame to leave it home. Did I ever mention that I'm kinda sorta obsessed with old skeleton reels? The deep pools in the low water had the fish stacked up pretty good. Since I going for larger fish hopefully lurking on bottom all I used was a small size 14 tungsten bugger. Fished upstream and slowly stripping back produced quite well. Wild rainbows both large and small Wild brookies both dark and light, some kinda big! So many hues and variations Keep a low profile friends No caddis or mayfly about, plenty of little stones though Thats a long ways down..... After scaling to the top I entered a sort of small ravine, no way out but to fish on! Guess many people don't get in here much....so many fish in the 8-12 inch class today. Times up! Glad to see things are quite alright despite all the doom and gloom talk of late
  5. Swamptrout

    More rainbows

    Nice work! I'll be up that way soon enough, can't wait!
  6. Was on my way back from up north on monday and just after we crossed Telos bridge there was a massive 6 officer checkpoint setup complete with cones, flashing lights and search dogs. They were going through everyones coolers checking fish, licenses, boat regs....etc Never ever seen that before in all my years going up there!
  7. Swamptrout

    Lowland Streams are looking good!

    Glad you like them. I'm weird, I find a reel, then build a rod to match, which is probably the polar opposite of just about 90% of the folks out there.
  8. Swamptrout

    Lowland Streams are looking good!

    Thanks, this place is one of my personal favorites for the little fellas. Of course it doesn't help that its just five minutes from my doorstep!
  9. Swamptrout

    Lowland Streams are looking good!

    We did pretty well last year but we had to use full sink the whole time. I had my surface rod rigged and ready to go but it never left the deck of the boat the entire trip.
  10. Swamptrout

    Lowland Streams are looking good!

    Its a JC Higgins, one of my favorites in my small collection of skeletons.
  11. Excellent flows combined with water that's right between 55-60 degrees have had the local lowland streams come into their prime. Had a bit of time to get out recently and the fish were willing. Got a few on dries but most took the nymph dropper. Not much room for casting in these tight quarters so I brought out my little 6' 3wt for its first trip of the year. One of my old skeletons was used to balance the bamboo out nicely. Used a Hornberg for the dry today with a Pheasant Tail dropper. When I said tight quarters I meant it... Plenty of sunlight hitting the stream through the newly leafed canopy provided the opportunity for some underwater shots this time around. Get out there if you can! I'm off the Baxter State Park for four days this coming weekend, going to hitting those ponds hard with family and friends.
  12. Swamptrout

    Rainbow takeover

    I doubt it Even Mikey doesn't know about this place.
  13. Swamptrout

    Rainbow takeover

    The past few extreme low water years have done a number on the brookie population there. I think it just gets too warm in all but the deepest holes and the more aggressive rainbows out compete them pretty bad. Most the wild brookies I've gotten outa there have been pretty small aside from the odd stockie. Speaking of stockies, we did our duty and removed the seven stocked fish we caught there for dinner. Here we have one the best wild bow streams in NH and F&G still dumps stockies in there every year.....
  14. Swamptrout

    Rainbow takeover

    I was there on sunday with my father that was visiting from up maine. He sure had a hoot with all those wild jumping bows!
  15. Swamptrout

    A Pleasant Morning

    Nice fish! These from your private pond?