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  1. kinger79

    Killing time

    300 I'm being cheap. I would challenge you to do a little searching and find a handmade case with figure carving cheaper. Its not the cheap "pleather" material or sewn on ma's sewin machine. Like your vintage glass, high quality leather goods get passed onto kids.
  2. kinger79

    Killing time

    I was more in the "fenglass still in good shape" realm.
  3. kinger79

    Killing time

    I wouldn't dare to fish with a $4500 rod!
  4. kinger79

    eBay gear/reels

    I can guarantee the fish won't notice the difference.
  5. kinger79

    New fishing camp table

    That's awesome!
  6. kinger79

    Killing time

    I could do another... work a trade? You must have some vintage glass kicking around?
  7. kinger79

    Boo Bee fly

    That guy must be a riot to fish with!
  8. kinger79

    Killing time

    This has been an absolute epic winter here, yes to me it's winter until I can put my snowmobile and snowshoes away. We set a record this winter of over 120 consecutive days of a foot or more of snow on the ground! Where I was working yesterday the was still 30" + in places. Although with some days like yesterday it's actually starting to at least feel like spring! So this winter, rods all nustled in their beds, I decided to dig my leather bench back out. Although I did manage to carve out enough time to build my rod, I have stayed very busy! I finally got caught up enough to make something for myself! Sadly I've been so busy with with the leather I haven't managed to unearth my tying vise yet.
  9. kinger79

    What's in your bag?

    Pretty simple: flies, spare reel, and a license. Ocasionally a bottle of water and a granola bar. I always have dry clothes and a backup rod in the pickup though! I used to carry the kitchen sink in a vest (so much the zipper gave out)! I got a new sling pack last year and only take the absolute essentials.
  10. kinger79

    skeleton reel identity

    Yeah I have looked it over pretty careful and can find zilch for markings. I only gave $4 for it at garage sale and other than a bit of cleaning it's not bad! The clicker has hardly any wear.
  11. kinger79

    skeleton reel identity

    Anyone know what this reel is? There are no markings I could find on it?
  12. kinger79

    Favorite spring flies

    buggers, and smelt imitation streamers
  13. kinger79

    Sage MOD

    Gorgeous work! Very nice.
  14. kinger79


    Sadly, with 4 dams from headwaters to where it crosses the border, high water temps and low O2 levels will be a perpetual problem with this fishery. The french fry plant is now 100% treated water which is pumped to outlet in the Aroostook river, so although the overflow ponds are still present there is no longer waste water entering the stream (to my knowledge). However, the nutrient sink which has developed in the headwater reservoir from when they were irrigating with waste water will most likely never be completely cleaned up. Pretty sure this water will never be again what it once was. The bright side is that it still holds fish. That said there have been other seriously compromised rivers in the state which were in bad shape that have been significantly rehabilitated. There is always hope.
  15. kinger79

    Aroostook river

    PM me if you want more info, but there are lots of places to fish the Aroostook. Grab a Delome and do some exploring.