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  1. y'sguy

    Had a rough month

    Thanks .for that .
  2. y'sguy

    Had a rough month

    First I needed an operation on my neck for a crushed disc because I overworked myself for many years. Then my beloved little dog had to be put down and I am devastated. I have been crying for a week now . It just doesn't go away. Every move I make brings the thoughts of her. My heart is broken.
  3. y'sguy


  4. y'sguy

    Brit Herring are here.

  5. y'sguy

    Brit Herring are here.

    There are 1000s of terns picking at the surface .
  6. y'sguy

    Brit Herring are here.

    No mackerel. There were just now hundreds of terns and commorants around the island working hard .
  7. y'sguy

    Brit Herring are here.

    Saturday they were thick , birds working hard. I tried and tried but not a sign of a bass.
  8. y'sguy

    While we wait.................

    The heavy rain does effect things but a Saturday I plan to hook up
  9. y'sguy

    Been thinkin'...................

    I think the Gulf of St Larwence fish are a different group than the east coast ones.
  10. y'sguy

    On the I.R. (injured report)

    Feel better
  11. y'sguy

    The Face of Addiction

    I have always said " they could go to the maternity ward and take infants " The politicians are scared to death of the lobster industry .
  12. y'sguy

    The Face of Addiction

    And the quota on pogies has been raised a lot for this year .. If there were no pogies or herring they would let them use stripers for lobster bait .
  13. y'sguy

    ocean temp

    Wind direction , onshore wind blows in warmer surface water . Offshore wind blows warmer surface water offshore causing upwelling of colder water..
  14. y'sguy


    I will be prescribing tranquilizers for Mal to get him thru the next 3 weeks . Mal follow the instructions on the bottle , there is a 21 day supply. No refills , until November.
  15. y'sguy

    What kind of drag ?

    No I never heard of it.