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  1. Kimosabe


    Kevin, very sorry for your loss, Feat was a great dog
  2. Kimosabe

    I Love NY

    nice!!!!!! timing is everything:)
  3. high with all the rain.
  4. Looks like the ankle has healed 100.% Check it out!!! http://elfyourself.jibjab.com/view/TOAZP5Im16LWfWz7
  5. Kimosabe

    PayPal Question

    This is the message I get from PayPal Wan Thai Foo!!! The amount I wanted to pay is $30. "The amount of this transaction exceeds your sending limit and cannot be processed at this time." You will need to add and confirm your bank account. Once your bank account has been added and confirmed, you can continue this payment. Add your bank account information below.
  6. Kimosabe

    Floating dead smelt pattern

    I have a couple of original Ray Stout's floating smelts stashed away;)
  7. Kimosabe

    PayPal Question

    Is this option shown when you want to pay or pre-selected? I just wanted to pay by CC by PayPal still wants me to link a bank acct into PPal?? Wan Thai Foo? Thks.
  8. Kimosabe

    PayPal Question

    thanks for the info. I used to just have my CC linked to PP but now PP wants a bank account..just not comfortable linking a bank acct (even not a primary one)
  9. Anyone uses PayPal? Do you link your credit card or bank account acct to PayPal? thks
  10. Posted by Snappy1: My 15-16 ft Gheenoe squareback canoe was stolen from Shawtown pond in Freedom NH. It's camo colored and has a compartment under the center seat. It's a fly-fishing only pond, so I thought a person on this site may have seen something. Reward will be given . Thanks
  11. Kimosabe

    Trip Report

    Nice way to start off the day! She fell for the "Honey..the hunting sucks,I ought to go fishing routine";)
  12. Kimosabe

    nymph hooks

    I use smaller size streamer hooks (10 & 8) for my nymphs. or Mustad 3906B for smaller sizes.
  13. Kimosabe

    Echo Carbon

    Just don't look like a fly rod to me...more a spinning rod look. I don't care if it cast further or better. Just my preference.
  14. Kimosabe

    Echo Carbon

    Norm, I just goggled it up...the rod don't look that good...single guides instead of snake guides and the cork grip is burled on the front end..ugly:D for that kind of $....there are better options...just my 2 cents.
  15. Kimosabe

    Egg Foo Yarn for Glo Bugs

    not sure if it water absorbent...like regular glo bug yarn. glo bug yarn soak up water and sink like real eggs