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  1. sipowicz16

    “The Weather Is Here-Wish You Were Beautiful”

    Def a valuable technique!
  2. So Jumbo John and I headed to the Great North Woods of NH for our yearly pilgrimage to Lopstick Lodge. We both look forward to this yearly vacation and the plethora of Brookies, Browns and ‘Bows that await us in the Connecticut River. Over the years we’ve seen an increase in the amount of anglers fishing in “the Trophy Stretch” so we’ve adjusted our days a touch to avoid ‘em. We arrived Thursday around noon and it was sweltering. With the Rover’s thermometer settled at 93 degrees, we decided not to add any stress to the trout/salmon population and used the day as a reason to explore areas & water we had never experienced. That evening we dined on BBQ ribs, baked beans, corn on the cob and potato salad-with the hum of 2 overworked fans trying to keep Bunk House cool. We went to bed and were awoken around 04:30 with lightning, thunder, and torrential rain. The storm moved out and we fished a bit before lunch. Jumbo John had the luck with a Copper John and brought several trout to hand. We went back to Bunk House, had lunch, (yup, I grabbed a nap) and changed up to meet our Guide, Bill, for 2:00p. While I had a long sleeve shirt on, I opted for water shorts and sandals. Dave is the angler who has every piece of equipment and gear known to man! He was in wading boots, pants, long sleeve shirt, etc. Def more appropriate. We traveled down to Colebrook and were in the drift boat by 3:00p. But that wind was horrendous! Jumbo John (a career sailor) estimated the winds at 25mph with gusts to 35mph. We stuck with buggers and sinking lines and we had to work for the fish. Typical ‘Bows and Browns for the Connecticut. Not huge but gorgeous nonetheless. Our Guide, Bill, drifted us several miles down river and we found a productive area when the wind died down and switched to dry/dropper setups. Several more fish to hand. The sun had set and we were close to the take out. By now Dave had his jacket and winter hat on! Me? Just my shorts and bare feet! Admittedly I was ill prepared. BUT....overall we had a great day and the beautiful fish were the bonus. Until next time..... Sip
  3. sipowicz16

    10 years

    That’s good stuff. Thanks for sharing Kev....
  4. sipowicz16

    Anyone been up on the Mag?

    Heading up to the greater Rangeley area this weekend. Anyone been fishing the Magalloway that can offer up some intel?? Sip
  5. sipowicz16

    Early Salmon

    Fly selection???
  6. sipowicz16

    Freeze Up

    Anyone else???
  7. sipowicz16

    Freeze Up

    Who’s going??? Jan 7. Mousam River. Kennebunk
  8. sipowicz16

    Annual Freeze Up

    I’ll be there Kev!
  9. sipowicz16

    14th Annual Freeze Up January 7th

    Won’t miss it!
  10. sipowicz16

    Grants Camps victimized

    A little info concerning one of our sponsors....
  11. sipowicz16

    Tarpon season is getting hot !

    I'll be down in KW the first week in May. I have a 1/2 day charter already booked!!!!
  12. sipowicz16


    I bet I know where you were!!!
  13. sipowicz16

    Tips for your gear bag

    Good stuff!
  14. sipowicz16

    Eldredge Bros. 14th Annual Fly Fishing Expo

    I'll be there!!
  15. sipowicz16

    Eldredge Bros Expo March 25

    Won't miss it!