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  1. Sixguns

    Anchor bag for Canoe?

    Speedo Thank you for the link, I have ordered one as well. Let's hope they work out decent, if not...no big loss. Sixguns
  2. Sixguns

    Jurassic pond

    That is my kind of fishing trip right there, love it! Even the dog was having a good time. Sixguns
  3. Sixguns

    Rod fell apart

    Looks great...look forward to hearing how it performs for you. I really appreciate seeing the creativity of things being reused and repurposed. Sixguns
  4. Sixguns

    Nice fish

    Sounds like you got into em good! Great job on some awesome fish, love the pictures. Sixguns
  5. Sixguns

    Back to the crater

    I am always glad to see your reports. I love seeing the pictures and reading of your adventures. Spring did not afford me the opportunity to get back up that way (too much work and life responsibility in the way) but I am still hoping for a fall outing. The fish and scenery was beautiful, glad you got to fish "your way" for a bit, sure looks like it paid off nicely. Sixguns
  6. Having been to Labrador, it is not the bears you will need to be scared of...it is those hoards of starving blackflies. I look forward to your video and follow up. It is sure to be a good one. Best wishes for a safe and adventurous journey. It is beautiful untouched wilderness, enjoy. Sixguns
  7. Sixguns

    A nice brook trout

    The only fish that I will eat right there. Typically have about 2 a season. Hope that you and Dad enjoyed both the memories and a nice meal. Sixguns
  8. Sixguns

    A very long distance report

    Nice adventure, thank you for sharing the story and pictures. Congrats on the new seaplane rating as well. You certainly made good use of your spare time. Sixguns
  9. Sixguns

    Advise on rod length for kid...

    My grandson is 12 but he is a little fella at 4'9" and about 90lbs. The gentleman at Cabela's that outfitted him suggested a 9ft rod in 5wt to "get the line up off the water" and aid with casting.
  10. Sixguns

    We Need Rain

    Looks like a beautiful outing, couple nice tails propelling those little stream jewels. Sixguns
  11. Sixguns

    We Need Rain

    Looks like a very productive outing. It is fun to scout and find new spots to explore/fish. Excellent pictures as well, thank you for sharing. Sixguns
  12. Sixguns

    How do you spend your break?

    You are going to get a sunburn on ur noggin.
  13. Sixguns

    Unlimited sheets of foam

    LaBonte, My package arrived yesterday, thank you for doing a nice thing for the other members. Just reinforces what a great group we have here! Hopefully, I will be able to tie something up out of it and fool a fish or two. Sixguns
  14. Sixguns

    Getting Old Sucks...

    Agreed, I too bought a Folstaff based off user reviews and recommendations. (Found one new on Ebay in the off season for $75, approx. 4-5yrs ago) I find it very useful and worth every penny. I still get careless and take an unexpected bath about once a summer on a slippery rock but the use of a staff has surely kept the number of falls to a minimum. That 3rd contact point for balance is a huge reassurance, I would not step into moving water without it now. Sixguns
  15. Sixguns

    While we wait.................

    That link to the 1hr video on there is a gem. Boy if that doesn't get the juices flowing nothing will. Good stuff, thank you for sharing. A buddy and I go down to Newburyport once a summer in June for a treat on the water with a friend who owns his own boat, it is a summer highlight for us! Sixguns