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  1. lachance8443

    Water at 85°!

    Not right.
  2. lachance8443

    Rod sections won't fit

    It's meant to be like that. Don't sand it, the graphite is thin enough. It will only be a break hazzard if it is loose.
  3. lachance8443

    Rod stuck together?

    I've only had only one rod that failed to come apart using both methods he mentioned. It randomly came apart, easily, after around 2 years. Had tried temperature changes and everything. Still have no idea why it finaly let go.
  4. lachance8443

    Sink tip

    26 ft sink tip is great for rivers. Just make sure the running line is floating.
  5. lachance8443

    Drop shot rig on fly gear

    This is essentially a euro nymphing setup. You can use weight or the heaviest fly.
  6. lachance8443

    Newbie Day 2018 report.

    One of the few places you can still clam. Those will make a great chowder.
  7. lachance8443

    "Nothing but chubs"

    I say "slow", so I'm lying sometimes, telling the truth sometimes. People shouldnt expect a strait answer from someone holding a fishing rod.
  8. lachance8443

    reel on rod cases

    Just go lancing; hold it out the window, resting in the groove between the mirror and car.
  9. lachance8443

    Today was a great day!

    They work great. My daughter has had a pair for going on 3 seasons. You'll just need to find a wading belt that adjusts small enough.
  10. lachance8443

    Spring tactics.

    Seen one in a smelt shack about 10 years ago. 12-14" or so.
  11. lachance8443

    Interesting story

    Great read. I'm sure writing that story will get the author on the bad side of many guides and fishermen friendly with the subject. Really called someone out. I call the phenomenon needing a digital pat on the back.
  12. lachance8443

    Hatch Finatic

    Sounds like you enjoyed your experience, which is great and the most important part. I would think a drag systrm with an issue from the factory wouldn't cost you anything but shipping to replace. They probably charged you $40 per handle to make up for the "free" drag. Those handles cost a couple dollars or so to make, and should be thrown in for minimal cost. This surprised me....won't be a hatch customer I guess. That should've been warranty covered 100%. I'll stick with Hardys and Islanders. From Hatch website: Hatch reels are carefully inspected to assure product consistency and quality and are guaranteed against manufacturer’s defects in materials and craftsmanship for the life of the product by its original owner
  13. lachance8443

    Month in Maine!

    I'd have to say you should cut two weeks out of the Catskills and 1-2 weeks out of Maine and fish Western mass/nothern Connecticut. I'd say theres at least 50-60 miles of wadable (just the well know places) trout water within an hour. That time of year you will encounter hatches in volumes you will not see here. Fished all over and nothing like it other than out west. You'd be crazy not to go there if you have that much time off. Have fun on your trip.
  14. lachance8443

    No Trespassing!

    People should be very careful with great pond access. By definition, improved land can be growing trees, cuttinh trees, growing grass, and cutting grass....an owner can say they are improving the land, and the opposite party is trespassing. The great pond act is absolutely nothing more than lip service. It's basically the war powers act for Maine outdoorsmen...sounds great, doesn't mean a thing. Be careful with access, do t want a trespassing charge.
  15. lachance8443


    Pick out a white saddle and grab some ritz dye from any craft store. Works great and is easy as can be.