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  1. TightLinesMaine

    Warning on water temp

    any summer trout angler should carry a stream thermometer with them. there are still quite a few streams in the low to mid 60s (maybe even high 50*s if you go high elevation) if you know where to look. that being said I haven't fished for trout in weeks, southern maine is in bad shape for water levels.
  2. TightLinesMaine

    “The Weather Is Here-Wish You Were Beautiful”

    Nice report, always wanted to fish the upper Connecticut.
  3. TightLinesMaine

    Back to the crater

    wow, gorgeous landlocks and scenery. Last two pictures are A+ as well.
  4. TightLinesMaine

    A Quick Visit to the EO

    GoPro's are nice, especially for video and convenience overall, but just for picture quality I think Olympus (tough) cameras are the way to go. (I use a cheap Fuji). Depends on your preference obviously.
  5. TightLinesMaine

    A Quick Visit to the EO

    I've done that with my sd card before, left it in my laptop once or twice not realizing it until out on the water. Better luck next time
  6. TightLinesMaine

    A quick report

    holy cow! what a fish for a small stream! 2 wt? 3 wt? I bet you won't be forgetting that battle anytime soon.
  7. TightLinesMaine

    Small stream dry fly action in the heat

    you are so right about that. there's not many of them. where i was fishing is a true stronghold for brook trout in the southern 1/3rd. many of the feeder creeks I scoped out on the walk back were loaded with young-of-the-year brook trout fry, always a good sign to see. I took a picture of one of the creeks with fry but the picture came out blurry therefore i deleted it instead of sharing it here.
  8. TightLinesMaine

    The season is here

    nice salmon
  9. Been a while since my last true report. I'll start by saying usually my small stream reports on here are from a combination of outings, but this report was all one afternoon, yesterday afternoon that is. I waited for the worst of the heat to subside (air temp was about 85*/86*F) and left late afternoon to hit the lower reaches of a spring fed stream in hopes of some dry fly action, and I was not disappointed. Best outing year-to-date for dry fly action with the natives for both quality and quantity, landed 7 trout in a few hours (only one was a stocked trout, didn't take a picture of it) all of which were over 6" and the biggest being about 9", which for southern maine, is a nice sized wild trout. Also, while still early summer, the trout are starting to show signs of coloration; some of the "natives" here are pretty bland looking as they live primarily in a sandy environment, but a few had gorgeous yellowy-orange bellies & fins. The fly, the only fly I used (didn't change flies once) was a size 16 parachute caddis. Fished with a dead drift, I got a few hits, but the brookies couldn't refuse it when I gave it a little stripping action. Water temperature was in the low 60*s (like I said, all spring fed, so the brook temperature peaks in the mid 60s even in the worst of conditions and hottest days of the year). Here are some pictures.
  10. TightLinesMaine

    An extra terrestrial day

    nice terrestrials are my favorite on the small streams, particularly hoppers. Now through September is the best time to fish them. is that Maine or NH?
  11. TightLinesMaine

    Water at 85°!

    ahh, that makes more sense.
  12. TightLinesMaine

    Fishing as Exercise

    Nice report. I've always been curious about the mileage i put in while fishing, not a big "app" guy but this report makes me kind of want to try sometime.
  13. TightLinesMaine

    Start of the season on the north shore

    Love how dark that togue is, must've been a blast.
  14. TightLinesMaine

    Water at 85°!

    That is interesting, if i were to guess, my guess would've been much higher.
  15. TightLinesMaine

    Second Helping

    nice, pretty 'bows