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  1. Tim D

    Nice fish

    holy...crap. well done
  2. Tim D

    Crayfish Pattern

    Thanks guys.
  3. Tim D

    I couldn't catch...................

    Probably not pogies...the pogies around I have seen are 12-14 inches in schools by the thousands.
  4. Tim D

    I couldn't catch...................

    Hey James, you brought up an interesting point on the pogies. Have you actually seen any fish feeding on the pogies? I've fished around the schools 3 or 4 times over the last week and they have been completely unmolested. Just curious if you're seeing something different further south.
  5. Tim D

    Pogies are in.

    Been out three times since the pogies showed up and havent seen anything harass them. Kind of a bummer.
  6. Tim D

    Crayfish Pattern

  7. Tim D

    New best sight fishing!

    Hell yeah! I’m really looking forward to getting some shots this year.
  8. Tim D

    Crayfish Pattern

    Anyone have a crayfish pattern they like? Heading to Grants this week and would like to have a few in the box.
  9. Tim D

    New best sight fishing!

  10. Tim D


    Mine are on the Daiichi 1167 as well.
  11. Tim D

    Pine Point Sand Bar

    Fished the mouth of the Scarborough from my boat the last two days and just wanted to give everyone a heads up that bar has changed DRAMATICALLY from all the winter storms/N'or Easters we had. If you are looking at the bar from the water and facing Pine Point Beach, the bar comes out MUCH further out to the left that it historically has. I came in towards shore with the bar on my right, heading into Pine Point beach, and was in 2 feet of water at least 200 yards from shore and it wasn't low tide yet. Just wanted to give a warning to the other boaters as it would be VERY easy to get grounded on that bar this year.
  12. Tim D

    Portable Rod Holder

    Question for you folks. Has anyone seen or heard of a portable rod holder for when you are wading? I'd love to have a second rod on my hip with a different line, etc. versus having to swap out the spool. Just curious.
  13. Tim D


    Nice!! Hopefully will see you in the am!
  14. Tim D


    Fished the beach and marsh today. Beach was dead and two fish in the marsh. One dink and one pushing 30. Both on a crab fly.
  15. Tim D


    LOVE the trailing shuck