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  1. searsportshuffle

    For Sale: Rod Building Tools and Supplies

    Still available?
  2. searsportshuffle

    Happy Birthday AMERICA !!!!!

    Happy fourth everyone ! Enjoy
  3. searsportshuffle

    For Sale: Rod Building Tools and Supplies

    Do you have any pics of the wrapping system and rod dryer.
  4. searsportshuffle

    After losing a big one ........

    Fishing a local pond tonight. I don't fish it often but have had good luck there in the past. Hooked a big rainbow. It jumped two feet out of the water and landed four feet from where it left. I fought it for over five minutes with some reel screaming with some nice runs. It bull dogged under my canoe for two of those minutes then gone. I was dumbfounded . I was getting the net ready but it was not ment to be. After the loss I just drifted for about ten minutes , had a beer and tried to shake it off. It was early into my evening and I had a feeling the rest of the evening was going to be anticlimactic and it was. The big ones lost are a thrill but end up with a woulda, choulda, shoulda mind exercises that still don't put em in the net. Hard to keep the wind in the sails after event. How do you folks cope? Laugh? Hang it up for the day? Fish the same spot for awhile hoping for a return? Swear until they echo off the distant ridge? I drifted cleared my head, chuckled to myself, kicked myself and made the next cast. But will think about again tonight when my head hits the pillow
  5. searsportshuffle

    A nice brook trout

    Beautiful fish! Cool you could share it with your Dad
  6. searsportshuffle

    Building a canoe

    Saw a Swift up close in Vt. Wow! And Wow! Having every part of the canoe designed for your own needs and wants will make it a treasure. Should be a show stopper and conversation piece very time it's out. Please be sure to share some pics along the process.
  7. searsportshuffle

    Building a canoe

    Who was the designer?
  8. searsportshuffle

    Rigging up before hitting the water

    I almost always rig up at vehicle. If the trip in is a bear I may take it in a case but I hate having a case down near the water as if I don't carry it and leave it on the shore I have to leave the same way I came in which isn't always what I might want to do. I always walk with rod in front as mentioned earlier and let it lead me to the water. I tried with it behind me once for all of fifty feet and got snagged a bunch I don't see why or how that works for some folks. Sorry to hear about your rod, maybe it will turn up
  9. searsportshuffle

    deployment party

    That's nice. Thank him from us and I'll pray for safe return
  10. searsportshuffle

    Dry Fly Prospecting

    Have good luck searching with smaller elk hair caddis. Have used head nets while fishing when bugs are real bad but don't enjoy it. Would rather slather bug dope thick and go without then use them. There have been days in certain areas where I would not have sold it for anything and I believe it saved the day
  11. searsportshuffle

    Back up rod?

    Now you need a back up for the floater and sinking lines rig up in the boat!
  12. searsportshuffle

    Back up rod?

    Almost always unless it's near the house after work or a short length day trip within a few miles of home. Always take one on a trip that requires a drive and hopefully a few overnights. It would really suck to be without on a patch of water you've waited all year to get to.. It has helped save others on the trip as well that do not have a backup.
  13. searsportshuffle

    A day of fishing in Virginia

    Looks like another great day of fishing
  14. searsportshuffle


    Nice tie! I have fished a few that didn't look that good and they worked well until they go beat up or stuck in bushes
  15. searsportshuffle

    Small Stream Build - Glass or Carbon?

    Looks real nice! I wish my ultra lite was glass. The graphite has little feel to it until you get past 25 feet but I rarely get a chance to cast that far with it. When I do it's ok but glass would have been the ticket. Enjoy