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  1. CJSNH


    Very nice and not all that hard to tie although I think it is a bit over done with all the different materials. It also seems like it would be a hook and leader wrapping problem.
  2. CJSNH

    Christmas list?

    Pyramid Lake , Nevada
  3. CJSNH

    Melted Cased Caddis

    I like it ! Be tying some of those this winter.
  4. CJSNH

    Mono Eyes Caddis Pupa

    Nice tie - very buggy
  5. CJSNH

    Woolybugger size(s)

    Agree -why that comment
  6. CJSNH

    Woolybugger size(s)

    From no larger than 8 to size 14 . Plecain is correct - the small ones can be very effective. Not a " true" woolybugger but add some Golden Retrievers to your collection.
  7. CJSNH

    Last day.

    You won't quit !
  8. CJSNH

    A goodbye to an old friend

    She swims with the fishes !
  9. CJSNH

    turkey feathers

    My friend gave me a bag of tail and breast feathers from the turkey he got this Spring. I already have a bunch of these. Anyone want them PM me and I will mail them to you. First come first served.
  10. CJSNH

    Broken Scott 9wt Fly Rod

    Don't discount the Cabelas rods. I know the look at my rod crowd don't like them but they most likely have never even tried one. Easy money and good for you to have as a back-up.
  11. CJSNH

    Headed at 0330.

    Same for me - got lots of nice schoolies -no big fish. As Mainiac says conditions were perfect -yeah strange
  12. CJSNH

    Headed at 0330.

    I will be hitting the Merrimac in Newburyport crack of dawn tomorrow -- we will see
  13. CJSNH


    Mainiac -- what is the pattern for your Black Clouser ?
  14. CJSNH

    They're back

    My friend from his boat got 50+ in the Merrimack River today. Plecain - I told you they were there!
  15. CJSNH

    Ever fish dropper flies for stripers?

    Sure they would work but seems you would just be asking for a tangled mess.