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  1. Jumbo John

    “The Weather Is Here-Wish You Were Beautiful”

    It's the best teacher there is....freeze yer butt off once and you'll never do it again. Steve's a tough dude - made me cold just looking at him. I think it amused our guide, though...
  2. Jumbo John

    Back to the crater

    Beautiful pictures & great fish!
  3. Jumbo John

    After losing a big one ........

    Every time I lose a big fish, I ask myself what went wrong. If there's something I can change for the next time, well, now I've got a better shot. But sometimes, the fish wins.
  4. Jumbo John

    Start of the season on the north shore

    Beautiful pictures & nice fish!
  5. Jumbo John

    After losing a big one ........

    As my friend Jim tells me, to catch big fish you have to lose big fish. All part of paying our dues.
  6. Jumbo John

    A very long distance report

    Great stuff, good job persevering through the flight school fiasco! Great photos too, nice grayling!
  7. Jumbo John

    10 years

    I'll vouch for that...and it was SMOOOOOOTH.
  8. Jumbo John

    Massive Fish Cop check at Telos Bridge this year

    Happy to hear it & hope they do more.
  9. Jumbo John

    How do you spend your break?

    Now I know why my package was late...
  10. Jumbo John


    With a name like that he's got to be good...
  11. Jumbo John

    I can only hope

    I absolutely love that he added "and a half" to the 96! Good on him.
  12. Jumbo John

    Getting Old Sucks...

    I've had my Simms almost 10 years, use it regularly as I'm the world's most conservative wader. Hasn't failed yet. Like so much of their gear, up front cost not cheap but very pleased with the durability.
  13. Jumbo John

    New addition at camp

  14. Jumbo John

    Ray Stout

    Semper Fi, Ray, from a fellow Mustang.
  15. Jumbo John


    Nice tie. I had a day on the upper Connecticut in NH when the LLS ate these as soon as they hit the water...it was comical how eager they were for it. It's a good fly, and yours looks great.