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  1. 5 weight


    I agree, last year the fish showed up way late, fishing was really slow. I think we are going to see warmer conditions later in the year more often. If the water temp is really warm definitely delay your trip if possible.
  2. 5 weight


    Maybe you should have paid more attention at Newbie day
  3. 5 weight

    Did you know....

    http://www.newenglandkayakfishing.com/index.php/content/articles/54-striped-bass-anatomy-and-fishing I just stumbled across this article. I thought there was some great info here. I found the segment on sight interesting.
  4. 5 weight

    They're here

    If I hear 2 weeks again....I am gonna eat a bullet.
  5. 5 weight


  6. 5 weight

    stripper clip?vs basket , work in water?

    One good wave from the salt and that would be a birds nest I would think. A strong current would also create problems and it looks like to much work . Might be ok for casting off a boat.
  7. 5 weight


    Never thought about that before. I used to catch them off the ledges when I was a kid using periwinkles for bait. If I recall correctly they have spines that might deter the stripers from swallowing them ? That being said they eat crabs so who knows. I'm sure someone here would know.
  8. 5 weight

    What kind of drag ?

    Thanks For the info Eric. That is a sweet reel for sure !
  9. 5 weight

    What kind of drag ?

    I am gonna spend a couple hundred max. It's not gonna get a ton of abuse because of my limited fishing time.
  10. 5 weight


    Eric, I remember two or three years ago the beaches were littered with juvie crabs that same color about the size of a quarter. Nice fly.
  11. 5 weight

    What kind of drag ?

    I am looking to buy a new reel this spring and with all the improving technology out there I was wondering what you guys prefer for a drag system on your reels. I will be getting something with a sealed drag but would love to hear your opinions.
  12. 5 weight

    Leader Choice

    That was about the most detailed desciption I have seen about the leader/tippet difference. I am sure that will clear up any confusion for a lot of folks. That was very well done !!
  13. 5 weight

    Magnum's Dragon Tails

    I used them a while back when my kids used to have them as toys. They do have great action. The problem is they weren't durable, maybe these Dragon tails are a little more rugged.
  14. 5 weight

    Finally got one!

    That's awesome Al !
  15. 5 weight

    They're on your doorstep

    Way to go Mike !! Go get em everyone !