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  1. cap

    SUP Fishing

    Solo skiff
  2. cap

    Temperatures Up North

    wood...no problemo....
  3. cap

    Ray Stout

    Ray was an awesome Dude. I spent a lot of time with him at The Veazie Salmon Club and fished with him many times. Another older Bangor area atlantic salmon guy also just recently passed away...Al Meister....another good guy.
  4. cap


    Looking for a fish guy...?????
  5. cap

    New regs

    If you kill them (which I have no problem with) why don't you eat them rather than throwing them in the woods (which I kinda do have a problem with)?
  6. cap

    Fighting fish on tiny flies

    My advice is contrary to what some may suggest...I try to keep the maximum pressure on with small flies. I keep the pressure on full with everything but even moreso with small flies. Small diameter tippet if high quality is stronger than most of the fish that we catch in Maine actually weigh. I just get em moving and Driver MacGiver them.
  7. cap


    I see no difference between a Yeti cooler and an Orca cooler except the Orca is cheaper, and each line seems to have slightly different sizes. I own and have used both products. Now that Yeti has decided to enter the political arena and Orca has not...the choice is crystal clear to me for any future purchase. Companies like entertainers should IMHO sell their products and make their movies. As far as anything else, they are entitled to their opinions and I am entitled to mine. I actually don't give a crap who thinks what about anything except when they get up in my face. I have been labelled a "baby killer" (and worse) by merely wishing to protect and keep my constitutional and god given rights by choosing to be an NRA member. I have not killed anyone - I have not committed any crime. So anyone who wants to complain about me and where I choose to advocate for my rights, can just go pound sand, (This is my toned down verbiage). I usually don't say much about this stuff but I will not be bullied, and I'll tell you what... I have been called all sorts of stuff just for admitting I belong to the NRA in the last few months...shameless, a baby killer, classless, racist, non caring, a fascist, etc. It has been eye opening.
  8. cap


    Gun owners are certainly shaking in their boots because of the yahoo who cuts his $1200 rifle in half to demostsrtae how f'n brilliant he is. It's his gun he can do what he wants with it regardless if he is an idiot.
  9. cap


    "Tell me how the citizenry of today have any hope of actually mounting an armed conflict against any government, including it's own, using guns???" You don't know much about what has gone on in Afghanistan. Or even our history...like when we went against the overbearing Monarch and government of England. Did you not study history? One if by land two if by sea..... Did the Russian military win in Afghanistan in the 80's? Did England win back in the day? Has anyone won there? Even us? read "The Great Game"...it might open your eyes to history..... Wtshtf, first off, we the citizens, will kill the cops (who aren't the military despite becoming further and further becoming militarized but they are first in line) who would be the Gestapo, unless they decided they were being manipulated by the fascist government and turned against the government as well, then the military, ie the soldiers, would never condone killing their own mothers and brothers, so they too would turn on the evil fascist overbearing government too.....but all this would only be accomplished if there were an armed citizenry.... This is why we have 2nd A.......sheeple will follow...free people won't...having guns makes us free...
  10. cap


    True that...
  11. cap


    Al, The NRA has been vilified by many anti gunners in the past, no doubt about that. Gun culture and the erosion of gun rights has consistently taken more and more hits with time. We certainly have more restrictions on our gun rights now than we did 25 years ago, and then we had fewer than we did 50 years ago, and we had even fewer then, than 100 years ago. But only recently has Yeti, Delta and United Airlines drawn a new line in the sand...this is all new "political theatre" since Marjory Stoneman Douglas. Just as Dicks getting rid of AR15s is new political theatre...and just like Walmart no longer selling guns to citizens under 21 years of age is new political theatre. Obviously these younger same citizens can train and shoot guns in the military...????? Hhmmmm that seems kinda screwy to me????....and obviously Dicks was fine with AR15's last year and the year before but not now. ?????? You could look at last month's Barrons Business Journal to see what their shtick is. FWIW I had a semi auto rifle and a semi auto shotgun in my dorm room when I went to college. My roommate had those, and a reloader, and two handguns in the same room. We used to ride the elevator and walk right out the front door with them hung over our shoulders, whenever we went hunting or when we went to shoot trap or skeet, and we reloaded shot shells right at our dorm room desks! I can't see this happening today. Obviously there has been a change in how society looks at firearms, but the firearms are still the same.
  12. cap


    What exactly is so different about the currently vilified NRA, than the previously non-vilified NRA from just a few months ago? Is it all because of Media/leftist/anti gun propaganda after the Florida school shooting? Yeti and Dicks can play politics if they want. It may help their bottom line or it may hurt. I surmise there is a significant loss in "high end cooler" market share by Yeti due to RTIC, Orca, Pelican and others giving them significant competition. Dick's is supposedly on the verge of bankruptcy, so this whole new AR-15 thing is just a desperate last effort, IMHO. Last Christmas you could buy an AR-15 at any Dick's. Have they been woke? I won't be buying. BTW, I do support the NRA and I have off and on since the mid 70's. The NRA teaches people how to shoot. Hunters and target shooters support more for conservation that any other "non profit feel good conservation group" via the Pittman-Robertson Act. Also, I certainly can't be on top of all the BS anti gun legislation that goes on in Washington so I give them my hard earned to advocate for me against any further erosion of gun rights or gun culture. People say the NRA is actively "pro" this or that...but in fact.. the NRA just wants gun culture and gun rights to remain as they currently are, they only react to the erosion of gun culture and gun rights by anti gunners. Also the NRA is supported by it membership, they are not a gun industry lobbying group. Think of guns as milk. They aren't the American Dairy Cattlemen's Association, they are the American Milk Drinkers Association. Aloha...I just gave another hundo to the NRA because I was surprised to see so many "sportsmen" here on this forum being so anti gun culture...it is what it is....
  13. cap

    Hunting fishing or both

    If you don't hunt you are still supporting game management and conservation with the licenses. But I get where you are coming from, if you don't hunt anymore? why buy one? I'm not down with the excuse of quitting because we only have 4 Saturdays for deer because we don't have Sunday hunting. The regular hunting license also allows upland birds for a month in front of and month behind deer season, so thats 3 months of upland hunting, and it also gives you a bear if you happen into one even without a bait tag during deer season. There are squirrels and such, which I don't do but I may. Also, I take time off from work to hunt. It is what I do. I save my vacation time for hunting season. It is the best time of the year in Maine. Also I get more days afield because I like to bow hunt. FWIW, I do res. hunting/fishing, with res. archery, I add expanded archery because I live in a zone, I do Turkey - spring and fall, night coyotes (for deer management) and migratory waterfowl. I enjoy hunting as much as fishing. My kids do similar which is why I wish had gotten them lifetime hunting licenses when I purchased their lifetime fishing licenses 25 years ago...I'm pretty sure their lifetime licenses work even if they move away, they can come back to Maine to fish. Also I put in for a moose permit some years and some years I don't, and I have been a sub permittee too...regardless I never have pulled a tag.... Also if I skunk on a bowkilled deer and a skunk during rifle season I can add muzzleloading so there is plenty of opportunity without pissing off landowners over the whole Sunday Hunting thing that George Smith has pushed forever.
  14. cap

    Life time license

    Don't hesitate...My two kids are Irish twins so when they were babies, the hit was hard, so I only could afford two Lifetime fishing Licenses...If I could do it agin I would have found the money for two Hunting Licenses to go with the fishing ones....I wish I had done it now...it could have been done...unless you see yourself moving out of state this is the ****....
  15. cap


    There was an interesting point in an article I read about striper diet in Chesapeake Bay. The most common food for stripers there, are crustaceans (shrimp, amphipods and crabs) and fish (mostly anchovies and menhaden), and to a lessor extent other fish, worms, and other stuff like mollusks and tunicates. The interesting point was that smaller and younger fish seemed to prefer crustaceans while the older larger fish seemed to prefer fish.