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  1. ebud

    two very good choices ..which one

    Ron PM me with your phone # and let me know best time to call you. Ray
  2. ebud


    THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR INPUT! Rio has recently came out with a BUTT line in large spools. Three different sizes are available. One size covers 4-5-6 weights. RAY
  3. ebud


    Butt, Butt’s and Butt’s For clarity I fish 4 wt, 5wt 6 wt, rods for fresh water fishing in New England. I need a butt material for the range of lines I fish? Also, brands of material have different characteristics like supple, semi stiff and stiff. Im just trying to narrow down a butt selection to a good brand, type and thickness # suitable for the gear I use. I know what I want the butt to do, I just need to know what to buy! When I usually buy a new fly line I have the shop put a butt on it, I never ask what butt material brand and size was used. After several seasons of use I find my fly line can use a new butt. I do appreciate any and all replies!
  4. ebud


    What Brand of Butt material and # do you like for fresh water use.
  5. ebud

    Black Flies

    Thanks guys. Be heading north next Sunday for five days. Abut 30 miles north of the Big E Hopefully the B Flies have lessened somewhat!
  6. ebud

    Black Flies

    How bad are the black flies north of Greenville and McKay station?
  7. ebud

    Wader pool.

    June 3 2019.
  8. ebud

    Crawling along the bottom

    The method of fishing the bottom works well on many northern Maine ponds that hold Brookies.. A fill sink line with a Maple Syrup dragged along the bottom from slow to varing speeds can be rewarding.
  9. ebud

    Sink tip

    When I fish ponds I like a full fast sink line. 10' or 15' sink tips create a hinge effect in the line which I think diminishes the feel of a strike. Sink tips have their place but for me not in ponds.
  10. ebud

    Back up rod?

    One day trip two rods. Multiple day trips three rods.
  11. ebud

    Getting Old Sucks...

    I have been using a Falstaff for a dozen + years. It has saved my butt more than once, (I’m 80 years) I really lean on it often for support. Five or so years ago I sent it back to to Falstaff to replace a few bowed sections. Between repair and shipping fees about $75 I got some extended use out of it. At this time I hope I can get a few (hopefully) more seasons out of it. If I were buying again it would be Folstaft or Simms. What dryflie said is right on. Don’t go cheap on a staff!
  12. ebud


    Nate Did you try it?
  13. ebud


    GRGS thanks!
  14. ebud


    Is the ice out on Sebago Lake?
  15. ebud


    Using a plastic bag or container freeze feathers for a few days, then remove from freezer for a day.. Repeat for two more cycles.